Smackdown Thoughts & Review [9. 9. 11]


Sin Cara gets real! Kelly Kelly counters a Sharpshooter. Air Boom goes the Masala. Mark Henry brings the pain and so much more!

Columbus, OH

They start with a Mark Henry Hall of Pain video package. Nice. I just hope they deliver and put the title on him. Why not? I think it’s about time they get a good return on their long-term investment. Mark Henry has been with the WWE for more than a decade.

Mark Henry comes out to the ring.

  • He discusses the Hall of Pain and that his best is yet to come.
  • He’s more dangerous and reckless now than ever and that his whole career has led him to this point.
  • He’s going to win the World Title at Night of Champions.

Zack Ryder comes out to a better reaction tonight than what he gets on Raw.

  • Zack says he and Mark can be Broskis.
  • Mark says he must have a deathwish.
  • Zack says there’s a no interference clause for both Mark Henry and Randy Orton.
  • Mark Henry asks Ryder to come closer and demolishes him.
  • Henry threatens Zack and Zack immediately responds with punches with no effect.
  • Henry smacks him down and blasts Zack with a World’s Strongest Slam.

~ Amazing segment. When Mark asked Zack to come over to him, the whole arena gasped in suspense. You can’t script that. Great moment.

Mark Henry pins Ezekial Jackson

  • Henry controls in a test of strength and then back body drops Ezekial.
  • Henry dominates most of the match and hits the WSS for the win.

~ Wow. Just a few months ago Ezekial was being groomed as a promising big man that easily beat a main eventer, Wade Barrett, for the IC title. Tonight Ezekial was given the Trent Barretta treatment and lost in a few minutes. Let’s this just means that Mark Henry is just on a different stratosphere right now and is ready to perform at the highest level in the business.

They cut to an Aksana and Teddy Long segment. I’m bored.

Sin Cara pins Tyson Kidd

  • This looks like the original Sin Cara but I could be wrong.
  • Nice hip toss into the turnbuckles by Kidd.
  • Nice rolling Angle Slam by Sin Cara.
  • Sin Cara hits a rough springboard senton-Lionsault finisher for the win.

~ Decent match but I hate seeing Tyson being treated like Barry O.

Josh Mathews enters the ring asks Sin Cara about his actions lately.

  • Sin Cara says he held back out of respect for the locker room.
  • Now nobody is going to stop him. He’s now the real Sin Cara.

Daniel Bryan comes out with his MITB briefcase.

  • Daniel Bryan is surprised that Sin Cara kicked him in the face last week and he’s also surprised he speaks English.
  • He asks for a rematch.
  • Sin Cara puts him in a Lebell Lock of all moves and makes Bryan tap repeatedly until the ref breaks it up.

~ Very cool. I’m just disappointed I won’t see Bryan wrestle tonight.

Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton

  • Randy Orton puts over Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry.

~ Cool interview and I appreciate how Orton doesn’t feel the need to go into some over the top wrasslin’ persona to put himself or his opponents over. Very reserved and effective.

Kelly Kelly pins Natalya w/ Beth Phoenix

  • Beth is looking extremely fly and #pinupstrong tonight. However, I can’t get the image of her manhandling CM Punk whenever I look at her.
  • Natalya almost gives a Kelly a modified airplane spin before Kelly grabbed the ropes.
  • Kelly counters a Sharpshooter attempt with a rollup for the win.

~ Natalya made Kelly look better than usual here. I hope Kelly drops the title at Night of Champions. Ultimately, I just want to see Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix at next years Wrestlemania.

Christian walks out in street clothes.

  • He says he deserves one more rematch.
  • Sheamus comes out and tells Christian to leave the ring and he does begrudgingly.

Sheamus defeats Wade Barrett via interference DQ

  • Back and forth match with both men using strikes.
  • Wade with a Bossman slam for two.
  • Sheamus battles back but Christian interferes.
  • Wade and Christian give Sheamus a beatdown but Sheamus fights back and fends them off.

~ Slow build to a good DQ finish. I guess Christian will be feuding with Sheamus for the next few months. I look forward to seeing how well their chemistry comes together in the ring.

They show a commercial for the WWE Network coming in 2012. Awesome.

Air Boom defeats Jinder Mahal & the Great Khali

  • Khali dominates the match early with his size.
  • Jinder is tagged in and loses momentum.
  • Jinder gets upset at Khali for being in the ring and slaps him.
  • Khali pushes Jinder into Kofi’s Trouble in Paradise for the loss.
  • After the match, Khali leaves Jinder in the ring.

~ Okay match I guess. I still find the name Air Boom incredibly stupid. It makes ‘Power & Glory’ sound edgy.

Cody Rhodes is in the ring with a mic.

  • He says he’s thriving and he’s going to show Randy Orton just how “stable” he can be.

Randy Orton pins Cody Rhodes

  • Good back and forth match.
  • Cody gains momentum and gives Orton an Alabama Slam for two.
  • Orton rallies but Cody dodges an RKO attempt and heads out of the ring.
  • In a sick sequence, Orton dodges a Beautiful Disaster Kick and hits an RKO for the win. Nice.
  • After the match Mark Henry destroys Randy Orton and the show ends.

~ Good match but not as great as the Christian series. Mark Henry looked like a serious threat and as I’ve said before – I hope he actually wins the title at Night of Champions.

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  1. Zank Says:

    I really hate it that they late mistico/hunico/whoever was under the mask speak… for me this destroys the sin cara personality

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