Ah shit check out Fighter Hayabusa covering a TNA pay per view… but don’t get use to this shit cause my pockets aren’t that deep. Plus its TNA, I put up with two hours of their bullshit a week as is. This is the only thing that’s excited me on their end in a long time.

The 30 minute video package before is a combination of putting over the X Division and Bischoff shitting on the X Division story wise. Counterproductive.

Ppv starts with a helicopter and scenes of war with Abyss and Kendrick cutting their wordy “deep” promos…

6 sided ring is officially back!…. for this ppv….

Borash and Tenay are on commentating. Tazz isn’t on the show at all.

First match is the weakest promoted match of the show, Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe. All of a sudden they want to push how both go back to California, could have helped from the get go. Joe chants off the back and this starts quick and Kaz goes to the outside when Joe teases the submission! Joe on top so far with the match finally getting back into the ring. Crowd is def pro-Joe like if it was 2005! Joe is beating on Kaz heavily with him trying to fight back but Joe keeps him down. MUSCLEBUSTER! Nope Kaz fights it off and hits the springboard dropkick from the top. Kaz now keeps Joe grounded and catches Joe on the top with a stiff kick! Looked like Kaz was going for the Flux Capacitor but Joe fights out, sends Kaz back to the outside and Joe hits the dive to the outside through the ropes on Kaz. Crowd chants “this is awesome”. Powebomb from Joe for a 2 count but then he turns it into the STF! Kaz bites his was out of the move! Uranage from Joe in the corner! Rear naked choke now by Joe.. Kaz tries for the ropes and FINALLY gets it! Crowd chants for music buster but instead Kaz rolls through and PINS Joe! Joe is stunned, he shouldn’t be considering how he’s been booked in IMPACT lately! Solid match regardless and did take you back to better times in TNA.

Footage of Unbreakable 2005 when Daniels and Styles headlined that ppv. Daniels is shown showing up earlier in the night.

Earlier today Suicide, Curry Man and Amazing Red’s alter ego are signing autographs. Young wants a tag partner tonight Curry Man gives excuses for all three but then Shark Boy (doing his Stone Cold act) shows up and he’s going to tag with Young. When was Young X Division??

British Invasion comes out for Williams’ open challenge. Mark Haskins from London accepts the challenge. Douglass sends Magnus and Terry to the back then cuts a promo on Haskins mentioning how he was on TNA’s European tour and how he is going to be the next X Division star. Williams tells him its different to wrestle live on ppv and wishes him luck, he’s going to need it. Slower paced chain wrestling to start. Solid pin attempt exchange by both guys! William’s finally keeps Haskins grounded but he keeps fighting back. Haskins finally takes the advantage but he is rushing a little too much and kind of messes up his clothesline from the ropes. Haskins hits an RKO for a 2 count. Haskins hits the super kick on Williams while he was coming from the top. Haskins slips off the top but slips on the ropes and has to go up to the top again. William’s moves out of the way of the shooting star and rolls this kid up for the pin. Good match but this kid was def nervous. After the match Williams raises the head of Haskins and shake hands before Williams bounces.

Val in the back with Austin Aries talking about winning an IMPACT contract. He shit’s on her outfit then he wants people who bought the ppv to listen. He also wants the people illegally watching the ppv to choke! Haha he cuts a nice promo on him, his skills and the X Division. Aries is still the shit on the mic.

Hey look its Generation ME in a match not announced previously… they are taking on Eric Young and Shark Boy. Young is still wearing the old TNA Title and his TV Title. Shark and Young do comedy on who is starting the match. Fast paced off the bat with Shark taking on Max. Shark has had a few fish too many… looking heavy home boy. Crowd behind the Buck’s. Nice exchange between Young and Max. Buck’s take the advantage behind the refs back. Eric takes off his shorts and makes the hot tag in his tights… odd. Shark Boy hits the stunner and Eric hits a wheel barrel into a neckbreaker for a pin! Ok match. They need to make up their mind on Young… Young gives Shark Boy the old TNA Title but changes his mind. Funny.

Ok lets pick up the pace here IMPACT…

Footage of Daniels vs. Styles from Slammiversary 2006 is shown.

Here’s where I pause the show to make another jack n coke.

Daniels and Styles run into each other in the pack and their still cool.

Val in the back with Zima Xion. Not good on the mic yet.

I take that back Joe and Kaz wasn’t the worst built up match of the ppv it’s the Ultimate X match. Shannon Moore vs. Robbie E vs. Amazing Red vs Alex Shelley to become the #1 contender to the X Division Title. Borash and Tenay put over the style of the match and how important it is… shouldn’t you have done that in the build up for the ppv?? Robbie is the first to attempt to get to the big red X hanging in the middle of the ring. Red stops him quick. Shelley is definitely the focus of the match. He hits the baseball slide in the corner to Robbie and Moore. Crowd gets behind him. Shelley and Moore end up on the outside, it leads to an Asai Moonsault by Moore. Everyone is taking their turn at trying to get to the X. Lariat clothesline on Red and Moore by Robbie, he trys for the X but Red pulls him off. Dive over the top from Red onto Shelley and Moore. This gets a “go Red go” chant. Robbie goes back to get to the X but Red now dropkicks him off fro, the top rope! Borash brings up the X structure and the difference with it having an X at the top now in steel. Moore uses this to his advantage while Red gets over to the X with the Ropes holding it. Now Shelley is on the cable and kicks Red off. Shelley kicks Moore off and he takes the X and wins the match! Shelley is the #1 contender. good stuff here. Chris Sabin comes out to the ramp and they celebrate.

Final Resolution 2009 highlights for Daniels and Styles.

Val in the back with Low Ki. Good promo on his part.

Lynn vs. RVD package is shown. And it is next! I might sit back and watch this one folks, hoping its going to be up there with classic Lynn vs. RVD matches… we start with a handshake and we’re off. Both juice the crowd reaction by taking a corner to acknowledge them. Nice quick exchange by both. Tenay brings up that this match was suppose to happen at Hardcore Justice. Good exchanges,  back and forth both still. I don’t want this match to be all counter vs. counter, lets see a good story here. These dudes have a lot of history. Looks like we’re going that way with Lynn getting frustrated here and making himself the heel in the match. things have picked up in this one, Lynn hits a stiff powerbomb on RVD onto the chair but a bloody RVD hits the Van Daminator then the 5 star for the pin and the win. Those two dudes are still solid when they give a shit!

Val in the back with Jack Evans, he quotes an Eminem song from 8 Mile. Like you weren’t compared to him enough…

Christy fucks up Austin Aries intro… way to go dummy.

Aries vs. Ion vs. Kow Ki vs. Jack Evans is next for the IMPACT contract. Evans does the windmill as part of his entrance. Booker didn’t have shit on this. We get what sounds like an “everybody” chant. haha this is fast off the bat. Tenay brings up Evans’ trending on Twitter after his match. Aries uses a splash style finger rake move in the corners to each guy. Very fast pace thus far and Ion is keeping up with these 3 vets. Ion with the Dragon Sleeper on Low Ki, Aries breaks hit up old to get Ion trying a pin attempt on him. Aries ducks a Jack Evan’s dive from the top but Low Ki kick this fool in the head!! Aries and Low Ki jaw jack and Ion and Evans try to break it up only to end up in submission moves by each Low Ki and Aries. Dope. Chops galore by Aries and Kow Ki now. Pele kick to the back of Aries for a Low Ki pin attempt but Evans comes out of nowhere with a Swanton! All four then try pin attempts on each other. This is too fast to type! Haha This shit is solid! Evans showboats only to get hit by an Aries spinning elbow! We get a “sign them all” chant! Aries wins the match with the brain buster on Kow Ki. Great match here! Val interviews Aries at ringside and he proclaims as he has numerous times that he is the greatest man who ever lived.

Pre-match comments from the X Division Champion Abyss.

Video package on how Bischoff tried to kill off the X Division with having Abyss win the X Division Title.

Abyss vs. Kendrick for the title is next. Match starts fast but Abyss grounds Kendrick in the early goings. Abyss dismantles Kendrick and you can hear some kid yell out “no one like you Abyss, no one”. Haha stupid yo! Kendrick finally makes a comeback bloodying Abyss. Kendrick goes for slice bread #2 but gets the shock treatment instead, this gets a 2 and a half. He then turns the tides and hits SB#2 for the pin but the ref is down… this brings out Bischoff who comes into the ring to yell at Kendrick. This gets him knocked out by Kendrick and now Immortal are here to beat on Kendrick. This brings out the C level X Division guys only to get bitched out. Steiner, Gunner and Bully Ray beat on Kendrick until the  B level X guys come out. We get an X Division chant while the X Division gets rid of Immortal. Finally Kendrick comes off the top but Abyss grabs him to choke slam him but Kendrick roles him up…1..2…THREE! Kendrick wins gets confetti while he’s being carried around the ring by X Division guys. There is a lot of confetti, they need to clean this shit up quick. Ok match, the ending was better than the whole thing. Too back they will keep Kendrick and the X Division soon again. Abyss is not happen and pushes Bully Ray who was giving him lip.

Looks like its main event time, Styles vs. Daniels video package good shit. Daniels comes out with a bad version of the music he’s used before. We get proper intros for both in the ring. We get chants for both even before the bell rings. Both sizing each other up to start. Weird chant “Hulk Hogan, BOO! Wrestling, YAY”… that’s a first. Nice chain wrestling exchange. Daniels to the outside and Style was going for the dive but Daniels runs back into the ring before he could dive and both stand off. This match is getting a lot of time. A lot of exchanges that then lead to both getting arm drags into arm locks. Series of dives over the top from Daniels to Styles on the outside setting him taking the advantage. Now a series of belly to back suplexes by Daniels. Pace has slowed down as both exchange having the advantage. Daniels locks on the Crippler Crossface! He finally gets to the ropes. Death Valley Driver by Daniels for a 2 count. Enziguri by Styles to take back the advantage. Styles goes for the springboard clothesline from the ropes and AJ SLIPS! I don’t remember the last time he fucked up, the crowd is nice to him and doesn’t give him shit. Styles does an backbreaker airplane spin into a temp attempt for a 2! Daniel’s messes up the mic check but gets him down and locks in the submission hold. AJ powers up and dumps Daniels onto the ring apron. Daniels fights back with the palm thrusts, gets AJ on the top and hits a cross armed driver. Styles hits the springboard inverted DDT! Styles Clash, no Daniels blocks and AJ goes for the Angels Wings but its also blocked! STO take down by Daniels for a 2 count. Best moonsault ever but AH gets his legs up and hits the Styles Clash for a two and a half count. 450 from AJ is blocked and Daniels hits the Angels Wings for a 2 count! Superplex from the top blocked by Daniels and he tries to go for the Angels Wings but Styles fights him off and hits the corkcrew drive from the top for the 3 count and the win! Solid match! AJ offers his hand and Daniels looks to walk away but instead shakes and hugs Styles.

Very positive attempt by IMACT on this ppv. Good shit and I hope they focus more on this shit than what they have been doing in the recent past.

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