07-04-11 RAW


USA! USA! USA! 4th of July edition of RAW! USA! USA! USA!

They recap the roulette matches from last week, namely Cena vs. Truth in a tables match. They show Cena’s shitty dropkick as a highlight?? BAH! Recap of Punk coming out and costing Cena that match and “parts” of his now infamous promo. I think it would have been better if they just played off like nothing happened since that’s what they do when shit gets real around here anyhow.


They are crowning a new #1 contender tonight to take Punk’s place, Rey vs. Del Rio vs. Truth. Also Riley vs. Miz even though they shouldn’t give this away anymore.


Head WWE assclown John Cena comes down to the ring for chatty time. He brings up Punk’s comments, says that didn’t go over well for the WWE execs and have suspended him and cant wrestle his last match in ORD for the title. Small CM Punk. Cena sticks up for Punk… yeah, feels weird. He calls it a “PG world” and that he didn’t have a problem with Punk’s comments. He brings up Bryan’s firing and WWE taking fan signs. Dude’s promo has a point and the crowd chants “first amendment”. Clowns himself saying he looks like the “kool aid man in jorts”… shit at least he see’s it too… Said he didn’t sign up to live like this where people can’t speak their minds. Cena then calls Vince McMahon out and tells the GM to peace out on this shit right here. Cena says he wants to take on CM Punk at the ppv. Well shit, look at this dude’s promo…


Bella’s vs. Kelly & Eve got a forward job, Kelly got the pin with a yelling-a-lot leg drop to the back of one of the Bella’s.


Andy from Tough Enough video package is shown. They push “silent rage”… ugh.


R-Truth is talking to “Flo” on the phone about car insurance… Scott Sanford interrupts this shit to ask about the #1 contender match tonight. he’s all conspiracy n shit but says he just saved money by switching to Gieco. He walks into ADR he says destiny, blah blah.


Next is Santino & Kozlov vs. Hennig & Otunga… who come out to Punk’s music… odd. Cole says Nexus is “up in the air”… Santino teases the cobra but Otunga hits the outside quick. Typical match for these 4. Hennig hits the spinning neck breaker on Santino for the pin. Zack Ryder’s music then hits and he comes out to the stage just to say “woo woo woo you know it”…. that was it…


Miz in the back with Sanford. He’s all mad not to be in the triple threat match and blames Riley.


Sgt. Slaughter is in the back with Bourne when ol’ lispy Jack Swagger comes in. They argue about saying the pledge for the people tonight… Bourne sounds like he’s Slaughters bitch at the end.


They even go as far as McMahon’s plane landing at the airport, they ya go.. push it!


Swagger vs. Sgt. Slaughter is next. The sarge gets is biyearly match. Cole mentions making up with Swagger… who cares at this point? Sarge stays on Swagger from the get go and even attempts the cobra clutch. Swagger ends up winning this with the second rope splash. They finally trying to get Swagger over?… nope Evan Bourne makes the save. Bourne looks like an action figure next to Sarge. Slaughter does the pledge and everything is right in the world… Sarge acts like he won this shit.


Triple threat for the #1 contender spot is next between Mysterio vs. Del Rio vs. Truth. Why is Lawler explaining what Rey Mysterio’s name!!? Theydo a nice sunset flip roll up spot with all three guys when Truth comes over the top rope. ADR does the back cracker and Cole says this is “vintage Alberto Del Rio”…. Maybe Carlito… but not Del Rio home boy. Match ends when Rey comes off the top with a surf board splash and Del Rio runs in and puts on the arm breaker to Rey for the tap out victory. Good match but the one last week was better. Del Rio moves onto the main event and they need to find some else to take his spot in the MITB match.


Vicki and Dolph comes out to celebrate Dolph’s birthday… lame story short, Kofi comes out and Vicki takes the cake… all over. I need these two to move on, over this feud.


Video package on Miz before he comes out for his match. Riley gets a video package as well, good shit for both. Riley fucks up getting Miz threw the ropes to the outside, fuck. Cole does a good job getting over what Miz had to do to get where he is now. Riley gets the win out of nowhere. Miz is shocked at this shit and ends up jumping Riley and beating his ass… this spills to the outside.


Oh shit son, Vince’s limbo shows up and smirky pants does the waddle into the arena.


Cole and Lawler put over this shit with Punk and cut to a recap video.


McMahon shows up to a round of boos. He wants to tells us he’s suspended Punk because he deserved it for shit talking… but not him and his family, he’s ok with that. Vince makes it sound like Punk wanted some outlandish shit with his contract renewal. Vince calls Punk a punk and goes to walk off when jorts comes out and plays defendor of the universe. Says Vince can do and say what he wants because he believes in the freedom of speech. Cena goes on to kiss Vince’s ass and tells him how big his balls are but Punk says some shit and you suspend him. He calls his manhood and he wants to fight Punk and says if Vince doesn’t want to fight he should hang it up… old man. Vince says he really suspended Punk because he didn’t want to take the chance on him leaving with the title and doesn’t think Cena can get it done. He says he wont be embarrassed when Punk takes the title to some other organization. Cena brings up being in Chicago being pro-Punk and how Punk rode out on the side of his car at WrestleMania, calls it a match of the year but that Vince wont let it happen because he doesn’t like what Punk said. Cena does a “what if” he talked shit but Vince doesn’t want to be pissed off and not to be Hogan! BAH! They argue back and forth some more with Vince’s says to Cena that this isn’t CENA’S company, its his. Cena gives up the WWE Title if that is how Vince is gonna be. Cena’s busted his ass and believes the WWE Title stands for something and Vince is crapping on it. Cena walks off and Vince starts to back track a little, he grabs the WWE Title, takes it up the ramp and tells Cena that the match is back on BUT if Cena loses he’s fired!… ugh. So we’re doing this fired bullshit again. Ain’t no one ever going to believe Cena is going to get fired looked what happened last year with the Nexus. He gave a goody-goody speech and STILL showed up at the end of the shot. Ugh. Fuck man this match did NOT need this added stip.


Well either way I think it was a good buildup to MITB. I have a feeling this ppv is going to pull a high number!












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  1. Zank Says:

    enjoy yourselfs

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    USA! USA! USA!

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