Smackdown Thoughts & Review [8. 12. 11]


Huge pops and no cowbells! A new “Sin Cara” and a new Intercontinental Champion! A Kaitlyn sighting! Idiom Boy gets pulverized! Orton does another RKO variant and so much more!

Sacramento, CA

This is technically my hometown so I have to give a shoutout. 916! 916! 916!!!

Okay. Let’s hope the crowd is at least half the crowd Chicago was for Money in the Bank.

The Chaperone Triple H comes out.

  • He recaps the main event for Summerslam and the crowd erupts with a CM Punk chant. Go Sactown!
  • He puts over himself as a great COO that’s going to give the fans their money’s worth.
  • He announces tonight’s card.

Mr. Bad T-shirt, Christian, interrupts him.

  • Christian bitches about not having a match tonight.
  • He says he’s going to sue the WWE for allowing a Randy Orton, a medically diagnosed as crazy.
  • He also drops a random turd on Johnny Ace for no reason.
  • Triple H does his usual blow off routine and tells Christian that the Summerslam match is still on.
  • Triple H then tells Christian he can either wrestle at Summerslam or be fired.
  • Christian then starts whining and brings up the fact that Randy Orton attacked the McMahons once.
  • Triple H then says the crowd doesn’t like nor respect Christian.
  • He adds that he doesn’t like Christian either for the way he won the World Championship.
  • He then says to earn the respect at Summerslam.
  • He leaves and Christian gets back on the microphone and drops the lawsuit.
  • Triple H then makes a match with Christian versus his workout buddy, Sheamus.

~ Grrr. It’s annoying to watch Triple H talk to non-inner-circle talent with no respect. I realize it’s just a show and it’s in his character to do so, but I can’t help thinking that Triple H’s onscreen persona is not that far off from the real Paul Levesque. He’s basically taken the place of Vince McMahon, the Anonymous Raw GM and Teddy Long. At times, I feel like we’re being force-fed the omnipotence of the almighty COO, Triple H. Bullocks.

Sheamus defeats World Heavyweight Champion Christian via Count-out

  • Back and forth battle at the start.
  • Sheamus rallies and threatens to hit the Brogue Kick but Christian rolls out of the ring.
  • Christian counters the Celtic Cross by snapping Sheamus’ neck over the top rope.
  • Christian walks up the ramp and gets himself counted out.

~ Decent match for what it was and it made Christian look like a roided out Captain America…errrr Captain Ireland. I still hope Mark Henry goes over this Sunday.

Beth Phoenix & Natalya def. A.J. & Kaitlyn via pinfall

  • Nice double team slam on Kaitlyn by Beth and Natalya.
  • Beth does an extended Glam Slam on AJ and it’s over.
  • After the match Natalya puts Kaitlyn in a Sharpshooter as Beth looks on.

~ Good squash match. Beth and Natalya are really just continuing where Kharma left off. I’m buying in.

They show a Sin Cara returns hype video.


  • Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase talk to Teddy Long and Zack Ryder about his match. Zack leaves with Cody and Ted.
  • Teddy then turns to Aksana and she gets him all sexually excited.

They show a video recapping all of Mark Henry’s shenanigans.

They cut Mark Henry talking to Johnny Curtis in the locker room.

  • Mark Henry says it’s a shame that Curtis’ career is going to start and end on the same day.
  • Mark Henry then says, “I want you to go out there and break a leg.” Haha. Get it?!?

Hunico Sin Cara pins Tyson Kidd

  • “Sin Cara” springboard cross body on Kidd on the outside.
  • Springboard flying clothesline by “Sin Cara” for two.
  • “Sin Cara” hits Kidd with a modified Rolling Angle Slam for two. Very nice.
  • “Sin Cara” blasts Kidd with Springboard Senton into a Lionsault for the win.

~ Wow. The big difference is that Hunico’s Sin Cara doesn’t botch as many moves. Not that the Original Sin Cara was super sloppy or anything. I actually think Hunico should just work on using his own move set while getting rid of Sin Cara’s original moveset little by little.

When he did try to do Sin Cara’s move they came off like someone was trying to emulate Sin Cara, which is never good. I wonder what the non-smart mark fans felt when they saw this match. That being said, I am going to miss the Solo Spanish Fly off the top rope if Hunico doesn’t incorporate it into his incarnation of Sin Cara. The biggest disappointment to me is that Tyson Kidd just came off two amazing matches against Daniel Bryan and Justin Gabriel before he lost a less than stellar squash match tonight.

Money in the Bank Winner vs. Money in the Bank Winner

Alberto Del Rio submits Daniel Bryan

  • My god, please make this a best of five series. I could watch these two go at it all summer.
  • Nice backdrop by ADR for two.
  • Hard running clothesline by Bryan for two.
  • Bryan does his murderous kicks to ADR’s chest but ADR ducks under the last one and smacks Bryan’s melon with an enziguiri.
  • Suicide Elbow by Bryan to the outside!
  • Bryan injures his arm outside on the fall.
  • Bryan misses his Missile Dropkick off the top and ADR slaps on the Cross Arm Breaker and it’s over.
  • After the match, Wade Barrett comes in, gives Bryan a huge boot, and drops Bryan with Wasteland.

~ Good match and I hope we see more from these two going at it. I expect Bryan to get his revenge Sunday against Wade.

Like I said last week, it’s really hard to listen to TOOL during a Daniel Bryan match. It’s as if TOOL turns his douche dial up tenfold whenever Daniel Bryan is wrestling.

They show Christian in deep thought in the locker room.

Intercontinental Championship

Cody Rhodes pins Ezekial Jackson and is the new Intercontinental Champion

  • Cody picks Zeke apart with wear down holds and strikes.
  • Zeke counters a bulldog and begins to dominate the match with power moves.
  • Zeke is distracted by Ted DiBiase, which prompts Cody to blast him with a Beautiful Disaster Kick.
  • Cody follows up with the Cross Rhodes for the W.
  • After the match, Cody leaves Ted to put a bag over Zeke’s head.
  • Zeke wakes up and obliterates Ted for his efforts and Gorilla Presses his ass to the outside.

~ Good match but I think Zeke should have kicked out of the Cross Rhodes at least once before losing.

Mark Henry pins Johnny Curtis

  • No contest here. Mark Henry dominates Curtis from bell to bell.
  • Mark Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the win.
  • Henry attacks Curtis after the match and Sheamus comes out for the save.
  • Sheamus challenges Henry to fight right now but Henry opts to give Curtis another World’s Strongest Slam outside on the floor.

~ I’ve come to love watching Mark Henry destroy people. Let’s hope his streak continues this Sunday. Mark Henry needs this. Triple H’s good pal, Sheamus doesn’t.

Randy Orton interview

  • He’s the viper and he’s not going to get out of control like Christian wants him to. He plans on winning by the way.

Randy Orton pins The Great Khali w/ Jinder Mahal

  • Khali controls the match at the beginning with his methodical offense.
  • Orton kicks out of a Khali Chop!
  • Khali is tied up in the ropes and Orton ‘stomps a mudhole’ in him. See what I did there?
  • Orton teases the RKO but Khali counters it with his deadly Vise Grip and pushes him in the corner!
  • Orton fights back with an Eurocut and drops Khali with a Running RKO for the win!
  • Christian says that he just received some information and that it’s going to change everything at Summerslam. He says he has the best thing going and the show ends.

~ To Orton’s credit this was way more enjoyable than Sheamus’ match with Khali a week ago. I loved the Running RKO finish.

Decent show but we all know that the only story that’s keeping us interested is the Summer of Punk. I do hope they keep things going with Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Beth Phoenix and Daniel Bryan.

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