Bryan lets us know when he’s cashing in then beats Heath Slater, Kane and Orton beat the crap out of each other before Henry beats on Kane Christian makes it one show still being the World Champion…



Hey Fuckers, Mascara De Fuego here. Since Puma is still at Comic Con you’re stuck with me doing the Smackdown report. So if you were looking for GOOD blogging tonight… sorry.


Anyhow, show I start up Tivo and right before Smackdown SyFy was playing a REALLY bad Captain America. The dude looked cross eyed. If that was your way of getting me excited for seeing the movie in theaters. Ha.


CM Punk is in sitting in the middle of the ring… I mean Randy Orton. He reminds us that a lot is going on, no WWE Champion, Vince no power, Triple H all the power. That has nothing to do with the fact he isn’t going anywhere until someone chats with him about the shenanigans of what happened at the ppv. He gets the World Champion Christian who clowns Orton for losing the title and he ain’t got no one else to blame but himself. Randy’s all mad n shit cause they exchanged spit at the ppv, by that I mean just Orton. Nasty. Long story short, Christian used the bullshit thrown at him to his advantage to become champion again. Orton wants his rematch and Christian tells his ass to get to steppin’. Before a brawl came break out Teddy Long comes out with all the refs to keep these goof balls from beating up on each other. Teddy reminds Orton that he’s got Kane tonight and for him to hit the bricks. Instead he attacks Christian. The refs finally get him off Christian while he keeps talking shit. Long makes a title vs. title match, Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson. They actually don’t mention its title vs. title which his stupid.


They tease info on the Triple H / Vince McMahon segment from Monday.


After the break they go to Jackson vs. Christian. Christian spends the first segment of this match putting over how “strong” Jackson is, poor guy. Christian finally makes the comeback keeping Eze grounded. I hate Eze’s series of body slams but at least Christian kept him from finishing it. Christian finally hits the Kill Switch for the pin. For a second there I thought they were going to try and put Jackson over Christian, fuck that. Ok match but mostly because of Christian. Does his World Title have a burgundy leather lining now?


A video package on Cody Rhodes and his transformation. I hope they keep pushing this character, I dig it.


Cole is in the ring and nonchalantly intro’s the Smackdown Money in the Bank winner, Daniel Bryan. Cole calls his win a fluke. Bryan says Cole cant phase him. Cole claims that Bryan is going to do some sneaky shit to win the World Title but Bryan explain show he deserves the title, how Cole didn’t deserve a WrestleMania match and how he’s beaten up for years to where he got to win the MITB briefcase. Bryan doesn’t want a fluke win so he’s going to wait and cash it in at WrestleMania 28 next year! That’s dope, I hope they give it to him. Punk vs. Austin, Rock vs. Cena and Bryan wins the World Title? Yeah that sounds like a solid Mania to me. Heath Slater of all people comes out to talk shit about Bryan, his time in NXT and how he got kicked out of the Nexus. Slater needs a manager.


This breaks out into a match between the town. God Damn Bryan is solid, not that I didn’t know that already but it just needed to be said. Slater looks uncomfortably sunburned, he’s really red. Dope running knee from the apron onto Slater at ringside. Check out Slater with the nice Spinbuster! Nice Dragon Sleeper by Bryan who uses it to win. Not bad man, I’m not crazy for Slater but this was good.


Cole promises to vomit if Bryan wins the title… we can skip that stipulation.


Package on Henry taking Show out. This happens a lot to Big Show.


Matt in the back with Henry, he needs a manager and bad. Guy isn’t good on the mic… still.


They recap Monday night with Vince, Cena and Triple H. This was a decent promo for Cena, such a difference when he’s not doing the stupid jokey shit. Still don’t like his shit. There was a time this guy could cut some solid promos but its been a while since then. Good touch holding long for the “thank you Vince” chant. Cole puts over how big a deal with really is.


Did I miss something here with Barrett and Sheamus feuding? Who are they turning, Sheamus? Is he ready for that? Eh, I guess why not… they definitely don’t have a lot of faces on Smacky. Match starts intense, looks stiff. This ends with a count out when these two kept brawling on the outside. That was entertaining, I don’t mind this feud if they can keep it fresh. Wade ends up taking the brogue kick at the end of the segment. They stay on Sheamus a lot celebrating.


Kane cuts a spooky promo in the back with ominous music and red lighting. He says he’s feeling more human than human lately but that shit ends tonight. Fuck sleeping tonight.


And its main event time with more than 30mins remaining. Orton vs. Kane in a street fight and it definitely is. Orton takes a NASTY spill from the announce table when the table goes over and his leg gets caught in one of the slots, wasn’t pretty but I think he was more embarrassed than anything. He shouldn’t be it wasn’t a fuck up just a slip. Fools are hitting hard tonight, Kane takes the steel steps being thrown at one of his legs. Kane gets a kick out from an RKO, nice. Orton goes for the punt but gets choke slammed for a two count. Orton RKO’s Kane onto a steel chair for the pin. Good stuff.


After the match they shake hands, always a nice touch.


Mark Henry comes out after Orton bounces and both brawl until he hits Kane’s “injured” leg which leads Henry to beat on Kane for the rest of the show.


They are getting over Henry HARD.


I was entertained, good show tonight. That’s really all I have to say about it.


I’ll post this and get back to Lego Harry Potter, carry on.

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