If you were excepting a Hardcore Justice recap on this fine Sunday you are NOT in luck. Just me catching up on the bowlshit I missed last Thursday.

Recap of the stupid shit from last week with Sting “fooling” everyone that he was the network exec and the shenanigans in the Angle/Anderson match.


Right off the bat Immortal is in the ring and Bully Ray is of course putting everyone in the ring over including Jeff Jarrett and his “Mexican” Title. Anderson and Ray bicker about stupid shit… didn’t fucking Anderson JUST join this fucking group?! God damn Anderson is so motherfucking annoying… Ray and Anderson almost start brawling when the rest of Immortal before Anderson challenged Ray at the ppv. Fortune comes down and both groups brawl but then Immortal bounced. At least they kept it under 7 minutes, fuck.


Taz and Tenay play the perv role watching Tessmacher in the back stretching.


Mickie James heads over to commentary for the next match… Madison Rayne vs. Tessmacher with Tara (she got bounced by the ref)… this should be quite painful. And it is… Tessmacher wins this nonsense, Rayne beats on Tessmacher after the match, Mickie goes to save the day but gets jumped herself by Angelina and Winter…


Devon is out next for a BFGS match against AJ Styles. Match starts to pick up and here is Daniels now sitting at ringside to watch the match. This of course leads to the distraction roll up by Devon to pick up the 7 points. Daniels and Styles bicker about stupid shit after the match.


Sting vs. Angle package for the ppv. Angle says Stings at his best… what?


The Pope is in the back speaking jive…? I think he said something about wrestling Devon for BFGS points.


Oh boy, Samoa Joe vs. The Pope for BFGS points. This of course a glimpse of worst feud of the year between these two. Oh shit, JOE WINS with the submission!… uh nevermind because Joe doesn’t let go of the submission the ref reverses the decision… Pope wins… Christ.


Joe in the back yelling about being put in this tournament, claims he’s a threat and a problem which is why they are keeping him down… Joe, please leave this place. Please.


Bully Ray in the back chatting with the Hulkster, Ray’s saying Anderson isn’t good for the group. Hogan wants Ray to apologize to Anderson.


Here is the racist part of the show as the Mexican American are out. Serita still looking like Mankind with her mask. Its Storm vs. Hernandez in a Street Fight. Roode takes Storm’s place when he ends up being injured from the brawl from earlier with Immortal, well stop doing stupid shit then! Hernandez won, I didn’t see how I didn’t care.


Ray walks into Anderson’s locker room. He says he’s going to do the right thing and apologize to Anderson. He does then offers his hand for him to shake. They shake hands only for Ray to kick Ken in the balls, shady.


I’m super bored with this show…


Austin Aries is out to take on Alex Shelley. Both these guys are taking on Kendrick for the X Division title and spoiler alert that match has happened and Kendrick won. Good match, Aries wins it with the brain buster.


An Eric Young segment, this time he’s taking acting classes with some Hollywood talent chick. She doesn’t seem like a fake person. Waste of time but they tease a confrontation with Young and Scott Baio…


Next the go to a sit down segment with Angle and Borash in the production truck watching a match between Angle and Sting in an empty arena. Angle and Borash go over their history. I guess this is fine to build up the match but I have no interest right now, forward job.


Gunner and Scott Steiner take on Crimson and RVD, winner of the fall gets BFGS points. RVD makes the pin on Steiner after the 5 star for the 7 points. Looked like a decent match in fast forward… yeah, I really just want to get this over with already.


RVD & Crimson get interviewed after the match by Christy Hemme, they are taking each other on at the ppv for BFGS points.


Angle and Sting come out to do the contract signing for the ppv… three days before the show… Fool ass Sting comes out in his “Joker” face paint but with sun glasses…?! They both sign it with no words spoken, so what’s left to watch!? Oh, Borash give them both time to talk but since its after the fact who cares!? Angle kisses Sting’s ass and Sting kisses Angle’s ass. He breaks his goof ball bullshit he’s been doing for a little bit to do this. Suck each other off and get over each other, geez! Sting says he needs to keep the title to help Dixie Carter get back to TNA… so if he loses to Angle that will change!?


This shit is over and here are spoiler/results for the ppv as reported by 411mania…


Kendrick d. Shelley & Aries to retain.

Tara & Tessmacher d. Rosita & Sarita to retain.

Pope d. Devon for BFGS points.

Winter d. Mickie for the Knockouts Title.

Crimson d. RVD for BFGS points.

Styles, Kazarian & Daniels d. Abyss, Gunner & Steiner.

Bully Ray d. Anderson.

Beer Money d. Mexican America to retain.

Angle d. Sting for the TNA Title. (Angle turns heel)


Yup sounds like a typical TNA ppv. Save your money.





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