Fighter Hayabusa reviews Destination X


Welcome everyone to a very special episode of Fighter Hayabusa actually covering a TNA ppv…!? 

Mascara De Fuego: How are you Puma?

Great Puma: I’m happy as a pervert on a subway car crowded with school girls!

Great Puma: And how are you, MDF?

Mascara De Fuego: I am stinky Puma, have not showered since Friday. It’s the new Hollywood craze!

Kazarian pins Samoa Joe

Mascara De Fuego: I thought this was a good match but I thought this was the moment they needed to use to build Joe back to the monster he was. Everything was aligned for that… except the booking.

Great Puma: Agreed. You would think they would establish Joe as the X-Division beast that he is but instead they gave us an odd roll up finish. I liked the match a lot but I didn’t love it. The crowd made this match a very hot opener.

Douglass Williams vs. Mark Haskins

Great Puma: I thought Haskins put forth a valiant effort but he had way to many minor slips for this match to have a flow. I will always appreciate Williams’ effort in the ring but the missed Shooting Star finish left a bad taste in my mouth. Good match but not as good as it should have been.

Mascara De Fuego: I think you’re right on with this. Open Challenges should be used to bring someone back and instead they confused the crowd with a guy they didn’t know. Williams had to put over this kid before the match so we would get an idea. I think he had to many first ppv match jitters to make this thing good. Just ok.

Great Puma: Eric Young & Shark Boy defeat Generation ME

Mascara De Fuego: Did not need to be on the pay per view I hate to say. It was another ok match. They need to get serious on Eric Young already.

Great Puma: Exactly. I feel like he’s the Zach Ryder of Impact Wrestling except with a lot more in-ring talent and arguably just as much mic skills. I loved the segment with Curry Man though. The Youngbucks can definitely go but this didn’t need to be on here.

Ultimate X Match

Great Puma: Unlike most of the IWC, I’m not a big fan of Ultimate X matches. I think all four wrestlers had a moment or two but I don’t think this match came together. I felt Red shined the most and I hope he gets another run at the title sooner than later. Shannon Moore proved he could still hang and Robbie E. is a master at drawing heat. Shelley vs. Brian Kendrick should be good match in the near future.

Mascara De Fuego: Once again, I agree on all points. If you’re going to build up this match you need to give it more than 11 minutes. Shelley was definitely the one pushed further in the match but Red represented and Moore can still hang. I don’t think Robbie really contributed all that much.

Rob Van Dam pins Jerry Lynn

Mascara De Fuego: Man, I wanted to love this match more than I did. It was like a best of RVD vs. Jerry Lynn more than anything. It was cool to see but they brought nothingnew to the table in my opinion. Still a good match and better than most TNA shit but it still lacked. 

Great Puma: True that. It’s like they combined all of their best spots together and made this fabulous mash up of highlights from previous matches. I left the match thinking, “Why CAN’T Jerry Lynn be put over by RVD for once?” Seriously, Jerry Lynn always makes RVD look like the best wrestler in the world.

Mascara De Fuego: RVD has been calling it in for a little while now in TNA and you’re right Lynn just put him over again and Lynn will disappear. It’s a shame.

Battle for an Impact Wrestling Contract: Austin Aries defeats Zema Ion, Low-Ki, and Jack Evans

Mascara De Fuego: Best match of the night for sure! Low Ki and Aries are so solid it was good to see them back in the mix. Evan was solid and Ion kept up with all 3 which was great for someone doing his first ppv.

Great Puma: Exactly. I won’t say that a new star was born in Ion tonight but I’m sure the fans would not mind it at all if the other three wrestlers were brought in. Ion more than held his own, Evans impressed, and Low-Ki and Aries were on point as always. These wrestlers were definitely on another level tonight. Way too many highlights to mention here. If you need to see one match, it’s this one.

Mascara De Fuego: Funny chant from the crowd chanting “everybody” meaning sign all four.

Great Puma: LOL. Exactly. Chants were off the hook tonight.

Mascara De Fuego: Definitely helped make the ppv.

X-Division Championship Match Brian Kendrick pins Abyss

Mascara De Fuego: Typical David vs. Goliath match. Over booked at the end but it did what it needed to do which is get the title back onto an X Division guy.

Great Puma: True. Good for Kendrick and his title defense against Alex Shelley should be a barn burner. Did they need an Immortal run-in at the end of the match? Hell no. Any PPV without the sight of Eric Bischoff is good to me. Unfortunately, we still had to see his punk ass.

Main Event AJ Styles pins Christopher Daniels

Mascara De Fuego: I thought this was a pretty solid match personally. Its what X Division wrestlers should aspire to evolve into. Yes, all the crazy spots are fun but here you had to guys that can hang with those guys but are on another level because they can do the “main event” style as well. This just made me want IMPACT to do a brand expansion and put the X Division guys on their own show… away from Bischoff and Hogan land.

Great Puma: That’s a brilliant idea, MDF. I think the X-Division could be a promotion on its own. Daniels and AJ created another classic. The counters and the counters to the counters all told a great story in the ring.I’m glad I witnessed it.

Mascara De Fuego: So Puma how do you feel overall on this venture?

Great Puma: I thought it was a critical success. Very entertaining on a variety of levels and the matches made the pay per view, which is how it should be. Whether or not it was a financial success remains to be seen but at least the fans came out winners at the end of the day.

Mascara De Fuego: Overall it has to be a success. Shit, they got me to order a TNA ppv and I have not ordered one since they weekly ppv’s! I think they should do decent numbers and I hope it sets up more to come in regards to remembering they need to remember that the X Division is their money maker. 

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