07-07-11 IMPACT Wrestling



Go home show to Destination X. Will they drop the ball?! Will Anderson join Immortal? Does it really matter?….. matter!


Sting / Hogan recap blah blah blah.


They cut to the ring where Bully Ray calls out TNA Champion Mr. Anderson (who I keep forgetting is champ). He comes out to the stage and does is typical promo. Ray yells about him being in charge while Hogan and Bischoff not being around. He praises his ass for beating on Sting. Lame story short they need each other. Steiner wants to screw Anderson if he makes the wrong choice tonight… awkward. Gunner brings up some match for tonight with Sting & Angle vs. all of Immortal. (I don’t think this dude should be on the mic yet.) Impact Zone goes dark and The Joker is on the rafters laughing about something. (I fucking hate this version of Sting). Lights come up and Angle is in the ring giving out Angle Slams leaving him and Anderson alone. Kurt tells this fool to make the right decision.


Beer Money talk about MFGS points and Roode wants to get up on the board since he ain’t got shit. But then again he’s taking on Redberg so that ain’t happening.


Recap of house shows and BFGS points. Crimson is still on top.


Crimson vs. tag champ Roode is next. Crimson wins. Ok match.


X Division profile on… fuck I missed his name. looks like a short version of Chris Masters?


Abyss chokes some dude looking for his mask still but they cut to Kendrick who has it on. (that sneaky guy had it all along)


Oh shit Jack Evans will be on IMPACT tonight!


Kendrick shows up to the ring talking about having Abyss’ mask and calls him out to give it back to him. Kendrick cuts a rhyming promo but in a serious way, its not bad better than the shit he’s done before. (he might not know what he’s saying though). Abyss gets his mask back, puts it on and beats on Kendrick at ringside. (well I hope jacking this fools mask was worth it).


Video package on Jesse Sorensen who’s gonna take on Jack and mini Chris Masters guy for a change to wrestle at Destination X.


Jesse Sorensen vs. Anthony Nese vs. Jack Evans is next. You figured Evan’s would have matured his look and tights by now… nope. God damn makes up for his look with his shit, this is nuts. Fool Evans did a 450 splash to the outside onto Nese and Sorensen! Sorensen is pretty solid too here, hits Evan’s with a crossroads style move that looked sick. Nese isn’t too  bad but I’m waking for him to stand out. Evan wins with what Tenay calls a corkscrew 630! Good shit in this one.


British Invasion clown the Mexican’s for acting likme them from 2009. Rob Terry is rocking a beard, doesn’t look like him.


Velvet in the back bitching about ODB and Jackie. She’s done and isn’t going to take shit from no one… she calls herself smart and is going to get rid of OBD and Jackie tonight. (aren’t you pretty)


Sting is being a jackass in the back doing a version of “Eye of the Tiger”. Kurt asks him how he’s doing, he said he’s fine… Sting said Kurt can trust him but Kurt walks out looking as annoyed as I am with this shit.


Ok so this knockout match is a handicap… ODB & Jackie vs. Velvet and if those two lose they out…. And Sky wins… uh really!?


Devon and The Pope in the back. Devon isn’t having any of The Pope and his shenanigans. (bring back Elijah Burke!)


Chris Daniels video package even interviewing his trainers. Good shit getting him over! Gotta say, I’ve never met a guy who loves wrestling more than this dude.


Four corners match, Styles vs. Daniels vs. RVD vs. Lynn is up. Damn the exchange between Lynn and RVD is nuts, fucking retarded even. RVD wins when Lynn hits the Kryptonite Crunch on Daniels and he hits the 5 Star Frog Splash off the top on Daniels for the win. Solid match!


Eric Young in the parking lot talking about his trailer and he’s using it to go to Hollywood to put his TV title on the line… sigh.


Anderson doing the walk in the back, he doesn’t want to be bullied and that ultimatums don’t work with him… he says just ask his former employer… stupid, let it go man…


The Jarrett’s at some arena in Mexico, they said they are coming back to Impact next week… and how he is going to show us how he became the king of Mexico.


Sting in the back and he’s being punch by Hogan. Shots are tight to hide Hogan’s age and slowness. Hogan knocks out Sting with the bat.


Main event time… Immortal of Steiner, Bully, Abyss & Gunner vs. Sting & Angle… Sting gets intro’d but doesn’t come out. They beat up on Angle since he’s Han Solo. Ray says some funny shit while delivering the neck breaker saying “Jeff sends his greetings from Mexico” haha During Angle’s ass whooping Anderson comes to the ring and takes the corner and makes the tag to Kurt and Anderson throws a few punches at Immortal but ends up hitting the mic check on Angle. Bully pins Angle after that for the win. Immortal wants his decision and he jumps into the arms of Abyss to join Immortal while Hogan comes out to cheer this shit on. They celebrate and we’re out.


Well at least the show is getting better…. Right?






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