08-22-11 WWE RAW


New tag team champions, two heels combine forces and although we get the main event for Night of Champions we still get more questions than answers…

We’re off and we begin with Ricardo Rodriguez introducing the WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio. Michael Cole tells us that Mysterio was injured last week at the hands of Del Rio and will be out for months. Guy needs a break after the dope matches he’s had lately. ADR is about to tell us what his name is when the king of Jorts interrupts and comes down to the ring. I went from paying attention to not giving a fuck in one back pseudo hip hop song. Oh look out Cena is going to beat ADR for the title and he’s going to hurt him… blah blah blah. CM Punk interrupts Cena’s jibber jabber thankfully. Nice chant for Punk on his way to the ring. Punk says it feels like déjà vu which Cena wanting another title match even though he’s beating Cena twice and if there is anyone getting a title shot its going to be him. Del Rio then chimes in and tells them its his time so you dogs have to get out of here (in Spanish). Punk said HHH, Nash and maybe even Jack Tunney are trying to screw him. He then reminds Cena that he also has had issues with HHH and whoever sent that text at SummerSlam wanted Del Rio to be champion really bad. Punk and Cena both want to use their rematch clause tonight. Del Rio isn’t having it but then we get interruption number 3 when Triple H comes out.


Triple H says you don’t cash in rematch clauses like Money in the Bank. He then sets up a main event tonight, Punk vs. Cena with the winning going to Night of Champions. Yeah, let’s just give that match away on free TV… geez.


WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison. With the exception of being Truth last week, Morrison has lost almost all of his matches since coming back. Why would I believe he could beat the WWE Champion tonight? Good back and forth match. Nice belly to back suplex by Del Rio for a 2 count. Brutal looking tilt a whirl DDT by Morrison. Good near falls. Del Rio finally gets the arm breaker for the tap out victory. Del Rio gets in a couple of kicks on Morrison just to prove a point.


Eve w/Diva’s Champion Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella w/Nicki. Pre match interview with Phoenix & Natalya they aren’t going to tell us what they want from Kelly… didn’t we make that obvious already!? We want puppies chant… in 2011… way to go Canada. Anyhow, Eve wins with a spinning neckbreaker. Kelly leg drops Nicki after the match. This brings out Phoenix and Natalya to the stage who clapped for the two in the ring.


Nash does the walk in the back.


Vicki Guerrero comes out and intros her new client, Jack Swagger… god I hope this works.


Jack Swagger w/Vicki vs. Alex Riley. Ziggler comes down to the ring while Swagger is schooling Riley. Dolph and Vicki argue until they cut back to the two and Vicki is on her ass!? Ok way to go camera team! Needless to say this causes the roll up victory for Riley as Vicki and Ziggler argue up the ramp.


HHH in the back on the phone before he does the walk.


Triple H is back on his way to the ring. He brings up what happened at SummerSlam with Kevin Nash. Nash then comes out no music again. “Diesel” chant. HHH says the text didn’t come from him and he wants everyone to know that and wants to be on the same page. Nash said he did get a text from him and was going to apologize to Punk today but after all the shit talking not so much. HHH said Nash doesn’t work here which he replies with that is why he doesn’t have to put up with this. HHH doesn’t want this shit to go down and asks Nash just to leave. This brings out Punk who wants to get to the bottom of this and wants to find out who sent out the text. Punk puts this mystery to the Clue game and brings up Nash, HHH and Steph as suspect. Punk calls himself a line stepper just like Nash does but he’s done talking and is going to kick Nash’s ass. HHH stops this shit but Punk then gets in his face and asks him what his problem is with him and him being champion is? Punk shits on HHH, Nash and calls Steph a bean head. Haha HHH said he wont put up with Punk’s shit and tells HHH that he doesn’t want to get him riled up since he’ll have to fold up his suit and put it in Steph’s purse. Nash all of a sudden cold cocks Punk leading to HHH and Nash walking off while they argue. This segment was… “eh” at best.


HHH gives lip to Nash in the back and calls out his suit wearing job shit then tells him he’s changed before he bounces. Sad face.


WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs. Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne. Lawler sounds like Cole shitting on the Tag Champions. Oh no, Kofi and EB are wearing matching colors, not a good sign for the former Nexus! Fast paced match that ends with EB hitting the shooting star for the pin and the tag team titles. Well, how could you get behind the champions when you spent the entire match on commentary shitting on them. Fuck.


Kofi and Evan are interviewed in the back by Josh when Ryder and a bunch of NXT rejects shower them with champagne.


John Laurinaitis runs up to Triple H saying Nash was in a car accident and to head to the hospital now that he will take care of things.


Santino is out next and he gets jumped from behind by Miz and Truth. They take him in the ring and beat on him, hitting both their finishers on him. Truth’s bullet proof vest now reads “little Jimmy proof” on the back! Haha Truth blames everyone from Punk to HHH for this conspiracy. Miz actually agrees with Truth on this shit. The crowd “what’s” the whole time. Miz brings up having to pick a fight with Jared from Subway to get noticed. Miz and Truth play off each other well, I have to say. Miz shits on Santino being on TV after not winning a match in months then says they are going to take their opportunity. Miz and Truth then go into a “you suck, you suck that’s what’s up!” chant. haha


Punk and Cena are shown split screen doing the walk in the back.


Alberto Del Rio AND John Laurinaitis are both at ringside for the #1 contenders match.


CM Punk vs. John Cena. chain wrestling starts off this one similar to SummerSlam. There’s a chant that sounds like “let’s go over”. Pace picks up which leads to Punk taking a bump to the outside for the commercial break. We’re back in the middle of the ring with Punk fighting out of a headlock. The G2S and the AA are both teased. Springboard clothesline by Punk for a 2 count. Punk goes for the G2S but Cena counters in trying to get the STF on which Punk fights out of but ends up in the crossface. Punk gets his leg to the ropes. GO TO SLEEP! 1..2…KICKOUT! Macho Man elbow is missed by Punk but Cena doesn’t miss his top rope leg drop for a 2 count. Stiff strikes to the back of the head of Cena. Running knee by Punk for another close two. AA…1..2..KICKOUT! solid match thus far. Nash then comes out to the stage yelling at Punk! He comes down to the ringside setting up for Cena to hit the AA for the pin and the win. He instantly gets jumped by Del Rio who beats on him. Laurinaitis then comes into the ring and holds ADR back hold for him to go back to beating on Cena. Laurinaitis holds him back again but ADR beats through again and hits Cena with the belt. Cena is then taken to the outside and thrown into the barricade while John Laurinaitis yells at him.


And its over…


Well I think I enjoy Truth & Miz together and maybe that will lead to a Tag Team Title run although I don’t think Miz needs that.










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