Money in the Bank Predictions (2 of 3)


SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder MatchKane vs. Sheamus vs. Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater

Mascara De Fuego: I think I’m going with either Sheamus or Daniel Bryan. But it all depends on what the outcome is in the end. If they are going to book this person to use the briefcase that night I’m going with Bryan. If not I think Sheamus is moving on to win the World Title down the road. Should be a good match and I hope Gabriel showcases filling the void Shelton Benjamin has left.

Great Puma: So on Sunday, MDF and I will be playing a drinking game of Sin Drunka. The rules are easy – take a shot every time Sin Cara botches a move. Is that harsh? Do I find myself cringing every time he does a ‘rana by with one foot on the shoulder and the other around his opponent’s waist? Is that by design?I see the WWE giving the briefcase to Sheamus. He’s been on a roll lately and he’s the only other person in the main event scene other than Christian and Orton. Mark Henry is sidetracked with the Big Show, which means Sheamus gets top billing in the top Smackdown Heel Sweepstakes. Unfortunately, this would mean that Orton is going over Christian in their match on the pay per view. Damn it.My personal choice is Daniel Bryan. It’s a long shot but it’s picks like this that keep me interested. Cody would be a pleasant surprise.

Raw Money in the Bank Ladder MatchRey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Alex Riley vs. Evan Bourne vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger

Mascara De Fuego: Well, I think the obvious choice is Alberto Del Rio which is why I think they might not go with him. Maybe  Mysterion? I think this briefcase will be a wash and possibly the first one cashed in that will not end with a champion being crowned. I will not be surprised if we see this MITB case cashed in after CM Punk wins the WWE Title.

Great Puma: The outcome of this match will probably determine the outcome of the CM Punk vs. Cena match later in the night. The WWE will probably have Alberto Del Rio win to place him in the role of the number one heel on RAW. In this case, Cena is a sure bet to defeat Punk later in the evening to set off Cena’s next feud for the summer.Rey Mysterio winning could be a pre-cursor to CM Punk leaving Chicago with the WWE Championship. WWE would find a way to ruin the angle and have Punk lose the title that night.Personally, I’ll be rooting for the young lions in this match. I’ll be rooting for Kofi, Evan and Truth on Sunday. It would be nice to see these three get the opportunity to shine as Mr. Money in the Bank over the next few months. Anybody but Alex Riley will be fine with me.


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