Smackdown Thoughts & Review [7. 15. 11]


This is the Smackdown go-home show for Money in the Bank this Sunday. Did Smackdown deliver?

Mohegan Sun

Uncasville, CT

Josh Mathews introduces Randy Orton in the ring.

  • Josh asks him about his Money in the Bank match with Christian and his anger management issues.
  • He’s says that he’s not losing his title on Sunday.

Christian interrupts them on the Smackdown Tron.

  • Christian says he doesn’t need to gain the title by DQ. He just wants to have a classic match like they always do. He gives Randy a framed picture of Christian celebrating over Randy with the World Title.
  • Randy says he’s not going to be set off from a stupid picture.

Christian disses Randy’s father, Cowboy Bob Orton. He says Orton’s wing of the Hall of Fame is filled with Drew Carey and other ‘jokes.’ Christian says the WWE only put his father in the Hall of Fame to keep Randy happy.

Orton calls Christian a pathetic excuse of a man and a superstar. Randy says Christian’s only claim to fame was that his best friend helped him become a World Champ for five days.

~ This is probably the best battle of words between these two in the history of their feud.

They show a highlight video of Mark Henry’s recent success.

Ezekial Jackson submits Ted DiBiase

  • Zeke destroys Ted with power moves and a sick Biel Toss.
  • Ted gets some damage by putting Zeke in a Thai Clinch and rocking him with hard knees.
  • Zeke backs Ted out of Dream Street, puts him in the Torture Rack and it’s over.
  • They cut to Cody Rhodes in the back watching Ted being submitted.

~ I’ve been waiting for Zeke to a get a clean win for a while. Glad they gave him an ounce of momentum heading into the pay per view.


Cody gives Ted a bag to put on his head. He calls Ted a loser.

Cody says he’s going to give Ted one more chance but if he loses, Cody will personally put the bag on himself.

Cody Rhodes pins Daniel Bryan

  • Bryan ties Rhodes up in the ropes, kicks in him the chest, murders him with a running dropkick, then blasts him with a suicide forearm. Dope sequence!
  • Rhodes gets Bryan in a textbook Single Leg Crab but Daniels turns over and pushes him off.
  • Rhodes drops Bryan with an Alabama Slam or two.
  • Bryan walks up the turnbuckles to counter Cross Rhodes.
  • Bryan actually pulls off a fucking Lebell Lock on Cody ON THE ROPES!
  • Bryan hits a Missile Dropkick for two!!!
  • Cody hits a Beautiful Disaster kick while Bryan was crotched on the ropes for the win! Very sick finish!

~ This could be a very dope feud for the summer. I could watch these two wrestle every week.


Teddy Long tells a ref that Big Show and Mark Henry will not have a match on Sunday if they get in an altercation.

Kane walks in and says that monsters don’t lose to anybody. He doesn’t feel like a monster lately and he feels more like a human being.

~ Good for Kane. I hope this is the beginning of a push for Kane.

They show Jinder and Khali doing a photoshoot. Jinder gets upset at the photog for suggesting Khali should be in front.

They cut to Christian walking around Orton’s tour bus. They go to the other side and you see the side of the bus tagged up and vandalized. Hmm. I wonder who did that?

Sin Cara pins Sheamus

  • Sheamus dominates early with his size and power but Sin Cara fights back with his speed and a springboard ‘rana.
  • Sheamus with a hard Uranage Backbreaker for two.
  • Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross but Sin Cara counters with a ‘rana for the win.
  • After the match Wade Barrett drops Sheamus with a Mafia/Brogue kick.
  • Barrett then hits Wasteland, talks some shit, then leaves.

~ Nice match to build interest for the MITB match. This was probably the cleanest Sin Cara match to date.


You see Christian holding Randy Orton’s wallet. He starts pulling out pics of his wife and a thousand bucks in cash. Christian then loses it all at a roulette table.

Teddy Long is in the ring for the Mark Henry and Big Show face off.

  • Show comes out looking pissed as hell.
  • Mark Henry stops at the ramp and says that’s as far as he can go.
  • Mark Henry then says it’s Big Show’s fault. He shows the clip of Big Show beating the hell out of Mark Henry the first time they were supposed to meet on Smackdown a few weeks ago.
  • Big Show says he lit Mark Henry’s fire and he can put it out.
  • Mark Henry says Big isn’t better but stronger is better, meaner is better, and better is better. He says Show has no idea what he’s capable of.
  • Show says he wants to do it right now.
  • Long tells them to chill out and to wait till Sunday.

~ Bravo. Seriously, I think I’m almost excited for this match as the Punk-Cena match on Sunday.

Rey Mysterio DVD commercial. Damn, they showed a clip of Eddie. That always gets me choked up a little. Excellent stuff here.

Kelly Kelly pins Rosa Mendes w/ Rihanna Alicia Foxx

  • Rosa goes for a quick pin for a two count.
  • Kelly rams Rosa’s head into the mat and then slaps her ass. Heh.
  • Kelly reverses a neckbreaker and then hits the K2 for the duke.

~ It was what it was and I didn’t mind. Both girls are improving every month.

Idiom Boy, Johnny Curtis promo.

  • The cat is out of the bag. He pulls out an Elephant…eh.

Christian promo

  • Christian rags on Orton’s performance in his movie and calls him a bad actor.

~ Wow. Orton acts just like he does when he cuts a promo. Same cadence and everything.

Justin Gabriel pins Heath Slater

  • Heath Slater comes out with a mic in hand and cuts a wack promo.
  • Gabriel backflips out of a wristlock. Nice.
  • Slater backbody drops Gabriel off the top rope and misses the ugliest moonsault I’ve ever seen.
  • Gabriel lands the 450 and it’s over.

~ Holy shit. This was a nice little clinic for Gabriel. I hope they allow him to showcase more of his full repertoire of wrestling skill than just the 450. Good short match.

Would the Smackdown MITB match be considered a little disappointing if Justin Gabriel didn’t land a 450 off a ladder?

Kane defeats Randy Orton via Countout

  • Good back and forth match until Christian started antagonizing Orton on the outside for the countout finish.
  • After the match, Orton RKO’s Kane and then Christian spears Orton.
  • Christian brings the chair into the ring but Orton takes it away.
  • Orton then bombs Kane with the chair repeatedly as Christian looks on.

End of show.

~ Pretty good show to get us psyched for the pay per view. Tonight was a good balance of good matches and solid promos.

I can’t say enough about Mark Henry’s recent rise to monsterdom. His promos are top notch and his matches now seem to have a brutality to them. I haven’t been this excited to see two big men go at it in a very long time.

The Smackdown MITB should be interesting. There’s really no clear-cut choice to put over. My money is still on Cody or Bryan but I’m sure they’ll give the briefcase to Sheamus or Wade. I’m wondering when they’re finally going to have a MITB winner fail in his Title opportunity. If they’re smart, they’ll wait a long while.

I’m extremely tired of seeing Christian and Randy in the main event. As much as I’m entertained by Christian, I found myself a little tired of seeing him every half hour. Tonight was Christian overkill and I hope they finish the feud on Sunday.

I hope Mark Henry becomes the new number one contender and feuds with Orton, while the MITB winner teases the Smackdown audience all the way to Survivor Series.

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