Night of Champions Live Updates!


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Huge banners of all the WWE titles hang around the entrance.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Air Boom © defeat The Miz and R Truth via DQ

~ Good match with a bad ending. Miz gets upset because the ref was distracted to count the pinfall. Miz pushes the ref down for the DQ loss.

IC Title Match: Cody Rhodes © pins Ted DiBiase

Ted tries to hit Cody with his own face mask but Cody dodges him and rolls him up for the pin.

~ Decent match. It started off slow but their counters were something to appreciate. The double bridge was a nice touch.

Christian comes out to drop a huge turd on the Buffalo crowd and to demand another World Title rematch.

Sheamus comes out, talks about his Uncle’s lucky green testicle and Brogue Kicks Christian’s head off and leaves. Okay.

US Title Match: Dolph Ziggler © retains against Jack Swagger, Alex Riley, & John Morrison

Dolph gets a cherry picker pinfall on John Morrison after Jack Swagger hit him with his Gutwrench Powerbomb.

~ Good match. Wish it went longer. I cringed every time they teased Riley winning the match. John Morrison was the star in this match.

Mark Henry © pins Randy Orton to become the new World Heavyweight Champion

Orton kicks out of a World’s Strongest Slam.

Mark Henry kicks Orton’s leg and injures it. He hits the World’s Strongest Slam and it’s over! Mark Henry is your new World Heavyweight Champion!

~ Good match. Orton put over Henry in a big way. Great performance by both men. So stoked that Henry got what he deserves.

Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly © retains against Beth Phoenix

Kelly counters a powerbomb and rolls Beth up for the win.

~ Decent match. Still wish Beth won. Not sure how long this angle can last if Kelly keeps retaining.

WWE Title Match:  John Cena submits Alberto Del Rio

ADR dominates the latter half of the match but Super Cena slaps on the STF and ADR taps.

~ Great match despite the mediocre ending. Damn the WWE for always pushing their golden boys.

No DQ Match: Triple H pins CM Punk (If Triple H Loses, He Must Quit As COO)

CM Punk comes out first.

Punk and Triple H take the fight all around the arena.

Punk hits a Macho Man Elbow Drop from the top to the announcers table!

R-Truth and the Miz come out and attack both men.

Punk and Triple H clear them out.

Punk kicks out of a Pedigree!

Kevin Nash enters and nails both men. Overbooked.

Triple H knocks Nash out with the sledgehammer.

Triple H hits another Pedigree on Punk and it’s over.

Triple H stands tall as the ppv ends.

~ This could have been a classic and it was ruined by too many run ins and that walking black hole, Kevin Nash. Great showing by both men before the match became an absurd overbooked travesty.

Stay tuned for a complete run-down and review of the pay per view in a few minutes!

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4 Responses to “Night of Champions Live Updates!”

  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    SO glad you were right on the Mark Henry title win!

    – Mascara De Fuego (live via Iguana on a hamster wheel ran internets in Mexico)

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    got to watch ADR vs. Cena & Punk vs. HHH. Say NO to streaming… in the states. LOL!

    hated both outcomes and both matches were just “eh”. What did they accomplish? nothing. Cena wins another WWE Title making that title useless and just another piece of jewelry. HHH/Punk saga gets drawn out and Nash is STILL in the mix. Oh and did i mention HHH won?! come on… useless win.

    The next ppv is going to be painful to watch.

    Thanks Puma for holding down the fort.

    time to fry this iguana up!

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