Smackdown Thoughts & Review [9. 16. 11]


Crap. Mark Henry got the latest laugh tonight. Does that mean what I think it means for Night of Champions? Also, Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara! Kaitlyn sighting! Edge comes back and so much more!

Toronto, Ontario

Edge comes out to the ring. He does his traditional ring entrance to a huge pop.

“Damn I miss that.”

  • It feels good to be back in his hometown. He talks about what he’s been doing lately, like shooting TV shows.
  • He misses having competition and the friendships in the locker room.
  • He misses the fans.
  • Huge “Thank You, Edge” chant from the crowd.
  • He hypes up tonight’s Cutting Edge with Orton and Henry.

He’s interrupted by Cody Rhodes.

  • Cody shills Edge’s appearance on Haven and is surprised that Edge didn’t mention it. He says Edge is sucking up to the people. Huge “You Suck” chant from the crowd. Cody says the crowd needs paper bags over their heads.
  • Cody thinks Edge is bitter. He goes on to list his recent accomplishments and says he’s the triumphant one and that Edge is the tragedy. Cody hands Edge a bag. Cody says that he’s the new face of Smackdown.
  • Edge says that it doesn’t make sense that the American Dream had Cody as a son.
  • Edge says he needs to leave before he falls asleep in the middle of the ring.
  • Cody throws a fit.

Cody starts dissing the crowd. A fan with a bag on his head nails Cody. He slowly pulls the bag off his head and it’s Ted DiBiase.

DiBiase blasts him in the ring with a Dream Street Uranage and threatens to put a bag over Cody’s head before Cody escapes up the ramp.

~ Errr. Ten minutes too long. The Cody thing could have been done without Edge.

Perhaps Ted DiBiase doesn’t need to talk. He was compelling here as a man hell bent on revenge.

They cut to a split screen of Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara #2 walking backstage.

Daniel Bryan beats Sin Cara #2 via DQ

  • Sin Cara comes out to mixed reaction.
  • Bryan starts off strong with a huge dropkick to Sin Cara’s face in the corner.
  • Sin Cara counters Bryan’s suicide with a dropkick to his leg.
  • Sin Cara gains momentum and works the leg including throwing Daniel over the top via a leg lift.
  • Bryan gets out of a leglock with giant elbow strikes to the head!
  • Bryan counters a Lion Sault with double-boots to the face!
  • In a nice sequence, Sin Cara kicks Bryan’s leg, runs back from the rope and is caught with a choke and blasted in the head with a huge elbow. Bryan then follows up with his hard kicks to the body.
  • Bryan is caught in the tree of woe and Sin Cara won’t stop kicking him in the head for the DQ.
  • O.G. Sin Cara #1 comes out.
  • They have a pose down and the crowd cheers for the O.G. Sin Cara.
  • Sin Hunico leaves the ring before they engage.

~ Pretty cool. I hope Sin Hunico comes back as Hunico eventually or another gimmick. I thought he was a lot less botchy than the Misitico-Sin Cara. That being said, I’ve always been a sucker for doppelganger storylines.

Teddy tells Zack to notify Orton and Henry that there’s a no contact clause during the Cutting Edge.

Aksana comes in to massage Teddy and Trish Stratus catches them in the “act.” Nice pop for Trish.

Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya pins AJ w/ Kaitlyn

  • AJ avoids Beth with her speed.
  • Beth reverses a wheelbarrow bulldog with a backdrop suplex.
  • Beth Gorilla Presses AJ along with a few reps!
  • Beth hits the Glam Slam and it’s over.
  • Beth Phoenix gets on the mic and says that Kelly and the Divas’ fairytale is over at Night of Champions.

~ Good short match. Kaitlyn looked smokin’ hot. I hope they eventually give AJ and Kaitlyn 10 minute matches in the future.

They cut to Edge and Trish talking about yoga gloves.

  • Christian interrupts them.
  • Edge and Christian hug it out.
  • Christian asks Edge to ask Teddy for ANOTHER title opportunity.
  • Edge looks frustrated and Christian leaves bitterly.
  • Zack Ryder tells Edge about the no contact clause and leaves in a blur.
  • Trish and Edge wonder what the hell just happened. Ha.

~ I swear, they could have a segment where Trish could just walk around the arena eating French fries and I’d totally pay attention to that.

Justin Gabriel & Sheamus defeat Wade Barrett & Christian

  • Sheamus gets on the mic. He disses Christian and Wade and does a lame limerick to explain why he chose Justin Gabriel.
  • Justin and Wade start the match off in a battle of Original Nexus Alumni.
  • Nice Bossman Slam by Wade! Good call by Booker for the Big Bubba Rogers reference!
  • Justin plays Ricky Morton and gets dominated by Christian and Wade, who use quick tags.
  • Gabriel hits a nice STO on Christian to make the tag to Sheamus.
  • Sheamus cleans house and clotheslines Christian out of the ring.
  • Brogue Kick to Gabriel’s 450 on Wade for the win.

~ Good match and I just don’t know if Wade will ever be a part of the Main Event scene again any time soon. I feel like he’s missing something. Sheamus has been on a tear and I wonder when they’re going to push him to the moon. I think his second run in the main event is going to mean a lot more than his initial rocket push to the top a few years ago.

It was fun to see Christian and Gabriel wrestle against each other for a few minutes. It’s apparent that Christian is so gifted a worker that he makes it look easy with everybody.

The Great Khali defeats Heath Slater via DQ

  • Jinder Mahal comes out and starts badgering Khali on the microphone.
  • Khali dominates the whole match but Jinder attacks before Khali does his finisher for the DQ.
  • Jinder and Heath attack but Khali fends them both off.

~ Well I guess this will keep Jinder and Khali busy. It’s unfortunate that Jinder looks like he’s from the FCW-Developmental mold like so many of the newer wrestlers on the WWE roster. I’m bored with him already.

I can’t get enough of seeing the WWE Network 2012 teaser.

R-Truth w/ The Miz pins Evan Bourne w/ Kofi Kingston

  • Bourne hits a flying knee for two.
  • Truth dodges a headkick with the splits but is kicked in the chest right after.
  • Bourne misses his Shooting Star Press and Truth kicks his legs out from under him and hits a lightning fast, modified Lil Jimmy/Truth Hurts for the win.

~ Very quick match. As much as I love the Miz-Truth connection, I hope Air Boom holds the titles for a little while longer to gather a fan base.

The Cutting Edge with Randy Orton and Mark Henry

  • Edge explains how important Toronto is to him and his history as a wrestling fan.
  • Mark Henry is introduced, followed by Randy Orton.
  • Edge puts over Mark Henry and says it’s good that there’s a no-contact clause.
  • Edge asks Orton if he can really beat him this Sunday.
  • Orton gives Henry respect but says Henry laid Orton out only after he had a match.
  • Orton says Henry’s best just isn’t good enough to win a major title. Orton says he KNOWS he can beat Mark Henry.
  • Edge says Mark’s career has been disappointing. Henry looks pissed. Edge mentions that Mark Henry was already a veteran when Edge broke into the WWE. Edge then questions Mark Henry’s desire.
  • Mark says that Edge is right. Mark says that he’s seen men smaller and weaker than him become champion. Mark says that the WWE brass always wanted Mark to smile and show personality. He’s here to come and take what Orton has. Mark says it took 15 years for him to get to where he is now. He’s going to be World Heavyweight Champion on Sunday.
  • Orton says Mark will be a 15-year World’s Strongest Failure.
  • Edge tries to chill them out and tells them the Cutting Edge is over and walks away.

Orton and Henry go at it.

Teddy Long orders the Smackdown roster to separate them.

Henry throws a bunch of workers off.

Orton throws himself at Henry and gets blasted with a World’s Strongest Slam. He destroys the Smackdown midcard in the process and flattens Orton with two Running Splashes. He gives Orton another World’s Strongest Slam and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship and holds it above a laid out Randy Orton.

The show ends.

~ Props to Orton for expressing a look of real concern for Mark Henry. Orton almost looked pre-occupied at times. Good acting.

They’ve built this angle so well that you really don’t know what’s going to happen when Orton and Henry face each other this Sunday. Do they dare go with conventional booking and have Orton go over the greatest monster heel the WWE has produced in the last few years? Or do they shock the world and give the 15-year veteran the World Title that he has earned the right to compete for over the last half year? I thought Night of Champions would be another filler pay per view but they’ve done an excellent job of making me want to see this pay per view.

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3 Responses to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [9. 16. 11]”

  1. Zank Says:

    omg trish omg trish omg trish omg trish omg trish omg trish

    that’s all I can say right now 🙂

  2. DeX Says:

    Great, in the version I watched with Zank the Edge/Christian part was missing completely. >___> Damn I hate this!

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