Smackdown Thoughts & Review [8. 26. 11]


[UPDATE] Christian wants yet another damn title shot! Bryan and Christian gives us a clinic! Mark Henry and Sheamus show us all how two big men can put on a damn good show and so much more!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

They show a video package recapping Mark Henry’s dominating Battle Royal victory to become the number one contender to Randy Orton’s World Championship.

Bret Hart comes out to the ring. The crowd goes apeshit.

  • Bret says that Teddy Long couldn’t make it and Triple H appointed him to be the ‘Special General Manager’ for the night.
  • He says that the main event for next week’s special LIVE Smackdown is Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton for the title.

Dr. Horrible T-shirt Christian comes out to a lot of boos.

  • Christian says he blames Bret’s friend Edge for his loss at Money in the Bank.
  • Christian says he’s entitled to a rematch.
  • Bret says Christian needs to stop being such a crybaby and is becoming an embarrassment to Canada.
  • Christian says that he’s the only Canadian that’s still relevant.
  • Christian gives Bret a note states that Christian is to get the first World Title match.
  • Bret Hart says Christian’s title match is going to be in the Steel Cage.

Mark Henry comes out.

  • Mark Henry feels disrespected for the last 15 years and that he’s earned his title shot.
  • Mark says if he doesn’t get his title shot, someone’s getting hurt.
  • Mark goes on to threaten Bret if he doesn’t get his way.

Sheamus comes out.

  • He tells a story about his Uncle’s black bull that got castrated. Racist.
  • Sheamus Irish Hammers Mark Henry out of the ring.

Christian pins Daniel Bryan

  • They show a nice vignette about Daniel Bryan’s brief tenure in the WWE. Cool…now let’s give him a proper push.
  • Bryan with a hard running dropkick to Christian’s face for two.
  • Suicide Dive by Bryan to the outside!
  • Beautiful Mexican Surfboard by Bryan into a pin attempt for two.
  • Missile Dropkick by Bryan for two. Dope!
  • Bryan with a sick flying knee drop to Christian’s chest suspended in the ropes.
  • Kick to Christian’s head for two!
  • Tornado DDT by Christian for two.
  • Bryan counters the Killswitch into a Lebell Lock but Christian escapes.
  • Christian with a successful Killswitch and it’s over.

~ Good match despite an off night for Bryan. By off I mean a slight awkward backflip from the top rope. The good thing about Bryan’s losing streak is that he’s looked great in every match. Christian looked as sharp as ever. Unfortunately I just don’t want to see another Orton vs. Christian match any time soon. Ugh.

They cut to Aksana hyping up Super Smackdown next week.

Wade Barrett gets on the mic.

  • He says he’s orchestrated attacks on everybody in the company. Blah Blah Blah.
  • He puts down a local worker he’s about to wrestle and leaves the ring.

Sin Cara pins Heath Slater

  • Heath Slater needs facial hair…or something.
  • Springboard flying forearm by Sin Cara for two.
  • Sin Cara pulls off his Senton Lionsault combo for the win.

~ Of course this was the reported repeat match from these two from the Smackdown tapings. I am so not a fan of Sin Cara. Less is more folks. I’d rather see ten well-done belly to back suplexes than one botched, fancy highflying move.

Randy Orton pins Ted DiBiase with Cody Rhodes

  • Cody is on the mic and says he’s resurrecting the status of the Intercontinental Championship and the career of Ted DiBiase.
  • Cody interferes but Ted saves his ass from an RKO.
  • Textbook Superplex for two by Orton.
  • Fresh Rolling Powerslam by Orton!
  • Ted counters Orton’s neckbreaker into a rollup for a close two. Very smooth.
  • After a series of counters Orton finally hits an RKO for the win.
  • After the match, Cody gives DiBiase the Cross Rhodes and places a bag on his head.

~ Very solid match. Ted DiBiase is one of the WWE’s most underrated workers. I think DiBiase needs a manager and a submission finisher (perhaps a Boston Crab or Dragon Sleeper?) that they need to put over in a big way. He’s a good wrestler that just hasn’t found his niche yet.

Kelly Kelly pins Tamina

  • Big ups to Booker T and Josh for putting Tamina and the rest of the divas over.
  • Kelly hits the K-2 and it’s over.

~ It was what it was. Props to Tamina for saving a sloppy cross body from the second rope by Kelly. I realize Kelly is being touted as the next Trish Stratus but I don’t see it yet. She’s still green as far as I’m concerned and has a long way to go before she belongs in the same sentence as the Canadian Bombshell.

They cut to Jinder Mahal commenting on his Battle Royal loss last week.

Ezekial Jackson submits The Great Khali

  • Jinder tries to interfere but gets knocked off the apron for his efforts.
  • Zeke puts Khali in the Torture Rack for the tappy tap!

~ Good short match. They should have done that moment prior to Zeke’s IC Title run to get the crowd behind him. Getting the Great Khali over your shoulders is no easy feat. Impressive.

They cut to Todd interviewing Randy Orton in the locker room.

  • Orton says he’s going to take Christian’s pride.

They show another video package featuring Mark Henry’s recent domination.

~ Great piece. They now need to show Big Show and Kane doing rehab for their eventual returns.

Sheamus defeats Mark Henry via countout

  • Sheamus takes control early and blasts Henry in the corner with big stomps and huge knees.
  • Henry gains momentum and dominates most of the match.
  • HOLY SHIT! Nice Gorilla Press counter by Sheamus into a DDT! Beautiful.
  • Nice Flying Shoulder Block off the top by Sheamus for two!
  • Henry tosses Sheamus into the ring barrier like a plush toy.
  • Sheamus Brogue Kick’s Henry over the announcers table.
  • Henry can’t come back in and Sheamus wins by countout.
  • After the decision, Henry gives Sheamus the World’s Strongest Slam on the base of the steel steps! OMG!

~ I really enjoyed seeing Mark Henry get a main event opportunity. This was a textbook big man match and both wrestlers worked really well together. Both men came off extremely powerful and I think Sheamus and Mark Henry are going to do big things by the end of the year.

This episode was Smackdown booked by the numbers and all the angles were given the proper amount of attention.

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Hey, guys, my Smackdown Thoughts & Review for this week won’t be up till late late tonight or sometime this weekend. I have to go tend to a bachelor party tonight. Y’all know how that goes

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