Smackdown Thoughts & Review [7. 1. 11]


Daniel Bryan gives us another stellar match. Mark Henry makes someone poop in their pants. Sin Cara is still glitchy, Christian doesn’t like the UCLA Bruin lighting, the CM Punk promo gets butchered, and so much more…

Phoenix, AZ

They open with a Mark Henry video package. Awesome. Finally the WWE is giving Mark Henry the push he deserves.

They show Christian walking into Teddy Long’s office to discuss his upcoming match with Randy Orton.

  • Teddy says since Mark Henry won the tag match for Christian last week, the title shot actually goes to Mark Henry.

Randy defeats Mark Henry via countout

  • Nice belly to belly takedown by Henry for a close two.
  • Huge boot by Henry for another two count.
  • Henry rams Orton’s back against the side of the ring apron and the Big Show’s music comes on.
  • Henry is distracted, turns around and is taken down by an RKO.
  • The Rattlesnake Apex Copperhead Super Snake rolls in the ring for the countout victory.
  • Mark Henry goes to the side of the stage and confronts the soundboard technician.
  • Henry thrashes the monitors, audio racks and the soundboard. He goes on to destroy the rest of the setup. He goes on to punk the technician and THROW him over some crates. Holy sh*t!

~ Mark Henry has been killing it of late and this segment just pushed his character to new heights. Orton did a great job of making Henry look extremely formidable in the ring. I hope Orton’s bloody nose doesn’t deter the WWE powers that be from pushing Mark Henry to the moon.

Daniel Bryan submits Ted DiBiase

  • DiBiase cuts a promo via split-screen during his entrance. He says’ he’s going to beat Bryan badly.
  • Bryan catches DiBiase’s leg in mid air, takes him down and sets him up for a beautiful Mexican Surfboard into a pin attempt for two.
  • DiBiase destroys Bryan with a clothesline for two.
  • Bryan returns the favor with a sick running dropkick to DiBiase’s face in the corner for two.
  • DiBiase reaches the ropes after Bryan attempted a Lebell Lock on his right side.
  • DiBiase catches Bryan off the ring apron and slams his back and shoulder into the steel post and then the ring barrier.
  • Bryan cuts DiBiase down with a flurry of palm strikes and a vicious kick to the head for two.
  • Bryan catches DiBiase with a Standing Guillotine and gets the tappy tap! Leave it Bryan to bring grappling and MMA onto WWE programming. Beautiful.

~ Great match that showcased both wrestlers. My inner MMA/grappling mark popped when Bryan slapped on the standing guillotine. Bryan continues to support the notion that he’s one of the best ring generals in the industry today. DiBiase is always at his best when his opponent is Daniel Bryan. If there’s any match you should skip to first, it’s this one.


Christian is in Teddy’s office. Teddy asks him about rumors of Christian entering the production truck when Big Show’s music came on for Mark Henry’s match. Teddy says he has a match with Sin Cara.

They cut to DiBiase walking backstage. Cody Rhodes talks shit to him and tells him he’s a failure and that DiBiase might as well wear a bag on his head.

Ranjin Singh talks about why Jinder is jealous of the Great Khali and breaks down the history between his family and Jinder Mahal. He says that Jinder is controlling Khali by threatening to divorce Ranjin and Khali’s sister. As the action soap opera world turns.

~ Interesting device to push the Jinder Mahal story along. I’m thinking Khali and Ranjin reunite right around next year’s Wrestlemania.

They show another Sin Cara highlight video.

~ How refreshing would it be if the WWE did highlight videos for ALL of the roster. If someone, like Trent Baretta, has an upcoming match on Superstars, why not give him a 90 second video package to get you invested into him or his opponent prior to his match? Doesn’t more interest add to more viewers, which equals better ratings, which then equates to more advertising dollars? It makes sense to me.

Christian pins Sin Cara

  • They show the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase and then show the Smackdown competitors; Kane, Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, and Sheamus. Please let the winner be wither Cody or Daniel Bryan!
  • Sin Cara teases some outside attacks while Christian retreats from the ring.
  • At one point you can hear Christian saying “I can’t see with these lights!” Hilarious!
  • Sin Cara with a fancy ass springboard armdrag.
  • Sin Cara takes a nice tumble to the outside after Christian back body drops him over the rope.
  • Christian misses a flying headbutt off the top.
  • Sin Cara hits a modified La Mística DDT for close two count.
  • Sin Cara drops Christian with a nice headscissors off the apron!
  • Christian bounces back with a falling reverse DDT for two.
  • Christian hits the Spear and it’s over.

~ First loss for Sin Cara but he looked good against the current number one contender. I still hate the fact that most of Sin Cara’s matches are always glitchy. There’s always an odd spot or a sloppy maneuver at one point or another. I hope he tightens things up in the ring eventually. Right now, the Sin Cara push is feeling a little bit forced. Okay, nevermind, make that overbearing.

Non-Title Match

Cody Rhodes w/ Ted DiBiase pins Ezekial Jackson

  • Jackson dominates early with power moves.
  • DiBiase distracts Jackson, which leads to Cody ramming his shoulder into the steel post.
  • Jackson fights back and begins his Body Slam Rally when DiBiase interferes on the ring apron.
  • Cody takes advantage and blasts Jackson with the Beautiful Disaster kick, hits the Cross Rhodes and it’s over.

~ Good for Cody, and Jackson doesn’t lose any of his heat with the loss. Hopefully this is a precursor for bigger and better things for Cody at Money in the Bank.

Wannabe Zack Ryder Idiom Boy, Johnny Curtis promo

Says he’s “painting himself into a corner.”

~ Someone shoot me.

They show a butchered version of the infamous CM Punk promo.

~ Yes, it’s a work.

Kane pins Wade Barrett

  • Kane is wrapped up in the ropes and Barrett knees him repeatedly. Nice.
  • Wade with a sort of hopping DDT for a close two.
  • Wade misses an elbow drop off the second turnbuckle.
  • Flying Cross Body by Cruiserweight Kane for two! Awesome.
  • Wade wiggles out of a Chokeslam and a Tombstone, and then hits the Boss Man Slam for two.
  • Kane finally gets the Chokeslam for the win.

~ Really solid match between two of the more athletic bigs in the WWE. Wade didn’t lose any heat at all and Kane looked strong without totally burying his opponent. Good match that did the job of hyping the Smackdown Money in the Bank match.

Contract Signing between Christian and Randy Orton

  • Christian walks out with a bald lawyer, think Moby in a black suit.
  • Both men talk shit to each other.
  • Christian says Orton can’t beat him.
  • Orton says his whining is getting old and being defeated is not gonna happen. Orton signs the contract.
  • Christian’s lawyer overlooks the contract, then whispers something in Christian’s ear.
  • Christian is about to sign the contract but the pen appears to run out of ink.
  • Sheamus rushes the ring mounts Orton and pummels him.
  • Christian tries to pull him off but Sheamus blasts him with a Brogue Kick.
  • Sheamus then pushes off an RKO attempt and takes Orton’s head off with another Brogue Kick.

The show ends.

Click the stills below to see gifs of the action.

~ I liked the ending a lot but I would have liked it more if it was Mark Henry instead of Sheamus.

So the World Championship scene is crowded with Randy Orton, Christian, Sheamus and Mark Henry. Are they going to put them in a four-way match at some point? Henry seems to be tied up with Big Show at the moment but I think it would be a waste if Henry didn’t get a true shot at the title on a Pay Per View soon. Henry’s character has finally peaked and I think the WWE should take advantage of the moment before they eventually destroy his momentum or before he retires.

If not Mark Henry, then please put the title on Christian. Having a promotion based on different baby face challengers trying to wrestle away the title from a despicable champion, like Christian, seems like good business sense to me.

I fondly remember being at the edge of my seat every weekend during the old Great American Bash tour when despicable heel champ, Ric Flair, would barely defend his title against Road Warrior Hawk, Ron Garvin and many others in the summer of ’86. I honestly believe the WWE could repeat similar results in a Christian title run.

This was probably one of the best weeks of WWE programming this year. CM Punk’s promo on Raw along with a very good Smackdown definitely made for an entertaining week. In the weeks ahead, I hope they don’t drop the ball on the Punk angle and that the Mark Henry push is developed to it’s full potential.

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