WWE trying something new at SummerSlam


From WWE.com 

If you’re heading to SummerSlam this weekend at Los Angeles’ STAPLES Center, there’s a new way to take part in the excitement. This Sunday, WWE introduces a revolutionary new radio that allows attendees of the Biggest Party of the Summer – and all pay-per-view events – to listen in on ringside commentary live with the WWE Live Commentary Radio.

If you’ve ever been to a WWE live event or any live sporting event, one major difference from watching the event on television is the lack of play-by-play commentary. The WWE Live Commentary Radio is going to change that, allowing fans in attendance to listen to the SummerSlam television broadcast featuring the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross, as well as Michael Cole, Booker T and Josh Mathews.

The WWE Live Commentary Radio will be available at merchandise stands on the concourse for $15 each. The radios are yours to keep and can be used as a traditional FM radio once the event has ended, and they can be used at future live events where WWE Commentary Radio is available. Supplies are limited so be sure to arrive early!

What do you think about this idea? Sometimes I think some angles are lost without the commentary (especially backstage brawls) but I assume you can miss out on chants and whatnot if you’re too busy listening to the commentary in the arena. I will definitely give them points for trying something completely different.


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2 Responses to “WWE trying something new at SummerSlam”

  1. Zank Says:

    Puma’s review of SD directs to a Error 404 – Not Found page… Link from the mail: https://xfighterhayabusa.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/smackdown-thoughts-review-8-5-11/

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