Summerslam 2011 Live Updates


Keep refreshing for live updates of WWE’s Summerslam pay per view!

And we’re LIVE!

TOOL guitarist, Adam Jones, does an instrumental version of the National Anthem. Pretty rad if you ask me.

Six Man Tag Match

Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, & Rey Mysterio defeat The Miz, R-Truth, & Alberto del Rio via pinfall

The Miz comes out and does his thing on the mic. He tells his ‘supporters’ that he’s going to steal the show.

R-Truth comes out and disses the crowd. He makes a connection between Cee Lo Green and CON-spiracy. They both start with the letter ‘C.’

Alberto Del Rio comes out in a sick black Ferrari. Beautiful. The car…not ADR.

The faces come out and we’re off.

JoMo and KoKi do a double kip up and JoMo ends it with a B-Boy Flare leg drop on the Miz.

JoMo does a Pescado to the outside on ADR. Kofi does a nice springboard plancha on the Miz.

Rey follows with a splash on R-Truth for the win.

Great Puma: Very nice opener that made everybody look good. It’s a shame that any of these six men are main event worthy in my eyes. Rey came off looking strong as ever going into his title match tomorrow night on RAW.

Mascara de Fuego: I hate when they don’t announce matches ahead of time and this opener was definitely that. You figure with the people in the match they would have at least put it on the site. Entertaining but not amazing. Rey needed the win and the pin since he’s got the title match tomorrow night. Plus I think it was a nice distraction for us if ADR in fact cashes in  tonight.

Stephanie wishes CM Punk in the back. Nice.

  • Stephanie then calls him on calling her ‘clueless.’ CM Punk corrects her and says he called her an ‘idiot!’
  • She offers to shake her hand but CM Punk says he knows where that hand has been. BURRRRN!

Mark Henry defeats Sheamus via countout

  • Back and forth battle.
  • Mark Henry is winning the battle of strength. Sheamus is gaining momentum using his agility.
  • Sheamus with a textbook Flying Shoulder Block from the top for two.
  • Sheamus Brogue Kick’s Henry out of the ring!
  • In a great Holy Shit moment, Mark Henry blasts Sheamus THROUGH the ring barrier!
  • Sheamus is slow to get up and he’s counted out to give Mark Henry the victory.

Mascara de Fuego: I have to say for a “big man” match I was entertained. I think the ending was prefect and kept both guys strong with Henry getting the count out victory. Good shit.

Great Puma: Amazing big man match. Great finish

Christian promo

  • Christian keeps his ‘news’ close to his chest. He’s leaving with the title tonight.
  • Christian compares himself to Harry Potter.
  • He then compares Randy Orton to Cowboys & Aliens, an overproduced flop.

Cee Lo Green Concert

  • Cee Lo sings ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ and follows with his hit, ‘Forget You.’

Divas Championship Match

© Kelly Kelly pins Beth Phoenix

  • Beth is sporting a metallic blue skirt thing with wide collars. Very disco if you ask me.
  • Kelly starts off fast and controls at the start.
  • Kelly Kelly reverses the Glam Slam with a forward roll up for the victory!

Great Puma: Wow. Bravo WWE. I didn’t see that coming at all and Kelly Kelly did everything fine tonight. The forward roll up finish was well-executed. Both ladies wore their working boots tonight.

Mascara de Fuego: Step in the right direction if you’re going to make the Diva’s division more competitive. Kelly stepped it up against Beth, good showing for her.

They show Stephanie walking out of John Cena’s locker room. They make it seem like the ‘fix is in.’

  • The cut to R-Truth speaking to Jimmy Hart!
  • Jimmy Hart is telling R-Truth that he needs him.
  • R-Truth realizes that Jimmy Hart just might be “Little Jimmy.” Hilarious.

They pan to Ron Artest watching right behind them. Nice. One crazy dude to another.

Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan comes out with a buzzed head and a little facial hair. Nice. Very ROH.

Byran stretches Wade out and takes control early.

Bryan BLASTS Wade’s face with a hard running dropkick in the corner. Sick.

Bryan chops Wade Barrett down with vicious kicks for a two count. Brutal.

Bryan counters Wasteland by turning around and locking in his Guiilotine. He brought Wade down and then locked on the Lebell Lock.

Wade escaped by reaching the ropes.

Wade dropped Bryan with a hard clothesline. Wasteland and it’s over.

Mascara de Fuego: Bryan pulled a solid match out of Wade here. Good shit all around but not sure they got the right outcome here. Bryan needs to be built up. Maybe they are building up both so when Bryan wins the title they can feud? Either way that was entertaining.

Great Puma: Damn it. I didn’t like the outcome but the match was as good as it gets. Daniel Bryan made Wade Barrett look formidable. This is the best Wade Barrett has looked in the ring.

No Holds Barred World Title Match:

Randy Orton pins Christian to become the new World Heavyweight Champion

  • Christian introduces Edge!
  • Edge grabs the mic. He calls Christian out on being a whiny bitch and leaves. Christian loses his shit.
  • Orton dominates early. Christian threatens to leave the ring to be counted out.
  • Christian goes all Darth Vader with the kendo stick until Orton catches him off the top with a textbook dropkick.
  • Wow. Orton superplexes Christian on a folded table in the ring. Ouch.
  • Orton RKOs Christian through the Spanish Announcers Table.
  • Christian counters another RKO and hits the Killswitch for a close two! The crowd is in the palm of their hands.
  • Christian gets obliterated with a rolling powerslam through a table in the corner.
  • It’s Orton’s turn to go all Jedi with a kendo stick.
  • Orton follows up with a second rope DDT onto a trash can.
  • Orton catches Christian in mid-air and RKO’s him onto the steel steps in the ring for the win. HOLY SHIT! Match of the night so far.

Mascara de Fuego: Solid match brutal match here. Christian and Orton work well together and that final move to finish the match was painful to watch. Good shit although I would have preferred Christian coming out of this one with the title. I was entertained.

Great Puma: Excellent match. As great as these two work well together I’m glad their feud is finally over. This was definitely match of the night so far. Great finish and I hope Christian wins the title again sooner or later.

They show Stephanie speaking with Triple H, wearing a referee shirt, in a hallway.

For The Undisputed WWE Title: CM Punk © pins John Cena © w/Triple H as Special Referee

  • LA is going big with CM PUNK and Cena Sucks chants.
  • Cena going with a more technical style in his take downs and chain wrestling. Nice.
  • Fruity Pebble chant from Staples crowd.
  • Punk does Chris Jericho’s springboard dropkick to send Cena off the ring apron.
  • Punk hits a flying knee to Cena’s midsection for two.
  • Punk does a hard suicide dive on Cena. Both men are down.
  • Triple H hates the countout and rolls both men in the ring to continue.
  • Dueling blows puts the crowd in a frenzy!
  • Headkick for two by Punk!
  • Punk is caught in the STF but reaches the ropes for the escape!
  • Attitude Adjustment! Punk kicks out!
  • Cena kicks out of the GTS!
  • Cena kicks out of a textbook Macho Man Elbow Drop by Punk.
  • HUGE Randy Savage chant! Go LA!
  • GTS! Cena has his foot on the ropes but HHH doesn’t see it and gives the three count.

After the match Cena and Triple H leave the ring.

KEVIN NASH of all people is in the ring and he powerbombs CM Punk.

Alberto Del Rio CASHES IN!

Alberto Del Rio pins CM Punk to become the new WWE Champion

  • Alberto Del Rio tells the ref to ring the bell, hits a hard enziguiri and it’s over.

Great Puma: The last two matches put this ppv over the top. I’m an Alberto Del Rio mark so I’m pretty stoked with his cash in. The match itself was great and Punk is definitely the anti-hero for this new generation of WWE fans. I’d prefer CM Punk to stay champion until Summerslam but I have a feeling he’ll have the title around his waist again before this year is over. I can’t believe I’m saying this but props to Cena for doing some new-ish moves/holds tonight. CM Punk seems to bring the best out of him.

Mascara de Fuego: Solid match all around. The surprise after of the match was definitely Kevin Nash power bombing Punk to cost him the MITB cash in by Alberto Del Rio. Ultimately predictable that ADR would cash in, only different element was Nash. I know Puma is pumped by I would have preferred Punk winning this and going on to lost the title at another occasion.

Stay tuned for our post Summerslam Podcast and Mascara de Fuego’s Summerslam recap!


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