08-15-11 WWE RAW


Punk helps carry Nash in a promo that he almost killed, Swagger needs to try the gut wrench 3 times before hitting it and we get 2 solid matches and the mystery of Nash and who sent the text continues…

Before the opener they go right into the happenings of the main event last night with Cena, Punk, Triple H, Kevin Nash and Alberto Del Rio.


Of course the show starts with Triple H, no shocker here. He brings up people being upset about what happened last and apologizes to the Universe and John Cena and admits he made a mistake counting Cena out last night. He then says he had no problem raising CM Punk’s hand but then brings up what happened with Kevin Nash and how he didn’t have anything with it. How all he did was give the dude tickets. He said he invited Nash to the show to explain himself. Triple H then says about ADR that “that’s how Money in the Bank works”. He then intro’s what he calls, the one undisputed WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio.


Del Rio comes out with the big ol’ shit grin on his face. Is it me or does San Diego sound dead…?! Looks like Triple H bounced and left this all to ADR. He reminds us what his name is then calls himself the undisputed WWE Champion and how it was his destiny. He then claims that it was not his intention to cash in at SummerSlam but after what Nash did he couldn’t resist. He’s going to represent us and we get a 619 chant. He claims he’s going to take pictures after the show with “his” people. He brings up Rey Mysterio and says he claims he was happy because we all love him, even himself. Another 619 chant. He then says he loves BEATING Rey Mysterio and how he started his career on beating him. Calls Rey the “little Chihuahua” and told San Diego that they will need to change their area code after tonight. haha


Is there no name plate on the belt for ADR!?! Looked like it wasn’t on there.


They show HHH walking into Cena’s locker room, oh no!


The Truth is out and now he got music again which is “what’s up” with no words except WHATS UP! Oh well I guess that experiment is over.


R-Truth vs. John Morrison – Falls Count Anywhere.

-They cut to a split screen with a bad Morrison promo.

-They are hitting hard tonight.

-Nice exchange of near falls into a nice corkscrew dive my Morrison to the outside.

-springboard kick by Morrison off the barricade.

-stiff facebuster to Morrison on the outside.

-back from the break and we’re still on the outside even though the match made it back into the ring during the commercial?

-Little Jimmy chant that Truth don’t like, shoot.

-atomic drop to Morrison on the barricade then a clothesline over it.

-they are in the crowd folks, bounce!

-near fall in the crowd by Truth.

-stiff kick back at ringside by Morrison for a 2 count.

-one of the announcer chairs is brought into play, OH SHIT! Morrison suplexs Truth on the chair then hits the shining wizard for the win at ringside.

Winner: John Morrison


Punk is doing the walk in the back. JR questions us if he is aware Nash was invited tonight.


Recap video of Rey Mysterio winning the World Title at WrestleMania, good moment.


Miz is out all dressed up. He said he was asked by someone to say hello to someone in the audience… its Jared from Subway. He has a sandwich in his hand…!? Miz says he could do Jared’s job better than him and wants to show him. He takes the sandwich out of his hand and then goes into a commercial for Subway…! He’s cutting a promo for a sandwich! He then says the only reason the chicken sandwich is treading is because of him and how he will be Champion again… cause he’s awesome… and that’s it… oh wait he’s now eating the sandwich in the ring. haha So basically that was a long commercial…?


Nash shows up in a limo to do the walk.


Great some country dude is in the crowd… don’t give a fuck.


Diva’s Champion Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. Bella’s

-Lawler questions this whole HHH not knowing about Nash deal from last night.

-they are all so pretty to look at.

-do you think if Velvet Sky and Kelly Kelly ever wrestled each other that the world would implode? Hm.

-fairly physical match.

-they gave it a few minutes before Eve hits the moonsault for the pin.

Winners: Eve & Kelly Kelly


After the match Natalya & Phoenix come out to the stage all dressed up and clap for the winners. Cole called them the “Diva’s of Doom”… interesting, not hating it yet.


Nash will be out after the commercial break.


Nash is intro’d as Former WWE Champion and WCW Champion. He comes out to no music ala R-Truth. Haha Cole claims he was the longest reigning champion of the 90’s, might have to look that up. Nash thanks HHH for letting him come out and explain. He brings up their relationship and how close they are. He brings up the same thing that HHH about the tickets. Then claims to have gotten a text during the main event that said “stick the winner for him”. He said what he did was business and that he and HHH need to get on the same page about what happened. This brings CM Punk out who gets a solid pop from San Diego. CM PUNK chant. Punk from the stage says he didn’t believe any of this and how he and HHH are friends and asks him that if HHH asked him to jump off a bridge would he? And how THAT would be good for business. Punk says neither Nash or HHH know what’s good for business! Nash tells Punk to watch his mouth to which Punk laughs and says Nash doesn’t watch the show cause he does what he pleases. Nash said that just changed. Punk said this story points to maybe HHH being a liar or maybe Nash is the liar. Nash offers to show Punk the text and Punk pulls out his phone and said he got a text from his little sister, that was funny shit! Punk said he isn’t pissed at ADR because that’s how it works but that now that HHH is in charge he’s bringing in his cronies back. Nash fumbles he words his words but Punk jumps in and said this coming from a guy who called Eddie Guerrero “a vanilla midget”. Nash recovers bringing up what he’s done and calls Punk a short order waffle house cook! Haha Punk then brings up the many characters Nash has had then says enough with the questions and heads towards the ring but security cuts him off. Punk said he isn’t surprised and blames this on HHH. He says he’s going to go find the COO himself since the security is here and not watching him.


Interesting exchange but we know Punk carried most of this. You really don’t want to get in a promo battle with Punk. I will have to say this didn’t sound very scripted so maybe they’ve gone back to less scribed promos??


Another Rey moment is show before the break.


Nash shows up in HHH’s dressing room but gets Johnny Ace who reminds us of his title in the company. Ace wants to talk to Nash about something… oh boy…


Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger

-Vicki and Ziggler are on commentary arguing.

-back and forth shenanigans while Vicki and Ziggler continue this bickering.

-JR tries to bring it back to the match.

-Vicki gets up and then grabs JR’s hat? She then puts it on and distracts the ref by putting the hat on him.

-Swagger with the clothesline from behind and Swagger botches the first 3 attempts of the gut wrench bomb…

-he finally hits it for the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger


Ziggler stomps on JR’s hat and Ross is just darn disappointed at this.


Vicki in the back smiling when Swagger stops her to thank her. He sucks up to her to what she’s done for dudes to looking great. He goes down the list of great managers and brings up how they had multiple clients and tells her to think about expanding her roster.


Lots of video’s of WWE taking over Hollywood for SummerSlam. We are the home of SummerSlam, its hard to debate than now a days.


Punk in the back runs into Stephanie and she is sorry for how he won the match but technically he didn’t win. She then says people get what they deserve in the end… looking more like is behind this Steph isn’t it? dun dun DUNNNN!


Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs. WWE Team Champions Joe Hennig vs. David Otunga

-Cole says HBK tweeted about some shit getting involved…

-tag champions keep the momentum early on.

-Lawler is waiting to be impressed by McGillicutty and Otunga… keep waiting.

-hot tag to Kofi who comes out strong on Hennig.

-Otunga makes the save for Hennig.

-Kofi hits the trouble in paradise then Evan hits the shooting star press for the pin for the non title win.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne


Rey in the back getting ready for his match.


WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

-Rodriguez is on the ADR intro with a shit eating grin. Haha

-they need to get rid of the spinner belt, seriously its long fucking overdue.

-nice pop for Rey.

-Lawler compares this ovation to the one in Chicago for Punk… yeah its big but not that big homie.

-619 chant before the match begins.

-Rey gets a couple of quick pin attempts before getting kicked in the gut.

-tilt a whirl into a 619 attempt that ADR avoided heading to the outside for the commercial break.

-we’re back and ADR has Rey in a leg scissors while trying to take his mask off.

-Rey cut off on the top rope but lands a BEAUTIFUL tornado DDT from the second rope!

-another couple of quick pin attempts by Rey stopped with a stiff kick by ADR.

-Rey fights out of the 2nd leg scissors.

-ADR misses and ends up on the outside for the an Asai moonsault by Rey!

-Rey to the top with a seated senton and another tilt a whirl.

-ADR cuts him off with a clothesline for a series of pin attempts.

-tilt a whirl back breaker by ADR for another near fall.

-Del Rio is losing his cool.

-619 chant.

-ADR hits the top rope flash kick for a 2 ½ count! Fuck that move is dope!

-arm breaker attempt turned into a roll up for a really close 2 ½!!!

-arm breaker blocked again!


-Rey to the top, SPLASH! NOOO ADR gets his knees up and rolls up Rey for the three count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Great match!


ADR jumps Rey after the match… gee I wonder who’s going to save him… Alberto is focusing on Rey’s left arm the locks in the arm breaker while the ref tries to get him off of Rey…. Yup, here comes John Cena to beat on ADR and chase him away… Cena has his angry face on, he could be angry at HHH but isn’t. He’s mad at ADR for fucking up what he and Punk were doing and calls Del Rio a target. Cena’s so angry that Punk lost to him… Cena then gets a little ghetto with his slang… oh he’s just so mad… ugh.


Show over.


Overall, it was an ok night. Got a couple of good matches with Truth/Morrison and Rey/ADR and they are building McMahon’s against Punk. Luckily for Nash Punk saved that promo.

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