08-14-11 WWE SUMMERSLAM 2011


Consistent night of match but predictable outcome in the biggest match…

Adam Jones of TOOL opens the show with America the Beautiful. Nice, you get street cred for this one WWE!

Miz comes out for a 6 man match that wasn’t announced before the show. He got the big AWESOME blow up on his entrance. He gets on the mic and thanks us for making sure he competes tonight and claims he will steal the show but then gets interrupted by Truth, brings up the letter “C” which is for conspiracy and Cee Lo Green, he then gets cut off my Alberto Del Rio’s music and entrance done by none other than Ricardo Rodriguez.


Miz, R-Truth & Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston, John Morrison & Rey Mysterio

-Kofi and Miz start the match

-fasted paced for the first few moments then Morrison is tagged in and hits the windmill leg drop./

-Truth now in but Jomo catches him quick and hits the flash kick.

-Truth makes his comeback on Morrison when Miz takes a shot at Jomo.

-Hot tag to Kofi.

-Kofi has the momentum until ADR interrupts his pin attempt.

-lose 2 count by Miz on Kofi.

-Lets go Miz chant?

-ADR is finally tagged in.

-nice belly 2 back suplex by ADR on Kofi.

-Rey makes the hot tag on Truth and gets a 2 count.

-Rey goes for the double 619 but ADR trips him up.

-high spots by Morrison onto ADR and Kofi onto Miz

-Rey recovers to hit the splash from the top on Truth for the pin.

Winners: Mysterio, Morrison and Kofi


CM Punk in the back with Johnny Ace who’s giving him lip, he wants an apology for last Monday’s shit talking and hitting him. Punk sarcastically apologizes to him and Johnny walks away. Stephanie McMahon comes out of nowhere and wants to wish Punk luck. Punk isn’t having it and tells her to run off. She brings “clues” but Punk says he called her “idiotic”. She wishes him luck and tries to shake his hand but Punk says he would but he knows where that hand has been. Oh smack! LOL Punk walks off while Steph smirks… I don’t think this is going to be good for Punk…


Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

-decent pop for Sheamus.

-it takes a moment but Sheamus comes off strong on Henry.

-Sheamus then tosses Sheamus over the top like no big deal.

-Henry then hit the big splash in the ring for a 2 count.

-Henry just KILLED Sheamus diving onto him while he was draped over the 2nd rope!

-Henry goes for the Vader bomb but Sheamus moves.

-double axe handle by Sheamus takes Henry down.

-lets go Sheamus chant.

-Sheamus to the top with the shoulder block for the close 2 count.

-Brog kick by Sheamus but it sends Henry to the outside.

-Sheamus goes to the outside to bring Henry back into the ring but gets caught, slammed into the post then taking into the ringside barricade!!!!

-Ref is counting and the fans are getting behind Sheamus to make the count.

-Sheamus gets counted out but the fans are booing it!

Winner: Mark Henry


Josh in the back with World Champion Christian. Christian said Orton isn’t leaving SummerSlam with the title and that he’s got some insurance for the match. He says he’s like a movie, like Harry Potter he’s full of magic. He says Orton is like Cowboys and Aliens, an overproduced flop. LOL!


Cee Lo Green (from Goodie Mob & Gnarls Barkley) is introduced and he goes right into the SummerSlam theme song. Fuck you if you don’t like Cee Lo or this song! He does a couple of songs and even gets Diva’s dressed in short shirts dancing with him. He gets the Bella’s, Rosa and Alicia Fox. Nice pop for Cee Lo at the end.


Slim Jim commercial with no WWE dudes, fuck you.


Diva’s Champion Kelly Kelly w/Eve vs. Beth Phoenix w/Natalya

-Phoenix is sporting new gear, it’s a got a skirt…!?

-fast paced off the bat, Kelly gets the spinning leg scissors

-Kelly with a dive off the top rope onto Beth on the floor!

-Beth finally gets in a clothesline to stop Kelly’s momentum.

-snake eyes press slam onto the ropes by Beth for a 2 count.

-Beth mocks Kelly by rubbing he ass in her face.

-Beth with the airplane spin back breaker move.

-neck breaker by Kelly out of nowhere.

-slam into the corner by Beth and Kelly is in the tree of woe.

-Kelly slips out for a roll up for a 2 count.

-side slam by Beth for a 2 count.

-Beth takes it to the ring apron buy gets hung up on the top rope and Kelly loses her shit for a sec.

-Beth recovers after the springboard elbow and goes for the Glam Slam but Kelly rolls through for the 3 count!!!

Winner: Kelly Kelly


Steph is shown leaving Cena’s locker room.


Truth in the back with Jimmy Hart is out! He goes down the list of people he’s managed and says Truth needs him. Truth makes a little Jimmy comparison and starts yelling at Hart until he leaves. Ron Artest and his daughter are shown in the back watching Truth ramble. Haha


Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan

-Barrett starts off strong.

-Daniel Bryan chant.

-stiff European uppercuts by Bryan.

-a little chain wrestling into a dropkick by Bryan.

-another stiff dropkick by Bryan for a 2 count.

-leg whip by Bryan into a stiff dropkick on Barrett in the corner for another 2 count.

-surf board, no just the beginning of it into a knee stomp.

-flip from the top rope by Bryan but Wade catches him in with a black hole slam for a 2 count.

-backbracker using the top rope into an atomic drop by Wade.

-more Europena upper cuts by Bryan.

-flying forearm by Wade for a 2 count.

-Bryan in the ropes while Wade hits stiff knees then a stiff kick to knock him off the ropes.

-Bryan rolled in for a 2 count.

-Wade caught in the ropes both brawl on the ring apron til Wade goes for Wasteland on the apron but Bryan slips out and kicks Wade off the apron to the floor.

-dope running knee drop from Bryan off the apron onto Barrett.

-Bryan to the top with a dropkick for another 2 count.

-back kick into the stomach of Bryan and Wade goes for the gut wrench but Bryan fights out and delivers stiff kicks to the legs of Barrett.

-stiff kicks to the chest of Wade then his head! DAMN! 1…2….2 ½!

-running kick by Wade to the head of Bryan.

-Wade goes for Wasteland but Bryan turns it into the Dragon Sleeper then the LaBell Lock!!!!!

-Wade gets to the ropes!

-Bryan puts Wade on the top and goes… NO Wade knocks him on the ropes and hits a stiff clothesline!

-Wasteland! 1…2….3!

Winner: Wade Barrett


Justin Roberts shills the Armed Forces.


World Champion Christian vs. Randy Orton (no holds barred)

-why is the champion coming out first!? Fuck I hate that shit!!!

-Christian cuts a promo and brings up his “major announcement” and he’s got someone in his corner… EDGE!!! Mother fuck yeah! I miss hearing that song right there!!!

-Edge is sporting shorter hair, slides into the ring and poses on the ring ropes.

-both hug in the ring and smile at each other.

-Edge gets on the mic and brings up that he wont be able to compete again. He said he feels like he was part of passing the torch to Christian and no one deserved it more than him. He doesn’t think it was fair he had to defend the title shortly after winning it. He then goes on to say that Christian starting whining and whining, but won the title… but by DQ?! He then calls Christian boring and how Edge never hid behind lawyers and how Christian has become a disgrace. Edge says Christian has turned into a whining, moaning little bitch and walks out on Christian!

-Christian is pissed but then Orton’s music hits and he comes out with a smile on his face.

-Christian chant after the formal announcements.

-match starts off with Orton getting the best of Christian leading to the Orton Stomp into a knee drop for a quick 2 count.

-Christian fights back but misses his punch when he goes over the top rope.

-Orton goes for the horizontal rope DDT but Christian fights it off.

-both brawl on the outside.

-Orton and Christian end up on the announce table and Orton goes for the RKO but Christian bounces into the crowd with his title .

-Orton follows and brings Christian back the hard way.

-Orton brings Christian back into the ring lands 10 a series of punches in the corner to Christian.

-Christian then side steps Orton and he takes the corner post.

-lets go Christian chant.

-Christian grabs the Kendo stick from under the ring and uses it on Orton multiple times and tries to choke Orton with the tip… it kinda looked silly. Haha

-2 counts by both guys.

-spinebuster by Christian for a two count.

-Christian goes for the Kendo stick hit off the second rope but Orton counters with the dropkick.

-rolling powerslam by Orton.

-Orton tries to use the kendo but is cut off.

-Orton tries for the roll up for the 2 count.

-vertical DDT and killswitch are teased.

-Orton sets up for the punt but Christian goes to the outside and then tries to pull Orton’s lets into the ringpost but Orton pulls Christian’s head into the post.

-Orton then pulls a couple of tables from under the ring and into the ring.

-we want tables chant from LA!

-Christian recovers and sets up a table on the outside.

-the tease the table shot on the outside.

-they fight to the top rope and Orton superplex’s Christian on the un-setup table in the ring! ouch!

-Orton sets up the table in the corner.

-Orton goes to send Christian into the table but Christian fights off and hits the reverse DDT.

-Christian goes for the spear but Orton avoids it.

-both end up outside and Orton sends Christian into the steel steps.

-Orton sets up the steps against the ring apron but its Orton that takes the steps to the head.

-Christian chant.

-Christian clears off the Spanish announce table and hits Orton with the monitor!

-Christian puts Orton on the table and mocks Orton.

-Christian goes for the RKO but its blocked and Orton hits the RKO through the table!!!!

-Randy chant.

-this is awesome chant.

-both end up in the ring and Orton goes for the RKO but its blocked! Christian hits the killswitch!!! 1…2…. TWO AND A HALF!!!

-Christian goes to the outside and brings back 2 chairs to the ring. looks like he’s going for the conchairto.

-Christian spits on Orton then goes for the conchairto but Orton moves!

-Orton hits Christian with the chair then hits him again with the chair and Christian goes through the table at ringside!

-Orton is filling the ring with weapons.

-Christian is brought back into the ring.

-rolling powerslam by Orton into the table in the corner!!!

-Orton with the kendo stick takes it to the back of Christian!

-vertical DDT in the ropes by Orton onto a trash can!!!! Fuck!

-Orton sets up for the RKO on the steel steps but Christian fights off with the kendo.

-Christian goes to the ropes and comes off but Orton hits the RKO onto Christian on the steel fucking steps!!!! Holy fuck!

Winner: Randy Orton


Steph and Triple H are over seen in the back chatting, it ends with a kiss between the two.


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. WWE Champion John Cena

-the recap what’s been going on since their match at MITB with the NFL sounding dude. Love this piece.

-HHH comes out first in his ref shirt, followed by CM PUNK who gets a crazy reaction!!! Go LA I am proud of you!

-Punk stands in front of HHH briefly before continuing his intro by standing on the 2nd rope.

-before Cena comes out he’s getting booed! Haha

-Cena say some shit to the camera before going to the ring. He then comes to the ring and stares at his belt in the ring.

-before the match lets go Cena/CM Punk chants.

-both start off cautious while the crowd chants.

-strong lets go Cena/Cena sucks chant! go LA!

-chain wrestling into a shoulder block by Cena for a 1 count.

-CM Punk chant.

-arm lock by Cena, at least he’s learned this move now…

-you can’t wrestle chant for Cena.

-same ol shit chant for Cena.

-stiff kick to the head of Cena.

-CM Punk chant.

-series of knees to Cena into a high knee for a two count.

-Cena teases the STF only to get kicked off.

-suplex spot in the ropes but Punk gets the best of Cena and hits the springboard dropkick ala Jericho on Cena!

-fruity pebbles chant, LA is HOT tonight.

-shoulder block, NO Punk with the knee for a 2 count.

-Cena goes for S.O.S. but Punk fights it off with a stiff knee.

-Cena finally recovers and goes for the YCSM fist drop but then teases the STF.

-Anaconda vice!

-Cena recovers and turns it into the STF!

-Punk recovers and turns it into a key lock submission.

-crippler crossface by Cena but Punk gets into the ropes!

-Cena dumped to the outside.

-dive to through the ropes by Punk to Cena on the outside!

-HHH makes the count but stops then pulls BOTH dudes back into the ring!!!!

-this gets a Triple H chant.

-BOO/YAY series of kicks and punches by both.

-Cena goes for the AA but Punk gets out and Cena hits the highest dropkick of his career!

-YCSM fist drop.

-Punk fights out of the AA and hits Cena in the back of the head for a 2 count.

-Cena fights out of the G2S, hits a splash in the corner and a side slam for a 2 count.

-Cena to the top but Punk meets him there with a high knee!

-Punk with a 2nd rope bulldog for a two count.

-Punk goes for the springboard clothesline but gets locked into the STF!!!!

-Punk fights and works over to the ropes and finally gets to it!

-Cena goes for the AA but Punk gets out, G2S but Cena gets out! AA!!!! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT!

-Cena to the top and Punk sidesteps the legdrop!


-Punk is favoring his left knee.

-Punk to the top RANDY SAVAGE ELBOW OFF THE TOP!!!! 1….2…. TWO AND A HALF!!!!

-Randy Savage chant!!!!

-Cena goes for the roll up for a 2 count.

-series of kicks and punches by Cena until he’s cut off by a kick, high knee and a G2S by PUNK! 1…2…THREE!!!!!


Winner: CM Punk


Cena has words with HHH in the ring but then bounces while Punk celebrates outside the ring. Punk then rolls into the ring while HHH claps for him and offers his hand. Punk looks at his hand but doesn’t shake it but HHH raises Punks hand as the winner.


HHH leaves the ring while clapping as Punk celebrates.




Triple H comes back to the ring side but Nash bounces through the crowd.


Here comes fucking Alberto Del Rio and he’s cashing in!!!!


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

-Shining wizard by ADR…1..2…3…

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Triple H has words with the ref but it doesn’t matter.


Surprised by Nash but it all ultimately ended the same way I figured… Alberto Del Rio cashes in and wins the WWE Title. Not surprised but was hoping it wasn’t going to be at this ppv.


Good ppv I thought with some really solid. Still feeling a little eh over the end but as I stated it was what was going to happen, it is what it is.









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