Breaking News: CM Punk at Comic Con


Great Puma is at the San Diego Comic Con attending the WWE / Mattel panel when WWE Champion CM Punk made an appearance in the crowd!!

He snapped this picture.

I’ll try to get more on the story from Puma as soon as I can.



This is what, and IGN are reporting:

During the WWE’s Comic-Con presentation, which involved HHH, Rey Mysterio and Bret Hart, CM Punk crashed the party. Punk used a bullhorn to announce himself, and had the WWE title with him. He took the mic, which was designated for fans asking questions, and then spoke. He was not happy that WWE was trying to crown a new champion, and then challenged Rey, or anyone else who wanted to be champ, to head out to Chicago to take him on.

Punk then continued on, questioning HHH and Brain Gewirtz as to why Zack Ryder wasn’t on TV. HHH then told Punk that things had changed on RAW and that there was a new regime and told him to call him. Punk responded that he was certain Stephanie had his number.


Video (although bad) has started popping up. This is a video posted.


Another view…


From Paul Heyman’s twitter…

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4 Responses to “Breaking News: CM Punk at Comic Con”

  1. Zank Says:

    screw SDCC and their ticketing system… wanted to be there so badly :/

  2. Zank Says:

    this video is a bit longer and more awesome 🙂

  3. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    oh damn, sorry Zank! should have checked the comments before I posted. my bad.

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