TNA’s Destination X Live Coverage


Kazarian pins Samoa Joe

    • Hard chops on the corner by Joe.
    • Hard clothesline on Kazarian on the outside.
    • Pele Kick by Joe in the corner.
    • Dueling forearm shots by both men.
    • Springboard Tornado DDT by Kazarian.
    • Slingshot DDT by Kazarian for two!

  • Kazarian tries to do a Flux Capacitor but opts to drop down.
  • Huge Suicide Elbow by Joe to the outside!
  • Joe slaps on his Powerbomb to the STF sequence.
  • Joe then gets Kazarian’s back with the Kokina Clutch but Kazarian makes it to the ropes.
  • Kazarian does a forward roll up for the win.
  • Joe is shocked.

~ Excellent opener. The crowd definitely was hot this and started the ppv right.

They show Eric Young in the hallway. He runs into some masked wrestlers signing autographs. Curry Man says none of them can be Eric Young’s tagteam partner due to injuries, appearances or work visas. Sharkboy comes by and saves the day.

Douglas Williams pins Mark Haskins

  • Sick sweep by Williams on the apron. Very sick bump.
  • Nice Bow and Arrow submission by Williams. Haskins countered for a pin attempt.
  • Slingshot clothesline by Haskins for two. Slight botch on springboard.
  • Diamond Cutter by Haskins for a close two count!
  • Haskins misses a Shooting Star after dropping off the top rope and climbing back up.
  • Williams rolls him up for the win.

Austin Aries Promo

He’s not a spot monkey. He’s the most complete wrestler in the industry. He has no limits. His opponents are going to find out they’re not Austin Aries.

Eric Young & Shark Boy defeat Generation ME

  • Excellent flying forearm by Young. Very Tito Santana.
  • Catapult Legdrop by Max Buck for a close two.
  • Shark Boy hits a Deep See Drop into a Youngblood Neckbreaker by Young for the win.

~ Exciting match with some unbelievable counters between the Bucks and Eric Young. Very cool finish.

Zima Ion (Shiima Xion) promo

Zima puts over his opponents. He’s proving himself right tonight.

~ Good promo by the indy upstart. I hope he gets more opportunities. He has way too much talent to be ignored.

Ultimate X Match

Alex Shelley defeats Robbie E., Shannon Moore, and Amazing Red

  • Red corkscrew roundhouse kicks the hell out of Shelley and Robbie E.
  • Shelley climbs across the cables but Robbie E. pulls him down.
  • Shannon Moore does a nice bit where he counters a Robbie E. baseball slide by trapping him into the ring apron. #FitFinlay
  • Shannon Moore is climbing on top of the scaffolding above the ring.
  • Moore stomps on Red’s hands to make him fall.
  • Shelley makes Moore fall and grabs the X for the win! Called it on Twitter. Heh.

~ Fun match. All men made full use of their opportunities to shine and entertain the crowd.

Low-Ki Promo

Tonight is for all the marbles. He’s made a career with the mindset of “Go hard or go home.” He’s going to fight with everything he has to prove he belongs in a company where wrestling still matters.

Rob Van Dam pins Jerry Lynn

  • RVD and Lynn do their counter for counter routine throughout the whole match.
  • Jerry Lynn does a nice rolling wheel kick off the apron to RVD on the outside.
  • Bridging Suplex by Lynn for two.
  • Borash just called them “performers.” I thought wrestling still mattered here.
  • RVD hits a clean Rolling Thunder for two.
  • RVD kills Lynn with his Spinning Legdrop on the outside.
  • Lynn grabs a steel chair. Lynn counters a Van Dam kick, drops the chair and legdrops Van Dam’s head onto the chair for two. Sick.
  • Lynn with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for two!
  • Five Star Frogsplash by RVD and it’s over.

~ I didn’t want to like this because I’ve seen these two many times over the years. But in the end, they delivered like they always do. This is the sort of magic that happens when two wrestlers have inexplicable chemistry between each other. Very great match.

Jack Evans Promo

He’s never been more nervous in his life. He knows he only has one shot. He’s bringing that contract home with him tonight.

Battle for an Impact Wrestling Contract

Austin Aries defeats Zema Ion, Low-Ki, and Jack Evans

  • Huge kick to the chest to Aries by Low-Ki.
  • Somersault Dropkick by Jack Evans.
  • Ion counters Evans’ standing moonsault with his knees.
  • Aries does three consecutive jumping fingernail rakes on Ion, Evans and Low-Ki.
  • THREE-WAY DROPKICK on Aries by the other three wrestlers.
  • Blackslide on Aries by Ion on for two.
  • Low-Ki with a brutal flying knee to Jack Evans in mid-air.
  • Low-Ki and Aries do dueling submissions on Evans and Ion.
  • Ki and Aries argue over macho veteran shit.
  • Ki breaks up an Aries pin attempt on Ion with a running Double Stomp to the back!
  • Tidal Krush kick by Low-Ki on Aries for two!
  • Ion with a 450 on Ki for two! Aries broke it up with an elbow.
  • Aries hits his Brainbuster on Low-Ki for the win!

~ Words won’t do this match justice. While some critics will call this a spotfest, I’ll call this a highflying masterpiece. Everybody impressed and Zema Ion proved he’s very capable of performing on the national stage.

Abyss Promo

He quotes some Sun Tzu.

X-Division Championship Match

Brian Kendrick vs. Abyss

  • Kendrick attempts a high cross body and just bounces off Abyss.
  • Abyss dominates early and handles Kendrick around the ring with ease.
  • Abyss stops by in his corner to read Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Really?
  • Kendrick with a right hand that opens Abyss up on the forehead.
  • Suicide by Kendrick on the outside.
  • Kendrick with a high cross body off the top for two.
  • Abyss counters Slice Bread and drops Kendrick with the Shock Treatment backdrop for two.
  • The ref gets knocked out and Kendrick knocks Abyss out with Slice Bread #2.
  • Bischoff comes out and starts berating Kendrick.
  • Kendrick slugs him.
  • Immortal raid the ring and start pummeling Kendrick.
  • The X-Division comes out for the save.
  • Huge “X-Division” chant from the crowd.
  • Kendrick counters a chokeslam and rolls up Abyss for the win and the title!

~ This match was good but not great. Not sure if it needed the Immortal interference near the end. I would have preferred to see Kendrick win without all the ruckus.

Main Event

AJ Styles pins Christopher Daniels

  • Nice buildup at the start with chain wrestling and mat work.
  • Huge dueling AJ Styles/Fallen Angel chants from the crowd.
  • Daniels jumps over the ropes and delivers a Diving Headbutt to AJ Styles on the outside.
  • AJ hits a plancha cross body on Daniels’ back on the outside.
  • AJ rocks Daniels with a suplex on the ring apron. Ouch.
  • Daniels counters a roll up into a crossface. AJ reaches the ropes.
  • Daniels with a Death Valley Driver for a close two.
  • AJ blasts Daniels head with his Backflip Reverse DDT for two.
  • Daniels counters AJ’s springboard 450 for two!
  • Daniels pulls off Angels Wings for a close two!
  • AJ hits the Spiral Tap off the top for the win!
  • Both men embrace after the match.

~ Great match and it holds its own with their matches in the past. I still think they should have revisited the Triple Threat matches with Samoa Joe. But that’s just because we’re Samoa Joe marks at FighterHayabusa. Nice to see them give the win to AJ Styles since he’s the backbone of the promotion in my opinion.

Overall this is exactly what TNA / Impact Wrestling needs to deliver every month. The X-Division is a strong alternative to Vince-ville and is the key ingredient to building a national wrestling identity apart from the WWE. I think this pay per view was a critical success and it will be interesting to see how it did financially in the next few days.

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