Night of Champions Review & Recap


Both of the WWE’s major titles changed hands! Who stole the show in the 4-Way U.S. Title match? What move did CM Punk do to steal the show? Why should Kelly Kelly wear an “S” on her chest? What did the WWE booking committee do to ruin this pay per view in the end? Find out after the jump!

They start off with a package about power and luck and where they will go after tonight.

They’re treating the CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, and Randy Orton matches as a triple main event. I hope they go on right after each other.

Nice entrance set up with ginormous banners of all the WWE titles hanging from the top. Very surreal.

No Jim Ross. Boo!

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Air Boom © defeat The Miz and R Truth via DQ

  • Miz introduces the Remix of R-Truth’s ‘What’s Up.’
  • Kofi and Evan do a synchronized hop when they run down the ramp. Oh lord. That was beyond corny. I still dig them though.
  • Kofi fends off Miz and R-Truth and makes the tag to Evan.
  • Nice double dropkick by Air Boom!
  • Textbook double planchas off the corner posts by Evan and Kofi! Dope!
  • R-Truth gains momentum and he and Truth isolate and focus on Evan Bourne.
  • Bourne gets beaten up but makes the tag to Kofi.
  • Kofi rallies and gets a sick Ranhei for two!
  • Miz pulls off his Forward DDT Driver thing for a close two.
  • Kofi makes the tag and Evan hits Miz with the Flying Double Knees.
  • Miz gets out of the way of the 450, hits Evan with the Kneeling DDT but Kofi barely breaks the count.
  • Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Evan but the ref is busy talking to R-Truth to make the count.
  • Miz is pissed and he hits the ref for the DQ loss.
  • After the loss, Miz tries to punk the ref even more.
  • Truth holds Miz off but slaps the ref himself.
  • They cut to the back and show Miz and Truth bitching in the back.
  • Matt Striker runs into them and Miz says that they don’t give a damn about what Triple H may think about their actions.

~ Good short match for what it was. I loved the Air Boom double teams. Not sure why they keep doing cheap DQ finishes on pay per views. Both teams can still look strong with a clean finish. If anything, this finish made Air Boom look weak by almost getting beat if it wasn’t for the incompetent ref.

IC Title Match: Cody Rhodes © pins Ted DiBiase

  • Ted controls the match early. Some of the crowd is rooting for Cody but the majority of the arena is dead for this one.
  • Cody gains momentum and is wearing Ted down with methodical wear down holds and strikes to the body.
  • Nice sequence where Ted monkeyflips Cody and then both men bridge when the ref counted the pinfall for both of their shoulders on the mat. Very nice.
  • Nice clothesline counter by Ted into a backbreaker.
  • Nice running Kenta kick and sitout Spinebuster by Ted.
  • Ted counters the Beautiful Disaster with a dropkick. Lovely.
  • Ted takes Cody’s mask off, tries to hit him with it but Cody dodges him and rolls him up for the win.

~ Most of this match went at a very slow pace. You would think Ted would come out hot from the start since he hates Cody so much.

Christian comes out in street clothes.

  • Christian discusses his great matches and legacy and how he deserves one more match to become the World Heavyweight Champion.
  • He says he should take the winner of the Orton vs. Henry match tonight.
  • He goes on to shit on the Buffalo Bills and the fans.
  • Of course Sheamus interrupts him and calls him a weasel.
  • Sheamus talks about giving his Uncle’s lucky green testicle to compete tonight. Christian is baffled.
  • Sheamus says he wants a title match if he helps Christian win the title.
  • Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick just for fun.

~ Pretty meaningless. They make Christian look like a complete bitch as much as they can. Not sure what it does for his character if he loses this feud on top of looking like a whiny complainer.

US Title Match: Dolph Ziggler © defeats Jack Swagger, Alex Riley, & John Morrison via pinfall on John Morrison

  • Vicky comes out in tight white pants past Labor Day. Awesome.
  • Swagger and Dolph throw JoMo and Riley out of the ring and stare each other down.
  • Swagger throws Dolph out but is hit with Riley’s modified F-5 finisher. Swagger makes it to the ropes.
  • Ziggler hits a sick Famouser on JoMo for a close two.
  • Riley almost blows a spot in the corner.
  • Nice moment where JoMo pulls himself up from the Tree of Woe and belly to back suplexes Riley from the top rope. Extremely dope.
  • JoMo hits his tilt-a-whirl DDT then follows it with a standing Flux Capacitor on Riley for two.
  • Dolph gets JoMo in a sleeper while Swagger gets an ankle lock on Riley. Both men escape.
  • Riley hits his jumping DDT for two.
  • Swagger hits his Gutwrench Powerbomb on JoMo but is pushed out of the way by Dolph for the pinfall win.

~ Excellent match from all four men. John Morrison was definitely the star here. It was like watching a young HBK/Jeff Hardy electrifying the crowd with highspot after highspot. The conflict between Dolph and Swagger is so well done by both men.

Josh Mathews interviews Mark Henry

  • Henry invites Josh to interview him after he wins the World Title.

Matt Striker interviews an ecstatic Vicky Guerrero

  • She politics to be COO. She also kisses Striker on the lips and does the call me hand signal. Hilarious.

They hype Hell in the Cell.

World Title Match: Mark Henry © pins Randy Orton and becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion

  • Henry starts off tossing Orton in the corner.
  • Orton gains momentum with his quickness. Orton already hits the foot stomps.
  • Mark Henry gains control, and almost hits a World’s Strongest Slam, but Orton wiggles out onto his back with a weak sleeper hold.
  • Henry bows and arrows Orton’s body against the corner post! Ouch!
  • Orton kicks out of a Running Splash.
  • World’s Strongest Slam! Orton barely kicks out.
  • Orton gets the boots up to counter a Vader Bomb.
  • Henry rolls out of the way of the RKO tease but is DDT from the second rope. Henry grabs the rope to break the pinfall.
  • Henry injures Orton’s left leg with a big boot. Henry starts attacking Orton’s injured leg.
  • Henry pushes Orton off to avoid the RKO.
  • World’s Strongest Slam and it’s OVER!!! Mark Henry is now the new World Heavyweight Champion!!!
  • Josh Mathews congrats Mark Henry in the ring.
  • Mark Henry calls Josh out for not believing in him.
  • He welcomes everyone to the Hall of Pain. He’s not sharing this moment with anyone.
  • He’s going to be the most dominant champion of all time.

~ Great stuff from Mark Henry as usual. The match was as good as it could be with Orton providing us with a genius performance of making Mark Henry look like the vicious monster he is. I would have loved to see Henry kick out of an RKO. Perhaps next time. Excellent match from both men.

They cut to Alberto Del Rio talking shit to John Laurinaitis in the back. Funkman wishes ADR and CM Punk good luck. When CM Punk leaves, they show Laurinaitis texting ‘someone.’

Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly © retains against Beth Phoenix with Natalya

  • Beth is sporting a black female gladiator outfit. Very dope.
  • Beth puts Kelly over her knee and spanks her. Yes please.
  • Beth destroys Kelly for most of the match.
  • Nice tilt-a-whirl counter into a bulldog by Kelly.
  • Eve Torres attacks Natalya on the outside. Beth disposes of her easily.
  • HUGE “Let’s go Phoenix” chant. Nice.
  • Beth counters the K2 and hits her with a clothesline. HUGE pop from the crowd.
  • Beth hits a HUGE superplex on Kelly!
  • Kelly counters a powerbomb attempt with a rollup for the win.

~ Jeez. How long are they going to draw this out? It’s a pleasant surprise but I think we all want a title change to push the angle forward. I’m disappointed and the Buffalo crowd is disappointed. Love the superplex and the girls put on a pretty good match despite the disappointing finish.

WWE Title Match: John Cena submits Alberto Del Rio

  • Alberto Del Rio is pissed and asks Ricardo where his keys are.
  • Of course, John Cena, enters the stage in ADR’s yellow Ferrari. GimmickJack
  • ADR takes the mic from the announcer.
  • ADR asks Ricardo to introduce him en espanol.
  • John Cena cuts a promo on ADR and tries to get the crowd on his side. Buffalo isn’t buying in.
  • John Cena introduces himself and references his “1990 shorts.”
  • Crowd is 50/50, as usual.
  • “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chant.
  • Cena comes off the ropes and Ricardo trips him. The ref throws Ricardo out. Hilarious reaction from Ricardo.
  • Sick springboard enziguiri to Cena’s right kidney.
  • ADR hits an Arm Cracker across his knees for a close pinfall but Cena grabs the ropes.
  • Cena tries to rally but Del Rio is catching him at every turn. Nice.
  • Del Rio falls out of an Attitude Adjustment and hits a sick Back Stabber.
  • Cena goes up top and gets blasted by ADR’s Springboard Enziguiri.
  • ADR kicks Cena off from an STF attempt and then hits Cena with a nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
  • Cena hits his off the top rope leg drop across the back of ADR’s neck for two.
  • ADR falls out of another AA into a beautiful Bridging German Suplex for a close two.
  • ADR with a Diving Senton for two off the top. Dope!
  • ADR has on the Cross Arm Breaker! Cena rolls toward his arm to counter and powerbomb out of the hold!
  • Cena locks on the STF and ADR taps. Fuck.

~ I tweeted that this was payback for putting Mark Henry over on the same pay per view. The WWE will figure out some way to put their golden boys over no matter what the fans want. Oh well, I guess the little boys and ladies are happy so I guess that means this is good for business.

ADR wrestled his ass off tonight and I hope he’s rewarded for such a brilliant performance. Cena did solid as well but I felt ADR shined in every minute of this match.

No DQ Match: Triple H pins CM Punk (If Triple H Loses, He Must Quit As COO) via clusterfuck ending

  • Punk knocks Triple H off the ring apron after he does his water spit.
  • Triple H teases Pedigree-ing Punk on the announcer table. Punk wiggles out and teases a GTS but Triple H wiggles out as well.
  • Punk then runs into the middle of the ring and waits for Triple H.
  • Triple H jumps off the ring barrier and gets Punk with a flying ax handle.
  • The fight goes through the crowd and onto the stage. Triple H slingshots Punk into the video screen.
  • Punk leaps onto the video screen wall and hits Triple H with a flying ax handle of his own.
  • Punk with a huge kick to Triple H’s head. Punk pushes him into the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring.
  • Punk blasts Triple H’s back with a chair and gets a two count.
  • Triple H rams CM Punk’s back into a chair suspended in the corner. Sick!
  • Triple H kills Punk’s knee with a chair against the ring post!
  • Punk pushes Triple H into the steel steps.
  • Punk kicks Triple H and Triple falls across the table.
  • Punk climbs to the top and gives Triple H a MACHO MAN ELBOW DROP from the top to the table! Holy shit!
  • Miz and R-Truth attack both Punk and Triple H! Nice Survivor Series set up perhaps?
  • Miz and Truth give both men their finishers. They drape Punk across Triple H for a pin attempt.
  • Miz gets upset at the ref for not counting a pinfall attempt fast enough.
  • Miz and Truth attack the ref. Punk and Triple H clear them out of the ring.
  • Triple H Pedigrees Punk but the ref is nowhere to be found.
  • Punk gives Triple H the GTS but R-Truth pulls the ref’s leg.
  • John Laurinaitis is at ringside.
  • Triple H catches Punk off a springboard with a boot into the Pedigree and CM Punk KICKS OUT!
  • Kevin Nash gets his old ass involved.
  • Nash gives Punk a Jack knife Powerbomb and then attacks Triple H.
  • Triple H knocks Nash out with the sledgehammer.
  • Triple H gives Punk another Pedigree and it’s over.

~ WAYYYY TOO MUCH went on here. What was promising to be an incredible match turned into a giant pile of overbooked turd. They ruined this pay per view with a ridiculous main event with run-ins galore.

Punk’s Super Macho Man Elbow was the highlight of the night.

John Morrison proved why he’s the most under-used and under-appreciated wrestler in the WWE.

Kelly Kelly no-sold a textbook superplex and should now be called Super Kelly Kelly.

Air Boom showed a lot of promise and executed a lot of double team moves that would have made The Rockers proud.

Alberto Del Rio wrestled a near perfect match despite the WWE standard finish. He looked strong in this match and Super Cena showed no signs of doing anything different.

Very happy about Mark Henry winning the title. That was about the only major moment that made sense for this pay per view.

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2 Responses to “Night of Champions Review & Recap”

  1. Zank Says:

    Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I actually liked how they booked the main event. It gives Truth and Miz something to do, while Johnny Ace and Nashs relationship develops further and HHH and Punk can drag out the feud a little longer. I admit it was a lot going on… but it fits together nicely for me

  2. Great Puma Says:

    No there’s nothing wrong with you, Zank. Everybody can have their own feelings on what they watch in pro wrestling.

    I just wanted to see a clean match since Punk’s run as the “Number One” guy is still in its infancy. He stole the show with the Mega Elbow Drop but the match is tainted with all the run-ins. Perhaps I might be the wrestling fan with the wrong perspective. I just don’t want to see Kevin Nash involved with the best act going right now. I still want to see John Laurinaitis as COO though. I think that would work.

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