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The mother of all build ups is here!

Two new briefcase holders and CM Punk gets out of dodge with the WWE Title, yup you read that right!

Here we go! Scaffold made ladders are build by the stage, crazy!

We’re opening with the Smackdown MITB match!

Smackdown’s Money in the Bank match

Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Heath Slater vs. Bryan Daniels vs. Kane

-match starts off more like a battle royal.

-Sheamus, Wade and Kane are 3 left in the ring with Kane getting the best of both of them sending them to the outside with a clothesline.

-baseball slide by Bryan to Kane who was trying to bring in the ladder.

-Slater & Gabriel then hit the same spot on Bryan.

-Slater is the first to set up the ladder after pushing his partner down.

-the ladder is now attempt by every with most guys hitting high spots like Cody’s flash kick and a drop kick by Bryan from the top.

-Kane sends Sheamus and Cody to the out while teasing the chokeslam on both.

-Kane then sends Wade face first into the ladder in the corner.

-Kane is dominating now hitting a side slam to Slater.

-Sin Cara takes Kane out.

-Nice highspots from Bryan, Justin, Slater and Sin Cara all diving to the outside onto opponents.

-Sin Cara at the top with Bryan oh shit FLUX CAPACITOR!!!

-Cara begins to bring in the ladder but Wade knocks him out of the equation.

-Wade puts up a ladder horizontal between the mat and the Spanish table.

-Brog kick by Sheamus onto Sin Cara!


-Sin Cara does the Terry Funk shake!!!

-paramedics coming out to carry off Cara

-Cody and Bryan take Kane down before brawling with each other.

-Kane comes back with the ladder shot to both at the same time.

-Cara is bye bye

-Kane sets up the ladder and climbs!!! Slater and Wade stop him. the former Corre beat on Kane while Cody tried to climb to the top.

-Now Bryan tries and the Corre takes him out.

-All three members of the Corre talk it out and Wade goes to for the briefcase but is stopped and beat on by Slater and Justin.

-CM PUNK chant!

-Slater and Justin fight for the briefcase but Cody pushes the ladder over and hits cross roads on Slater.

-Cody and Wade fight for the ladder and another cross roads this time to Wade.

-Sheamus stops Cody and hits the backbreaker!

-Sheamus climbs and Bryan is trying to stop him.

-DOOMS DAY DEVICE! Sheamus had Bryan on his shoulders and Kane came off the top rope with a clothesline!

-LOD chant!

-Kane and Sheamus fight in the ring but then Kane hits the chokeslam on Cody then Justin!

-Kane climbs but Bryan again trying to keep him from climbing up.

-Bryan tried the la bell lock on the ladder to Kane!

-Slater climbs and Bryan climbs up after him.

-neckbreaker by Slater to Bryan from the ladder

-Sheamus and Wade launch Slater off a ladder onto Kane on the outside!

-snake eyes by sheamus onto a ladder to Justin!

-Sheamus climbs he’s got the briefcase no Kane is up too!

-Kane is keeping Sheamus from getting the case.

-Kane chokeslams Sheamus onto a ladder set up horizontally between the ropes and a ladder in the middle of the ring.

-Kane climbs but Cody, Wade and Bryan pull Kane off and beat on him.

-Justin hits the 450 splash from a ladder set up on the ropes to Kane!

-Wade cleans house in the ring before trying to climb up to ladder

-Wade is close but Cody stops him and clotheslines him over!

-Bryan now attempts to climb and Cody and Bryan brawl on the ladder.

-Both on the top and here comes Wade trying to get the case.

-Wade trying to hit wasteland on Bryan but he’s hitting stiff elbow and comes back with a stiff kick!


Winner: Daniel Bryan!

Holy shit! Great match and an even better result! Crowd breaks out in a Daniel Bryan chant!

They cut to earlier footage of Vince showing up with Johnny Ace and a lawyer trying to get Punk to sign all last minute.

Diva’s Champion Kelly Kelly w/Eve vs. Brie Bella w/Nikki

-SLOPPY head scissors by Kelly… yeah I am tuning out.

-Kelly wins didn’t see how who cares.

Winner: Kelly Kelly


Mark Henry vs. The Big Show

-Big shoulder tackle from Show that sends Henry to the outside!

-Henry comes in and begins keeping Show grounded working on the leg.

-big shoulder block from the 2nd rope by Show!

-Show calls for the chokeslam but instead gets hit with the worlds strongest slam for a 2 count.

-Henry its it again, then hits 2 splashes for the 3 count!!!!

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match Henry brings a chair into the ring and puts one of Show’s legs between it. Mark then heads to the 2nd rope and splashes the chair!!! Oh shit! Show is in pain and pushing refs and trainers away! Here come the paramedics again, this time with a cart to roll out Show. While they cart Show out we get yet another CM Punk chant!

The announcers put over Mark Henry being uncontrollable, good job.

Vince in the back with Johnny Ace and the lawyer when Josh interrupts, he wants to know if CM Punk was resigned and Vince says… no. Vince calls him an ingrate even after what he was offered. Vince says Punk fans cant blame him, he tried. Vince said Punk kicked him out of his locker room. Vince blames Cena for this issue and how its on him. He states if Punk leaves with the title god have mercy on Cena’s soul.

RAW’s Money in the Bank Match

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne vs. R-Truth vs. Alex Riley vs. The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger

-Everyone is carrying a ladder into the ring with them, Truth brings in a little one. Haha

-they are all hitting themselves with their ladders.

-now they are dumping ladders on ADR on the outside.

-ladder standoff with Truth and Miz.

-Evan and Kofi fight on a small ladder that isn’t set up, just standing crazy.

-Riley is trying to climb the small ladder but Miz stops him.

-Now we’re getting dives on the outside by Riley, Truth then Rey and Kofi at the same time!

-Evan is climbing a ladder on the outside… SHOOT STAR FROM THE LADDER!!!!!!!

-Bourne in the ring setting up a ladder he’s climbing but Miz meets him on the other side!

-ADR pushes the ladder but Miz and Evan don’t land well! Miz look to be injured and EMT’s are checking it at ringside.

-ladder is set up and ADR is climbing but Truth pulls him off.

-Both continue to climb and fight on the ladder.

-Miz is taken to the back.

-Rey and Evan scale over Truth and ADR then hit hurricaneranna’s at the same time on ADR and Truth!

-Swagger and Kofi now fight for the ladder.

-Swagger gets the ankle lock while Riley tries to come up the ladder.

-Jack now climbs and fights with Riley  but Truth knocks over the ladder.

-Rey and Truth now fight and Truth dropkicks the ladder into Rey.

-Leg drop off the top from Kofi to Truth

-619 to Kofi in the ladder!

-619 to Truth from the ropes

-Riley and Rey fight at the top of the ladder.

-bunch of ladders are being set up now in the right while Rey and Riley fight.

-everyone is on ladders trying to get the case, this looks nuts!

-slowly guys are eliminated until its Kofi and Rey… then Kofi!!!

-Kofi is going to get it but Swagger is back up and is fighting and they go down.

-Miz is back out and tries to get up on the ladder! Rey stops him with a powerbomb!

-Rey’s on the top of the ladder ADR tries to stop him and keeps coming both are ttrying to get their hands on the case.

-ADR pulls Rey’s mask off and all the ladders fall, ADR picks up the ladder again and climbs to get the case and ALBERTO DEL RIO WINS!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Another solid MITB match tonight! Its starting to look like we’re getting two cash-in’s tonight for the WWE Title. Good shit!

Josh in the back with Del Rio. He brings up winning the triple threat match a few weeks back and how he already the #1 contender. He says the case is just a formality and not part of his destiny, basically shitting on the briefcase.


World Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian

*If Orton gets DQ’d he loses the title*

-bitches were screaming for Orton even before he came out.

-Orton takes the advantage off the bat.

-Orton takes it to the outside and sends Christian to the steel steps.

-slower paced match that their previous matches.

-Christian goes for the kill switch but Orton fights out and clotheslines Christian over the top.

-Picking up the pace and Orton hits a dropkick on Christian who was coming off the ropes.

-Christian hits the top rope head butt!

-clotheslines by Orton and Christian ducks the RKO.


-Christian sets up the spear…. Orton jumps over, gets Christian up like a gut wrench then hits the neck breaker for a 2 count on Christian!

-rolling powerslam! Horizontal DDT by Orton!

-Orton sets up for the RKO but Christian cowards in the corner and spits on Orton and he starts to punch on Christian.

-Orton kicks Christian in the nuts AND GETS DQ’D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner: Christian

Orton loses it at ringside and hits Christian with a monitor on the announce table!!! Teddy Long is out to calm Orton down but Orton stands on the table AND HITS THE RKO ON THE TABLE! Shit doesn’t break, ouch! DANIEL BRYAN CHANT! oh god please let this happen!!! Orton looks to leave but he comes back puts Orton back on the table AND HITS ANOTHER RKO ON THE TABLE!!!

Video package for CM Punk recapping everything that’s happened in the last couple of weeks.

Loud ass CM PUNK chant from Chicago!

WWE Champion John Cena vs. CM Punk

-Punk is juicing this as he should, wow Chicago is nuts right now!

-New CM Punk shirt? Damn its dope!

-This crowd is nonstop! He keeps egging them on and goes to hug a lady in the front row, maybe his mom.

-Cena comes out to the biggest boos of his career actually WEARING the WWE Title.

-No Cena fan fare just cause comes out serious.

-CM Punk goes to the outside to clap for Cena. haha.

-both cautious off the bat.

-chain wrestling to start the match, when Cena takes the advantage he gets booed.

-you cant wrestle chant.

-Cena’s actually trying to wrestle this match and it just looks awkward.

-shoulder block by Cena but he takes the corner instead of following up.

-Both tease their finishers while exchanging chain wrestling.

-stiff clothesline by Cena for a 2 count.

-this crowd is insane!

-Cena hits the fisherman’s suplex for a two count.

-Cena goes for the AA but Punk fights out and hits a DDT for a 2 count.

-leg scissors by Punk.

-Cena dumped to the outside.

-Punk slaps Colt’s hand before putting Cena the ring apron and landing a knee drop from the ropes.

-the announcers didn’t acknowledge Colt but the crowd sure did.

-Punk takes the corner post when Cena moves.

-Cena goes for the STF but Punk fights off and hits a clothesline for a 2 count.

-chicks and kids chant lets go Cena.

-Cena fucks up the cross body from Punk off the top.

-Cena might have hurt his knee.


-Cena rolls him in for a 2 count.

-another sloppy fisherman’s suplex then an elbow for a 2 count by Cena.

-Cena hits a strange scoop slam for another 2.

-YAY / BOO kicks and punches.

-abdominal stretch by Cena.

-double clothes line and both are laid out.

-Cena goes into his shitty move set but Punk rolls him up for a 2 count.

-Cena goes for his UCSM fist drop but gets kicked in the head!!!

-Punk dives to the outside onto Cena!

-Punk goes for the springboard clothesline but Cena moves.

-Cena AGAIN goes for the UCSM fist drop and hits it this time.

-AA attempt but Punk lands out of it, kicks Cena then sweeps the legs for another 2 count.

-G2S! NO Cena fights out and hits a gut wrench suplex for a 2 count.

-Cena goes for the AA again but Punk is out hits 2 knees in the ropes then a bulldog!

-Punk with the springboard clothesline for 2 ½!

-Kicks by Punk but Cena sidesteps and locks in the STF!

-Punk is fighting and trying to make it to the ropes, he’s close and finally makes it!

-kick to the back of Cena’s head….1…2….TWO AND A HALF!

-Punk to the top, cross body, Cena rolls through goes for the AA but Punk reverses and goes for the G2S… NO Cena gets on the STF!!!!!

-Punk reverses it into the anaconda vice!!!!!!!

-Cena is fighting and gets on his feel.

-Cena hits the AA….1…2… TWO AND A HALF!!!!! HOLY FUCK THIS CROWD!

-Cena goes to the top while the crowd shits on him.

-Cena goes for the leg drop but Punk powerbombs him instead for a 2 count!

-Punk calls for the G2S! but Cena grabs the ropes and hangs Punk on the ropes.

-Cena back to the and hits the leg drop..1…2…TWO AND A HALF!!!

-Cena is smiling like what the fuck.

-Cena is waiting for Punk to stand then goes for the AA again… he hits it….1…2… TWO AND A HALF!!!!!! HOLY FUCK THAT WAS CLOSE!

-Cena picks up Punk and puts him on the top rope and goes for the AA but Punk fights with elbows to the back of the head!

-Punk with a hurricaneranna!!!!

-Punk pulls down the knee pad hits the G2S but Cena ends up on the outside!!? Fuck!

-Punk pulls Cena back into the ring and Vince and Johnny Ace is out to the stage.

-Punk sees them and rolls back into the ring.

-Cena with the STF and Vince is calling for the bell and sends Ace to call for the bell, Cena knocks him the fuck out!!!!

-GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!! 1…2..THREEEEEE!

Winner: CM Punk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vince is fucking pissed as CM Punk celebrates with the Title belt!!!!! Vince heads to commentary and tells Albert Del Rio to come out and cash in!

Alberto comes out but gets kicked in the face and Punk goes to leave through the crowd and blows a kiss to Vince while they show him out in the arena… and the show is OVER!!!!!

Holy shit!


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