RAW Supershow [September 19, 2011]


Two major superstars are fired!  Cena plays second fiddle to CM Punk in the Main Event! Zack Ryder wins another match! All this and the main event for the Hell in the Cell is set!

The Cleve,

CM Punk comes out and limps towards the ring.

  • Punk said this town was never kind to him. He runs down the history of the bad luck he’s had in the building. He mentions that Bob Holly hit him so hard that he now has a blind spot in his left eye. He says he has to admit that R-Truth and Miz were right. Punk says that there’s a conspiracy in the WWE.

HHH interrupts and CM Punk says that he was not done.

  • HHH says he’s beat up as much as Punk is. He says they went to war last night. However, he’s still the COO and he has to do his day job. He hypes up Hell in the Cell in two weeks and discusses Cena winning the WWE title for the tenth time to the cheers of morons, retards, and desperate chicks. HHH hypes up a Triple Threat Hell in the Cell match between Punk, Cena and Alberto Del Rio.
  • Punk says he’s down to go to war with HHH too. Punk says that his pride is hurt and that somebody is playing both HHH and himself.

John Laurinaitis comes out and says that’s enough. JL says that Punk is in the middle of it. Jeez, they might as well have a spotlight underneath his face for the villain lighting.

  • Punk accuses JL for cutting off his mic, and pulling all the strings.
  • JL says Punk is wrong and that he’s suppose to take of the company and that Punk works for him.
  • HHH says that JL works for him and that he’s the COO.
  • JL tries to fire Punk. HHH says nope, Punk isn’t fired. HHH then says that somebody is going to get fired by the end of the night.

~ These new WWE writers are going into full soap opera mode. This is cool to a point and all, but if there’s no missing island with a nuclear bomb and a broken foot of a giant statue involved, I’m not sure I want to buy into the drama of all of this bologna. What happened to two wrestlers fighting because they want to be the best or because they’re both wrestling for a championship? Oh I forgot, this is sports entertainment. Okay, I’ll stop bitching. I think it’s pretty cool that they’re talking baby steps with certain aspects of the story arc. I expect a huge reveal around the next pay per view or perhaps around Survivor Series.

WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom, Sheamus & Justin Gabriel def. Christian, Wade Barrett, David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

  • Evan Bourne does a nice ghetto stomp to McG while suspended by Kofi and the ropes. Unfortunately, McG recovered and gained momentum.
  • The heels take turns destroying Evan.
  • Sheamus and Christian have a moment together and Christian barely avoids a Celtic Cross.
  • All hell breaks loose. Brogue Kick by Sheamus on Otunga. Celtic Cross and it’s done, son.

~ Okay and brief match. Most of the emphasis was on the Christian-Sheamus feud.

They cut to the back and Alberto Del Rio complains to HHH for allowing Punk to be in his rematch at Hell in the Cell. ADR says he ‘prays’ that Mr. McMahon comes back. HHH says he needs all the prayers he can get when he’s in Hell in the Cell.

A pissed off Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio, who enters the arena in a sick, black Porsche Carrera.

Alberto Del Rio submits John Morrison…quickly

  • Crap. JoMo wrestles his ass off and then has to put Alberto Del Rio over? I dig both wrestlers so hopefully this is a great match.
  • ADR attacks quickly and beats JoMo down with kicks to the body.
  • ADR goes for the Cross Arm Breaker but is blasted with a dope Pele Kick.
  • ADR quickly starts working on JoMo’s left arm. Cross Arm Breaker and JoMo taps!

~ Jeez that was quick. Good for ADR. Bad for JoMo. I realize that have to keep ADR in the upper echelon of the roster but to job JoMo out that quickly seemed a bit hasty.

Hugh Jackman comes out and I just don’t feel like covering this. That being said, Vicky comes out and Cole says it’s the Cougar and the Wolverine. Awesome line. They set up a match with Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder w/ Hugh Jackman in a non-title match.

They cut to Miz and R-Truth entering the arena. John Laurinaitis approaches them and Miz and Truth apologize for their pay per view actions.

Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes ends up in a no-contest

  • Mistico Cara enters the ring. Cody Rhodes enters the ring.
  • Sin Hunico Cara does the usual entrance and sizes up the OG Sin Cara.
  • Both go all lucha libre on each other and Sin Hunico retreats up the ramp.

~ Kinda cool. I just hope neither of them botch any moves when they finally wrestle.

They cut to R-Truth and the Miz acting all sorry and shit. Truth apologizes to HHH, the fans and even Little Jimmys! Hilarious. So much ass-kissing here it was funny.

HHH accepts their apology but fines them both $250,000. He also tells them that they’re wrestling against Punk and Cena.

They cut to Teddy Long leaving the ring. Jim Ross tells the crowd that he’s just been informed that Randy Orton executed his rematch clause for a Hell in the Cell rematch at the Hell in the Cell pay per view.

Jim Ross interviews Mark Henry

  • Henry enters the ring and lifts the belt up triumphantly.
  • JR congratulates him and asks Henry how to prove his haters wrong?
  • Henry says that JR is one of the haters. He doesn’t know about a Hell in the Cell match but he gave Orton Hell last night. No man is going to take his title. Henry says that he’s never going to forgive JR and the rest of these people for never supporting him. Henry tells JR to apologize for never being high on him. He says that JR told McMahon to fire him.
  • JR apologizes and Henry grabs HR by the tie and chokes him. Jerry Lawler asks Henry to let him go. Huge ‘Jerry’ chant. Henry destroys Lawler and gives him the World’s Strongest Slam and kicks him out of the ring. Henry gives Lawler another WSS on the announcer table. You could hear the crowd begging Henry to give Michael Cole the same treatment.

~ Love this shit. I actually think they’ve elevated Mark Henry to the point that he’s significant enough to be a challenger to Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak. Yeah I said it. Make it happen, WWE!

Divas Champion Kelly Kelly & Eve def. Beth Phoenix & Natalya

  • Nice double team moves from Nat and Beth.
  • Eve rolls up Natalya for the win.

~ Short and decent match. I can’t wait for Beth or Nat to win the title eventually.

They cut to Hugh Jackman hyping up Zack Ryder.

Zack Ryder pins U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler in a Non-title Match

  • Jackman is sporting a Broski headband.
  • The ref bans Vicky from ringside.
  • Jackman gives Ziggler a cheapshot, Rough Ryder and it’s over. Cole does a “Real Steel” pun. Kill me.

~ Okay match I suppose. Hope they give Zack a chance to really wrestle for more than 10 minutes.

They cut to Jack Swagger speaking to Vicky. Swagger asks Vicky to manage him. Vicky agrees. Swagger walks by Ziggler with a dickish smirk on his face.

Cena is talking to Punk in the locker room. Cena panders to Punk and the fans. Shut up already.

They show a Hell in the Cell video package. I can’t wait to hear the Hell in the Cell theme music when it’s lowered over the ring at the ppv.

WWE Champion John Cena & CM Punk defeat The Miz & R-Truth via pinfall

  • Miz starts off apologizing to the ref.
  • Punk and Cena do a double hip toss on Miz followed by a Punk running legdrop.
  • Sick Northern Lights by Punk on Truth! I hope he does that more often.
  • Punk and Cena do a double leg pull on Truth! Double Team-mania is running wild! I know those had to be Punk’s call.
  • Huge Let’s go Cena/CM Punk dueling chant!
  • Miz and Truth gain momentum and break Cena down with quick tags and cheap shots.
  • Cena makes the hot tag to Punk. Punk cleans house.
  • Punk hits the GTS on Miz and it’s over.
  • HHH comes out and says that Miz and R-Truth are fired. Both men looked stunned.
  • They show HHH walking into the back and is attacked by Truth and Miz. Truth and Miz are thrown out and HHH walks off in a huff as the show ends.

~ Very nice main event. It was refreshing to see Super Cena play second fiddle to Punk tonight. It will be a pleasure to see Punk win the WWE Title at Hell in the Cell.

Good show. Loved the Mark Henry interview and the Zack Ryder win was a nice wink to the IWC smart marks. I liked how they continued some of the Smackdown storylines without doing anything major to disrupt the flow of Raw. As much as I hated JoMo getting jobbed out to ADR, I do appreciate the fact that they’re giving ADR the main eventer treatment. As long as they center the show around CM Punk against the powers that be, Raw is going to be must see Sports Entertainment.

*picture courtesy of wwe.com

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