07-18-11 RAW


We get a tournament for the title and before we get the finals some shit goes down… let’s just say it involved Cena, Vince and Triple H. Times are a changin’


Show starts right off the bat with Vince and Johnny Ace coming out to the ring. Cole reminds us there is no WWE Champion. All the roster is in the back watching, nice touch. Vince says he will never say that man’s name and calls him the biggest ingrate in WWE history and how he walked out on us and the roster. Vince calls him numerous names then says no one man is ever bigger than the WWE because it can’t be stopped. Vince announces we will crown a new champion in an 8 man tournament. Rey vs. Ziggler, Swagger vs. Truth, Del Rio vs. Kofi, Riley vs. Miz. Vince then brings up Cena and how he let Vince down, how he was warned about what would happen if he didn’t win. He promises this will be a night we will always remember… hmmm. Let’s hope for a new belt…


Miz vs. Alex Riley – Tournament match. Both cautious from the start but Riley then focuses on Miz’s injured leg. Riley needs to slow down he’s fucking shit up. Riley is fucking green and fucks up the spot with Miz coming off the top to set up the Texas Cloverleaf (not the sharpshooter like Cole called it). Miz finishes off Riley with the SCF. Not a great match, Riley really showed green here.


Truth does the walk in the back talking to himself in his white bullet proof vest.


Video highlight package for John Morrison… are we gonna get serious on him now? He’s gonna come back soon according to Cole.


R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger – Tournament match. Fast paced match with both going back and forth right off the bat, this is rushed. Truth is hitting sharp moves here. Swagger goes for the ankle lock but Truth rolls him up for the win. Ok match, much better than Riley vs. Miz.


Del Rio cuts a promo before the match about being Mr. Money in the Bank and how he tried to cash in last night but Punk ran like a chicken. How Cena couldn’t get the job done and he hopes he gets fired. We get the return of Ricardo Rodriguez who properly intro’s Del Rio! Nice, good to see double R back!


Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston – Tournament match. Kofi takes the advantage quick. Del Rio takes the shot to the outside only followed by Kofi diving on him. Nice flash kick to Kofi when he was on the apron for ADR to take over the match. Kofi makes a short comeback but is cut off again. Kofi gets the quick pin reversing a roll up on ADR! Ok quick match.


Rey does the walk backstage, mask looks like KISS makeup.


We get a Summerslam moment with 1992, Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith in London. That was such a good match.


Kofi gets interviewed in the back by Josh. Kofi brings up last night’s match and how he came up short which wont happen tonight.


Rey Mysterio vs. United States Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki – Tournament match. Fast start and Ziggler is hitting hard. Rey with a crazy inverted tilt-a-whirl. Ziggler hits the flap jack on the outside. Seated senton from the top by Rey. Ziggler teases the sleeper but Rey fights off and Dolph took the turnbuckle. Good shit thus far in this match. Rey with the splash from the top! 1..2.. THREE!


Vince and Johnny in the back in front of a screen that holds the current brackets thus far.


Kelly Kelly and a bunch of Diva’s come down to the ring followed by the Bella’s and their host of Diva’s. great is this another all Diva two minute match… it breaks down quick and Beth and Rosa the two chicks that started the match end it with Beth winning it. ugh.


Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz – Tournament match. Stomp by Kofi to the chest of Miz! Miz favoring the leg still, good consistency. Kofi stays onto for the most part but Miz finally catches him in the SCF for the pin. Short but nice.


Truth cuts a promo on the conspiracy.


Andy Levine video package showing where he grew up. Kid is still pushing “silent rage”. It’s a pity party about living in white trash hoods he grew up in. Man, I hope this kid pays off…


Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth – Tournament match. Truth needs music man, I’m telling you. Truth takes Rey down quick keeping him grounded. Rey sends Truth to the outside and hits the dive onto him on the outside. Close two count by Truth. Nice springboard splash by Rey. Nice exchanges by both! Nice stunner like suplex combo by Truth. 619 by Rey, then the splash from the top…1…2…THREEE! Rey advances!


The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio is our finals for the WWE Title!


Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz – Tournament Final Match. They are going to go right to it… oh wait, here comes Vince! Vince says we’re running out of time tonight and he wants to postpone the finals until next week, I’m kind of fine with that. It will make it a better match. Rey’s kinda pissed but he still bounces.


Vince reminds us no one man is bigger for the WWE, not even Cena. We get a CM Punk chant. He talks about the respect people have for Cena but he has to make a difficult decision and how this isn’t about his personal ego. How he does what is right for us. He puts over our good… He doesn’t want to have to do this (another CM Punk chant), John Cena’s music hits and this fool comes out. Cena takes Vince’s mic and makes stupid jokes and says he isn’t going to talk shit about his family or his company. How he isn’t going to go through what HBK went through with him screwing Bret. How he had to deal with that shit for the rest of his career. How he didn’t want to be the guy who screwed CM Punk. He knew what was at stake but still took on the match. How all Vince cared about was keeping his universe intact. Cena tells Punk they had a hell of a match last night. Cena says he does business different that Vince. Cena tells Vince he has 8 months to find another opponent for The Rock at WrestleMania and how Vince will do that shit like nothing ever happened but he will walk out with his dignity. He says he loves the WWE and he truly belongs here. Cena says he loves this and if he doesn’t do it here he will do it somewhere else “brother” oh shit! Haha He says he will do a lot of things but he will not kiss Vince’s ass. Vince stops him and says he Cena wont stop him from getting satisfaction.


Triple H then comes out in a suit to the ring!!? HHH stops Vince and is saying some shit to him, he says there was a board of directors meeting earlier this morning… HHH says the board is concerned about the current situation and HHH wants to talk in the back but Vince doesn’t want to. The board is concerned about Vince even though he’s built this empire they are worried about his choices as of late. HHH is beating around the bush and said they have filed an injunction against him with a vote of no confidence. He says the family agrees and the board has appointed someone to take over the day to day of the WWE… and a reluctant HHH says its HIM! Vince is shocked! HHH says Vince isn’t going to fire Cena and how he isn’t going to be doing anything else and that no one is bigger than the business, no body. He cant believe he is going to say this but… Vince you’re relieved of your duties!!! OH SHIT! VINCE IS CRYING! OH SHIT! HHH is being sympathetic while the crowd chants “goodbye”. HHH says he is just trying to do what’s best for the business. HHH then says “I love you pop and I’m sorry” then leaves while Vince stands in the ring crying. Vince mouths thank you to the crowd and they actually start clapping for him now. We get a “thank you Vince” before the cameras cut out!


WOW! Yet another crazy night! Great follow up to last night… but Cena is still around… fuck.


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