07-11-11 RAW


Is this CM Punk’s last RAW… you know it ain’t Cena’s…

The show intro is cut abruptly and we cut to the arena with CM Punk’s music playing. He comes out wearing that mustache he was sporting on the overseas tour and a bullhorn. He gets a mic and takes the head set off the camera man and says something to whoever is listening. He sits in the middle of the ring and asks if he has every ones attention now. HAHA! He wants to recap, he brings up being suspended by Vince McMahon because he got into trouble for things he said and runs them down. He said he got in trouble because he has the “balls” to say these things. He said he is reinstated and his match is back on at the ppv but he brought back up in case they cut the mic off referring to the bullhorn. This gets a massive “CM PUNK” chant. He explains why he has a mic at the moment and brings up Vince wanting to sign Punk to a long contract and how Vince is bending over backwards to do it. All he wanted was the mic because it is power and how Vince now sees him as the hottest property in the industry today. He said he made WWE socially relevant with the “real world”. The only other time this happens he when someone dies… very true. He brings up ESPN trying to get him on their shows as is Jimmy Kimmel. He said he has a foot out the door and NOW Vince wants to give him everything and if he would have done that 5 years ago he wouldn’t have such pent up aggression. Another Punk chant. He said he knows Vince wants to do things in his office but he wants to negotiate he contract in the middle of the ring with Vince. Punk says Vince might have to join the “CM Punk kisss my ass club”! haha


Here comes ass clown John Cena to fuck this up. Punk gets on the bullhorn and tells Cena his music is on too loud. Punk thanks Cena for getting him back a job he didn’t even want. He said he’s going to change the belt when he wins it because its way too ugly! Haha Punk brings up being fired if he loses. Punk brings up Cena’s last firing and how it only lasted 7 days so he doesn’t have to worry about that. Cena said it took Punk 5 years to grow balls… whatever dude. He goes into why he isn’t going to lose the title and he’s no push over. Punk says he is the best WRESTLER in the world. Cena says he prances around because he loves it and he has the WWE Title because he earned it. Cena lists off people who also said they were the best including Eddie Guerrero but they were all disappointed because he beat them all and he’s going to Chicago to whip Punk’s ass…


We get a fucking email, come on this is stupid and doesn’t need this… GM says Vince is on the way and puts Cena in a match next because it might be his last match on RAW.


Great segment and Punk covered perfect subjects like Cena firings don’t last!


Cena’s in a handicap match against… the tag team champions… well this will be an easy one for Cena… so stupid that they wont push the tag champs and are about to have them jobbed. Cena is trying to wrestle this match HAHA! Back from break and Nexus is on top. Cole puts over the WWE Title strong during the match and what this title means to Vince. Lawler’s point is that no one has done more for that title than Cena so Vince should trust him. Great conversation which WANTS me to see Punk walk away with the title, the press that would get! Cena ends up hitting the leg drop from the top and locks in the STF and it looks like Hennig is about to tap when Otunga makes the save. Hennig ends up taking the AA and getting pinned by Cena.


They video package Mark Henry vs. Big Show for the ppv. Puts Henry as them monster he shoulda been pushed like forever.


Ziggler and Vicki in the back, Ziggler goes over the conversation he would have with Vince saying he should fire both Cena and Punk. Vicki does a Vince impersonation. Drew McIntyre comes in and does  his best Vince impersonation. Drew, Ziggler and Vicki shit on Vince over and over…. And guess who shows up…yup. Vince puts Drew and Ziggler in a handicap match match against Big Show. Vince is asked about Punk’s contract tonight and Vince says people can go to hell…


Kelly Kelly does the walk with her big ol’ shit grin.


I think the WWE just broke Twitter, shit is down! LOL!


Melina is taking on Kelly with the Bella’s on commentary next. The Bella’s shit on Kelly being “too skinny”. Kelly wins with her crappy leg drop to the back of Melina’s head. Bella’s the come into the ring to shit on Kelly and he size. Oh shit they crap on Kelly needing pro-active haha! Kelly attacks but ends up getting beat on until Even comes out to even shit out. She gets bitched out quick and the Bella’s bounce on top.


Cole brings up them crashing Twitter during the beginning of the show!


The Miz does the walk in the back and comes out to the ring after the break. Miz climbs the ladder to cut a promo on the MITB match. Decent promo but on a night when Punk is letting lose this goes a little under the radar. Swagger interrupts Miz to state his case on winning the MITB briefcase. Here comes Evan Bourne and look he talks! He’s gonna win too but then here comes Kofi, I bet he’s gonna say he’s gonna win too… yup. Good promo on Kofi’s part bringing up that people like Edge got fucked up in matches like this and he had to retire. Here’s R-Truth now, he reminds us he beat Cena 2 weeks ago. He isn’t happy about climbing ladders getting briefcases. He said he has arachnophobia… but is afraid of hights… haha! He goes off on there best not be spiders on that ladder on Sunday. Haha Alex Riley comes out and Miz bounces. Alberto then shows up while Riley yells at Miz. Let me guess… its your destiny… he isn’t happy about being in this match and isn’t happy about Punk vs. Cena and claims Cena is afraid of him. oh and yeah he brings up destiny… We get a fucking email…  the GM sets up a match with Miz, Swagger and Truth taking on Bourne, Kofi and Riley next…


We go to commercial and come back to the match in progress. Typical 6 man match, everyone gets showcased for the most part. Match gets a lot of time. Riley kicks Swagger in the face when he goes for the splash in the corner then hits the implant DDT for the win. Shit then breaks down with all the competitors taking themselves out. ADR stands all at the end. No Rey Mysterio at all tonight.


They recap last week with Vince suspending Punk and Cena coming out to be the… “voice of reason”. Funny to hear Vince say “another wrestling organization” in regards to Punk winning and leaving with the title.


US Champ Ziggler w/Vicki head down to the ring with McIntyre for their handicap match with Big Show. Show ends up manhandling McIntyre all the way up the stage and both get counted out. Show goes to choke slam Drew off the stage and Henry comes out of nowhere and all three go over the stage when Henry bulldozers over Show off the stage. During the break Henry stumbles off pushing refs away from helping him.


Highlight video on MITB matches of the past is shown. Good package, Shelton Benjamin is shown quite a bit… miss that dude.


Punk and Vince do the walk backstage for their contract negotiations.


Here we go… Vince comes out first to the ring… wait, he goes to the back… ok I think he’s trying to get the crowd to pop for him. He finally gets the pop he wants after like 3 times… the ring is covered with a red carpet, a table and two chairs. He’s shaking fans hands and says he’s not going to join the Punk Kiss My Ass Club… Vince says contracts should not be negotiated in public but he’s gonna do it. He makes fun of his name while calling Punk out. Punk mocks Vince’s walk when he come out. Vince offers his hand and Punk just stares at him. Vince isn’t happy by that. Vince sits and says the contract has everything Punk wanted even the cup with his picture on it. Punk says he’s surprised considering Vince is a Pro-Cena guy. Punk brings up Vince not believing in Cena. Vince brings up not wanting Punk to walk out with the title, how he wouldn’t want that. Vince calls Punk “Phil”… oh shit! Punk says his lawyers drew up a new contract and he’s already signed it. He brings up perks of his contract… Vince doesn’t want to be pushed. Punk says HIS contract says he gets to push Vince and pushes him. Punk says he can kick Vince in the nuts. Punk wants his own jet and not Vince’s jet. He wants his face on everything even the turnbuckles! Haha He wants the WWE Ice Cream Bars! LOL! This gets a “CM PUNK” chant. He wants WWE Films to make CM Punk The Movie. Oh shit he craps on the Chaperone. Punk also wants to be THE main event at WrestleMania not Dwayne and Cena. He also wants an apology for his suspension and to for the people for being such a hypocrite and calls him the biggest bully! Another Punk chant. He brings his “friends” who worked for the WWE and how Vince doesn’t know what people want in 2011. He brings up Gallows and Colt Cabana and wants an apology for them! He calls himself the voice of the voiceless and Vince will apologize and like it!!! Vince just wants Punk to calm down and be gentlemen and businessmen. Punk tells him to sign the contract and apologize. We get a “we want wrestling” chant and Vince says he doesn’t care what people want. Punk says he is in touch with what the people want and they want an apology! Vince gives a have assed “sorry”. Punk asks “what?” Vince says he apologizes and calls Punk a son of a bitch! Punk is loving this. Vince picks up the contract while we get a “Colt Cabana” chant! Fucking John Cena ruins this shit by coming out… Cena says Punk will walk out on each one of the fans in Chicago. He calls Punk and Vince brats and does his stupid comedy while Vince and Punk point each other. Cena tries to say he wants to beat on Vince and doesn’t like him but he shows up to work nonetheless. How the fans pay good money to see them and calls Punk the biggest hypocrite. He then brings up Rock saying he wasn’t ever leaving again and look what he did… he says he knows Punk isn’t that guy. He says Punk has lost sight but Punk stops him and brings up Cena’s gangster car and how some day he was going to stand in the ring looking down on Cena. He says its Cena is the one who’s lost sight and what he is. And how he is what he hates. Cena isn’t the underdog and how he’s become the New York Yankees. Cena hits Punk and Punk leaves yelling at Cena that he isn’t the underdog.


Punk takes a seat on the stage and he has more to say. Punk says he no longer wants to be here because he is tired of John Cena. He says, say goodbye to the WWE Title, to John Cena and to CM Punk how he is going to go be the best in the world somewhere else… show ends.


It got a little more “story-ish” with this segment but I thought it was still solid and definitely got over this ppv. I’m really going to hate to see Punk leave, nothing that dude said was untrue.

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