08-29-11 WWE RAW Supershow


The brand extension is dead. Kevin Nash gets his match against CM Punk only to have the biggest hotshot done in WWE history changing the match to HHH vs. Punk for Night of Champions…


WELL, well well what a shocking way to open RAW with Triple H coming to the ring… oh wait, not so much. This motherfucker just basically killed off the brand extension saying the RAW will now have RAW and Smackdown fools on it… sooo why call them RAW and Smackdown Superstars then!? Oh well… HHH then brings up Nash, wants him to come down and wants to know why he was lied to. He gets CM Punk instead, he clowns HHH saying he’s acting which the shit he’s talking about and wants his ass to stop lying. Nash then comes out to the nWo theme! He sure loves striped shirts. Haha Nash admits right off the bat admits to lying to being in an accident to take HHH out of the building. How he wants to take care of Punk when HHH didn’t let him. Nash then brings up how Punk has not only been insulting to him but the HHH and Stephanie then asks HHH what kind of man is he for letting Punk talk shit about his wife. HHH gets in Nash’s face about being lied to and tells him he can’t trust him and tells his ass to leave and not come back. Nash said he lied about the accident not the text and then says that John Laurinaitis signed him to a WWE contract while he was out the building. How if HHH is going to fire him he has to do it front of all us and how he will just go home and get paid. HHH tells him he’s not going to fire him but the lying stops now which gets interrupted by a vomit-simulating Punk who doubles over in the ring getting red faced. Punk then says hey look I’m acting just like the both of them! Haha Punk accuses HHH about rehiring Nash then says the Clique is back but that’s what peoples remotes do when Nash is on the TV or like Nash’s knees. Nash then asks HHH for the match between he and Punk. Punk wants to do it of Night of Champions being Nash is a champion ass kisser but how HHH has to check with his wife first. Punk then says HHH doesn’t wear the pants in the family just the panties. Haha! HHH gets all serious faced and makes the match. HHH then tells both these dudes to “suck it”, well he had the crowd do it. Well this isn’t going to be pretty now is it…


Before the segment can end World Champion Randy Orton comes out to the stage… so wait, is it just these two days that are “super shows”?? maybe I misunderstood that shit? Orton gets Ziggler tonight champion vs. champion.


After the break Michael Cole affirms that both show will mix talent… I see title unifications in our future… lame.


World Champion Randy Orton vs. United States Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki Guerrero. Quick back and forth match. Orton gets dumped to the outside when Vicki distracts him before hitting the vertical DDT in the ropes. Dolph then hits his ass with the Zigzag at ringside for a 9 count on Orton. Ziggler takes control until Orton fights back hitting a superplex off the top for a 2 count. Orton goes for the punt but instead gets hit by Ziggler with a SUPERKICK for a two count, nice visual. Orton then hit his vertical DDT and sets up for the RKO, Ziggler locks in the sleeper momentarily only to have Orton fight out of hit, flap jack Ziggler and hit his ass with the RKO when he sprung back up for the pin, fuck! These motherfuckers worked dope together, I’d watch them again! Good shit here. Winner: Randy Orton


The red fruit punch ass clown is asked by Josh in the back about getting jumped last week… he just walks away like the douche he is while Josh says he’s going to the ring.


After the break Cena indeed comes to the ring. He blah blahs and makes kiddies jokes while calling out Del Rio. He gets anally fucked when Mark Henry comes out instead. Henry said he came down to get him some and goes down his track record lately of fucking fools up. He then tells Cena he’s going to join the “hall of pain”, oh I like that shit. Keep that saying Henry! He then proclaims he will me the next World Champion. This then brings Christian out. He tells Henry they will deal with their issues with the World Title later but then turns to Cena, he’s sick of his bowl shit and how he is embarrassing himself. Cena goes into jokes… sigh then goes into lame quotes calling out Christian and Henry. They are about to jump Cena when Sheamus runs out and joins Cena’s. Nice touch with Cena looking like he’s gonna brawl with Sheamus since he didn’t know who’s side he would be on. Henry and Christian bounces.


Laurinaitis in the back is making matches with Cena & Sheamus vs. Christian & Henry. HHH then comes in and said he already made the match and reminds John that HE is his boss.


CM Punk vs. The Miz. Uh, Punk gets an already-in-the-ring intro? WTF!? Miz comes out to the stage with a mic making fun of Punk and his vomit shit from earlier. He said he was speaking his mind before Punk was and how HE was the most must see champion. Punk has nothing to say and the match starts…? That’s odd… Punk spends the beginning part of the match on top until Miz trips Punk on the top rope when he was going for the Macho Man elbow. Match goes back and forth, both being quite stiff. Nice belly to back snap suplex by Punk after the break where he was sent into the ring post shoulder first. Miz teases the SCF but Punk fights out of the attempt. Punk deflects the superplex attempt then hits the Macho Man elbow. Before Punk can get the G2S, Truth runs out gets Miz DQ’d. Punk fights them off and hits the G2S on Truth. Winner: CM Punk


Nash then heads to the ring and starts to slowly comes up into the ring only to have Miz jump Punk from behind turning this shit into a 3 on 1. JACKNIFE by Nash! Truth and Miz bounce while Nash celebrates… shit man you could have started a crew right here with Miz, Truth and Nash being the manager/advisor.


Sin Cara 2.0 vs. Jack Swagger. Oh god, Sin Cara on LIVE TV?! They need to kill this colored ring shit… and Cara has already fucked up the leg scissors, fuck! Cole plays him up as a big name in Mexico with a comic book named after him… no that was Mistico… Vicki then comes down to check out Swagger. Ziggler comes out moments later to argue with Vicki then heads up onto the ring apron causing the distraction on Ziggler. Cara then hits the tornado DDT, the swanton and the moonsault on Swagger for the pin while Vick and Dolph continue to argue. Winner: Sin Cara


WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga. So it looks like someone was out of place and didn’t hit the fireworks button for Kofi, that was awkward. Great Kofi & Evan are known as Air Boom, stupid. Lawler continues to shit on McGillicutty & Otunga during the match, productive… Fast paced match with Kofi & Bourne dominating the former tag team champions. Kofi hits the trouble in paradise on Hennig for the pin. Winner: Air Boom


Otunga and McGillicutty get in the face of Lawler after the match for his shit talking. Otunga takes a swipe at Lawler and both David and Lawler eye fuck each other before we go to the main event graphic.


Kelly Kelly & Eva smiling and looking like they talking about shit before we go to break.


Diva’s Champion Kelly Kelly w/Eve vs. Brie w/Nicki. During the match Phoenix and Natalya bitch in the back about how we enable people like Kelly… we get twin magic during the match setting up for Nicki hitting the face buster for the pin. Winner: Brie Nicki


Alex Riley video package. Funny, most of these packages don’t lead to shit.


They just to a trailer for Inside Out, a movie that apparently had HHH, Michael Rappaport and Parker Posey. Guess what, HHH is out of prison again! Haha Is this like a serious version of The Chaperone?!


Mark Henry & Christian vs. Sheamus & John Cena. Sheamus comes out with his ribs tapped up, the tape is actually whiter than he is! Slow paced match off the bat with Sheamus starting the match for the goodie-goodies kept in the corner of Christian & Henry. Tape around Sheamus’ mid section starts to come off looking like he’s just peeling. Cena makes the hot tag, flying around the ring with his bag shoulder blocks and his UCSM fist drop. Cena teases the AA but Christian gets to the ropes, he then locks the STF only to have Henry break it. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle from the ring apron onto Henry. Christian gets the spear for a 2 count before he’s hit with the brog kick and an AA for the pin. Seemed like a rushed main event… Winners: Cena & Sheamus


HHH is in the back watching the match when Punk walks in. HHH says he talks to the board and his match with Nash has been canceled and Punk will take on HHH…WHAT!? Why the fuck are we hot shooting this?!


God Damned WWE has no faith for shit! Yes, we know that the Nash match wasn’t going to be a pretty match but with a PPV like Night of Champions, you focus on all the championship matches and build up HHH vs. Punk. Now you’re just prejaculationing this shit. Sigh.


Overall a decent night that felt “bigger” than normal but I am not a fan of killing off the brand extension. But then again when they really haven’t been sticking to it that much, I guess it doesn’t fucking matter.





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One Response to “08-29-11 WWE RAW Supershow”

  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    So word going around today is that Nash was pulled out of the NOC match because of a health issue.

    Couldn’t they have had the match scheduled but before the ppv starts off have Nash could have “taken out” Punk or maybe Punk could have been taken out before Nash showed up at the arena. I think that would have kept the intrigue of this angle.

    I just don’t think that its the right move to hotshot this match with HHH & Punk. You have a match that if built up properly could draw a lot of money and you’ve just thrown it on a nothing show.

    So disappointing.

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