Smackdown Thoughts & Review [9. 23. 11]


For a moment or two I thought I was back in time watching Superstars of Wrestling with squash match after squash match. The only thing missing was Mean Gene and the split corner promos that appeared during wrestler entrances. Oh how I miss those days.

There were some good things in this episode though. Kaitlyn and AJ looked amazing, and Cody bled like a stuck pig even though they didn’t give you a good angle of it. Mark Henry continued to prove that he’s also a rising, major pro wrestling star that doesn’t make his name off of dropping pipebombs. All this happened on top of Daniel Bryan wrestling!

Dayton, OH

John Laurinaitis is in the middle of the ring, surrounded by the Smackdown roster. He says that even though Triple H appears to have lost total control of the WWE, he believes Triple H will guide the WWE on the right path.

  • He introduces the New World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry.
  • Henry said it took 15 years to earn that title and it will take 15 more years for somebody to take it from him.

Triple H comes out.

  • HHH asks for the mic and Mark Henry stalls and hands it over begrudgingly.

Christian interrupts. He kisses Triple H’s ass. Christian says that he’s a leader and that he’d be a better champion for Smackdown than Mark Henry. He does his “One More Match” catchphrase and keeps referring Mark Henry as “You Know Who.”

  • HHH reassures the Smackdown roster that he’s in complete control.
  • HHH makes a Lumberjack Title Match with Christian vs. Mark Henry with the winner defending against Randy Orton at Hell in the Cell.
  • Mark and Christian have a stare down and Christian runs out of the ring staring at the Smackdown roster.

Sheamus pins Heath Slater

  • Sheamus dominates most of the match with a few moments of Heath Slater doing his neckbreaker and slapping on a wear down hold or two.
  • Sheamus regains control and blasts Slater with the Brogue Kick for the win.

~ Decent squash match for Sheamus. I want Slater off my TV ASAP.

They cut to Christian trying to convince the Great Khali to help him out in the Lumberjack Match. Hilarious.

Wade Barrett pins Justin Gabriel

  • Nexus alumni match!
  • Nice STO by Gabriel but he gets booted before he can go to the top rope.
  • Wasteland by Barrett and it’s over.

~ Not sure why they build up Justin Gabriel a little only to job him to Wade with the quickness. Why build fan interest if you’re just going to drop a turd on any interest you built up. Whatever.

They cut to Matt Striker interviewing Randy Orton. Orton says he’s going to regain the title at Hell in the Cell.

They show a video package hyping the brutality of Hell in the Cell.

They show Christian trying to get Ezekial Jackson. Zeke just ends up punking him.

Natalya & Beth Phoenix defeat AJ Lee & Kaitlyn via pinfall

  • Kaitlyn makes me want to smoke a cigarette. Damn.
  • Nasty kick by Beth to Kaitlyn’s face.
  • Textbook Double Team Suplex by Beth & Natalya. Lovely. Is it weird to fantasize about them Double Team Suplexing me?
  • Dope Shining Wizard by AJ!
  • Beth kicks AJ in the belly, hits the Glam Slam, and it’s over.

~ Good, short Divas match. Everybody was looking stellar in the ring.

Cody Rhodes defeats Randy Orton by DQ

  • Randy pummels Cody to the outside of the ring.
  • Cody takes control and takes a turnbuckle cover off a corner.
  • Randy catches Cody’s leg, takes his mask off and hits him with it to get DQ’d.
  • Randy continues to beat the shit out of Cody with his mask.
  • Randy drops Cody with the Second Rope DDT.
  • Randy continues to beat the shit out of Cody and blasts his head with the ring bell.
  • You can see blood all over Randy’s chest and Cody’s legs.
  • Randy pulls off an RKO on the table and leaves.

~ Awesome performance by both men. Good job by the WWE cameramen to get the back view of Cody while he bled. I’m looking forward to seeing how Cody is going to respond. This feud ain’t over by a longshot.

They cut to Christian giving the gift of an Irish Idaho potato to Sheamus. Christian reminds him that Sheamus gets first shot if he helps him win the title.

The Great Khali pins Jinder Mahal

  • Mahal gets some offense in before Khali controls the match and gives Jinder the Double Handed chokeslam for the win.

~ It was what it was. I think Jinder’s character needs to be re-tooled or perhaps just needs to be less toolish. As much as I think Khali is a great freakshow, he really shouldn’t be on WWE TV every week. He should be portrayed as an immovable object and used sparingly. Basically Kevin Nash, but without the mic skills.

Sin Cara pins Daniel Bryan

  • The OG Mistico Sin Cara comes out first. The little yellow patch of hair is peaking out the back.
  • Bryan gets out of a headscissors and turns it into a Surfboard. Sick.
  • Nice Wheelbarrow Suplex by Bryan.
  • Sin Cara headscissors Byran into the steel steps from the apron.
  • Hunico Cara comes out, pushes OG Sin Cara off the top, and then wins the match with his own version of a Swanton Bomb.

~ Interesting but I really hate seeing Daniel Bryan being jobbed week after week. A Money in the Bank winner should be one of the key characers for any brand or wrestling company.

They cut to Christian about to enter Randy Orton’s dressing room. Zack Ryder walks out, shoots the shit with Christian, then takes a call from Hugh Jackman and walks off.

Air Boom defeat The Usos

  • The Usos do the greatest tag team entrance in pro wrestling.
  • The Usos take control early with a nice Decapitation and quick tags
  • Evan Bourne makes the hot tag to Kofi. Kofi cleans house and hits the Trouble in Paradise.
  • Evan Bourne hits his Shooting Star Press and it’s over.

~ Okay match. I hope they end up having a program together in the future. The tag team scene in the WWE has been getting a little better as of late. It’s not where it needs to be but it’s better than it has been in the past few years. I still wish they gave Kofi a major title run.

World Heavyweight Championship Lumberjack Match
Mark Henry pins Christian

  • It’s strength vs. speed and Mark Henry gets the upper hand early
  • Mark throws Christian out of the ring and Ezekial gives him a huge knee to the gut and throws in inside the ring.
  • Christian finally knocks Mark down with two consecutive Missile Dropkicks off the top.
  • Mark powers out of the Kill Switch and clotheslines Christian.
  • Mark Henry takes the fight to the outside and gets attacked by most of the Smackdown roster.
  • Henry fights them off and military presses Trent Barretta onto the crowd of Smackdown Superstars. Khali is left standing and there’s a huge “Khali” chant but they don’t engage.
  • Christian walks up the ramp but Sheamus throws Christian in.
  • Mark hits the World’s Strongest Slam and it’s over.
  • After the match Orton runs down to the ring.
  • Orton starts blasting Mark with punches. Mark throws off an RKO attempt but gets dropkicked out of the ring as the show ends.

~ Decent match but I’m really tired of seeing Christian in the main event. Hell, I’d love to see him in a program with Trent Barrett or with another wrestler who can go. I wish they’d take the title off of his mind and showcase his wrestling talent more. As entertaining as Christian is, this whole “whiny bitch, monthly world title challenger” character is beginning to grow stale.

I’m beginning to feel like the WWE is building up Mark Henry to be unstoppable just so Sheamus can win the title in glorious David vs. Goliath fashion. They didn’t really conclude the Henry-Sheamus feud and I have a feeling it’s going to resurface down the road with Sheamus gaining the title. I hope I’m wrong because Mark Henry needs to keep that belt for a long time to really solidify his character’s domination of the WWE.

I have a feeling that Hell in the Cell is going to have the worst buyrate and the worst build up in recent pay per view history. That being said, I think it’s going to deliver tons in entertainment. It’s usually the small pay per views like these that give you the most bang for your buck. Mark Henry vs. Orton and the Raw Triple Threat Cell match are two really good main events.

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  1. Zank Says:

    MDF, Puma.. I’m going on vacation.. Keep the reviews coming, enjoy everything you’re doing and I’ll be back in 7 weeks.

    RoH, Hell in a Cell, RAW and SD! here I come

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