Smackdown Thoughts & Review [8. 5. 11]


Here’s a better late than never edition of the Smackdown Thoughts & Review. I was out of state over the weekend and had a lovely vacation.

Daniel Bryan uses his ‘other’ submission! Aksana goes black! Mark Henry destroys the Internet Champ! JTG actually wins a match and so much more!

Lexington, KY

Sheamus pins The Great Khali

  • Sheamus comes out to a pretty decent pop.
  • Sheamus manhandles the Great Khali all around the ring.
  • Khali gets some of his plodding offense in before Sheamus hits the Brogue kick and it’s over.

~ I’m not sure why the announcers recap the story of why the Great Khali is under the control of Jinder Mahal. It’s not going to matter if they don’t showcase or feature the Great Khali or Ranjin Singh. You can’t care about a story or feud if you don’t really give a shit about the characters or wrestlers involved.

WWE, please make Mark Henry go over at Summerslam. It would be a shame if Sheamus gets a clean pin over Mark Henry. Big Show and Kane have done their part in making Mark Henry an unstoppable force in these past few months and it will be waste if Henry can’t overcome Sheamus.

Natalya pins AJ

  • Nice chain wrestling to start, including a solid firemens carry by Natalya into a headsicssors counter by AJ.
  • Cool wheelbarrow armdrag by AJ for two! Dope!
  • Natalya counters an AJ rollup into the Sharpshooter for the tappy tap.
  • After the match Natalya slams AJ’s head into the mat and then brutalizes her outside of the ring.
  • Natalya gets on the mic and says she’s down with Beth Phoenix. She also states that the days of the cute and perky princesses are over.

~ Love it. I’m looking forward to seeing Divas matches since their allowing the ‘good’ workers in the division to do their thing. AJ looked cute as a button tonight and Natalya put on a wrestling clinic. Kudos to both ladies for putting on one of the better Divas matches on Smackdown this year. Natalya smiling throughout the match was a nice touch.

Randy Orton interview

  • Matt Striker asks The Rattlesnake Viper about Christian and his anger management issues.
  • Orton says that Christian will not win at Summerslam via pinfall or submission.

~ I will never understand the Orton hypetrain.

They show a Justin Gabriel package returning to his hometown.

~ Is the faceturn complete? I hope so. Gabriel has the most potential out of the original Nexus not named Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan submits Tyson Kidd

  • Tyson Kidd finally has shaved that annoying antennae that shot out of his forehead.
  • Bryan walks out with some new theme music. Eh…I don’t like it. It’s too busy but then again I can’t really hear it over TOOL’s meaningless banter.
  • Chain wrestling clinic at the start.
  • Hard dropkick that sends Kidd to the outside.
  • Lovely suicide elbow by Bryan!
  • Kidd works Bryan’s leg around the ringpost and then follows that with a FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK around the RINGPOST!!! It’s been a minute since I’ve seen that hold. I love that Kidd kicked Bryan’s thigh a few times with his heel.
  • Snap suplex by Bryan.
  • Kidd pulls off a Dragon Leg Whip into a Half Crab. Sick! Bryan reaches the ropes.
  • Kidd rolls OUT of the Lebell Lock and then goes into an oldschool pin counter pin sequence with Bryan.
  • Bryan catches one of Kidd’s leg kicks and starts pummeling him with hard forearms. The ref pulled him away at three and I expected Bryan to pull out his old Indy shtick and say, “I have till FIVE, ref!”
  • Bryan locks on a Flying Guillotine for the finish!

~ This was an absolute pleasure to watch. Great match by both wrestlers. This is the closest they’ve gotten to a Bryan Danielson in ROH match. The repeated elbows, the counters and the kicks gave the match a very ROH tone.

Kidd would be a force in any other promotion but he’s unfortunately treated as a practice dummy by the WWE. The Ben Henderson Guillotine was a nice touch and further shows how much of an MMA fan Daniel Bryan is. You have to root for a guy who features grappling master, Neil Melanson, and Shinya Aoki in his videos!

I must add that listening to TOOL during a Daniel Bryan match is hard to take. I know Michael Cole is trying his best to be a heel commentator but I just don’t buy it. He will never have the credibility of Jesse Ventura or Bobby Heenan.

Zack Ryder’s State of the Showski Address

  • Zack does a catchphrase or two before Ezekial Jackson interrupts.
  • Zeke is upset that he was put in a handicap match.

Cody Rhodes comes out in a suit with Ted DiBiase at his side.

  • Cody says that Zeke has sour grapes and says he doesn’t deserve to be a champion.
  • Teddy Long comes out and puts Ezekial and Zack Ryder in a match together.

Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson submits Zack Ryder

  • Jackson dominates early and hits a spinning Sidewalk Slam.
  • Ryder gets some nice offense in before Ezekial counters with power moves.
  • Ezekial hits his Body Slam Rally into the Torture Rack for the win.

~ Good match and I’m glad they put Ezekial over. I can see Zack Ryder gaining fans through the Santino route. I think Ryder is going to gain fans whether he wins or loses.


A black haired Aksana seduces Teddy Long into giving her his number.

Mark Henry pins Vladimir Kozlov

  • I guess this was Kozlov’s unofficial goodbye match.
  • Kozlov gets some offense in early before he gets blasted by a Mark Henry clothesline.
  • Worlds Strongest Slam and it’s over.
  • After the match, Henry injures Kozlov’s leg with a chair. Sheamus comes out like Captain Save-a-Russian-Ho.

~ As much as I enjoy Vladimir Kozlov, it was nice to see Mark Henry win a squash like he’s supposed to. I must re-emphasize how much I want Mark Henry to go over Sheamus at Summerslam.

Thank you, Kozlov, for all your efforts. Yeah, I’m a sentimental bastard.


Sheamus talks about Mark Henry’s dangerous behavior, the luck of the Irish and having a gold horseshoe up his ass.

~ I would hate to think that Mark Henry’s character evolution over the last few months was to build up Sheamus’ face turn.

Six Man Tag Match

WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty and JTG def. The Usos & Trent Barreta

  • McGillicutty positions Trent Barreta on his knee for Nexus Decapitation. Well, that’s what I’m going to call it.

~ I think that’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen JTG win any sort of match. I hope the Usos eventually win the tag titles back. They’re the only team in the WWE that actually wrestles like a ‘tag team.’

Decent match that featured six workers with characters that need to be developed. At least feature them on you website, WWE. There’s no 3rd party media forum for the audience to get to know these wrestlers.

World Heavyweight Champion Christian & R-Truth def. Randy Orton & John Morrison via pinfall

Idiom Boy, Johnny Curtis, promo: The writing is on the wall. Screw this guy.

Matt Striker interviews Christian

  • Christian accuses Orton having Teddy Long and the fans in Orton’s back pocket.
  • R-Truth butts in and talks about CON-spiracies.

World Heavyweight Champion Christian & R-Truth def. Randy Orton & John Morrison

  • Orton walks out with a cheesy ass smile. This dude LOVES being a top face.
  • Truth starts the match off by beating down Orton. Orton quickly changes momentum with a clothesline.
  • JoMo is tagged in but Truth runs out of the ring.
  • JoMo hits a sick Springboard Roundhouse on Christian.
  • JoMo rocks Truth with a Running Knee for two.
  • Orton chases Christian around the ring but Christian escapes into the crowd.
  • Truth gets destroyed by JoMo’s Standing Flux Capacitator.
  • Orton is tagged in, cleans house, RKO’s Truth but is caught by a Christian Kill Switch, and it’s over.

~ Entertaining match. Christian hit a decent spine buster and I’ll never get tired of seeing Morrison’s Standing Flux Capacitor/Spanish Fly. All the feuds involved were pushed further along. Christian agitated and got a pin on Orton and John Morrison got a little revenge on R-Truth in the ring.

Christian got a pinfall and the last laugh tonight. Does this mean that Randy Orton will become the new World Heavyweight Champ at Summerslam? I certainly hope not.

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