Boy was I wrong about this night… just forward to the end of the show to Punk’s promo!

Great the utilize Booker T to the fullest by having him backstage spinning the fucking wheel. Stupid.

Shawn Michaels opens the show wearing some shit out of the Larry The Cable Guy clothing line at Walmart. Well, at least he dressed up. (sarcasm will be turned up to 11 tonight)

HBK says he couldn’t stay away even though he tried… you still ain’t wrestling so it don’t matter. Lawler puts it over like he’s coming back, COMING BACK… he kisses the fans asses, etc, etc, etc. HBK talks shit about people who plug shit but finds a way to plug his stupid fishing or hunting show. Thank god, CM Punk interrupts this, he comes out with the tag team champions, Otunga and Hennig. Punk clowns HBK for coming back when he said he wasn’t coming back. He brings up July 17th, his last day. HBK makes fun of people not seeing him anymore. Punk brings up HBK losing his last match and how he’s going to leave WITH the WWE Title. Interestingly enough he said he’s leaving with “John Cena’s WWE Championship”… very specific. Good banter back and forth from HBK and Punk. Punk says HBK WAS better than him but he left and how it sounds like a challenge. HBK hits the superkick on Otunga and Punk tells him he’s made the biggest mistake.

We get an email… GM says Punk is going to wrestle next. Booker goes over the stipulations on the wheel, he spins and Punk gets a…. “?”…. this means he has a mystery opponent… although Booker makes it sound like Taker, its Kane.

HBK superkicks Hennig leaving Punk on his own with Kane… this better not be a squash cause the dude is leaving. He get a CM Punk chant while Kane is beating him up. I guess people like him UNLESS Shawn Michaels is in the ring with him. Punk finally gets a kick in and the tides have turned. Punk decides to bounce when things don’t go his way and he gets counted out.

Other roulette matches for tonight, ADR vs. Show and Cena vs. Truth. I hope they are both pillow fights.

Cole pushes gambling on the WWE website, lets start them early…

Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne is next. So apparently the WWE doesn’t rig their “fans choose shit” nights and Cara didn’t win on basically a fuck up as people were still voting for Kelly Kelly. We get the match we was suppose to and it best be the shit for all the hoopla they’ve been making. Booker wont shut up but finally gets Eve to spin the wheel, they get a… no countout. Cole gives stats on these two, EB at 5’9… Cara at 5’7… Solid exchanges so far, this best get a lot of time tonight. Things spill to the outside when Cara head butt dives onto Bourne. Standing moonsault from Bourne, haven’t see that in a while! Cara gets the win with the tilt a whirl bulldog. Good stuff, could have used more obviously… but we gotta leave enough time on the clock for the ringmaster himself, John Cena.

Booker lets Kofi spin the wheel for his match against Ziggler, well he goes to do it but Vicki chimes in and spins. Kofi gets a “player’s choice”… he chooses a match with Vicki banned from ringside.

RAW MITB match is 8 dudes… Kofi, Rey, Bourne, Del Rio, Truth, Swagger, Riley and Miz.

Kofi vs. US Champ Ziggler is next. Vicki comes out to the stage, he tries to into Ziggler but gets walked to the back by the refs. Ziggler tries to pull a CM Punk and walk out but unlike Kane, Kofi brings him back into the ring. Ok so Ziggler sends Kofi to the ring post and as the ref gets to the count of 7 the go to fucking commercial… well he made the count cause the match is still going on. Kofi ends up pinning Ziggler after the trouble in paradise. Good match but I find myself not caring for some reason? Maybe its cause they keep cooling these dudes off, then heating them up and back and forth.

Booker again in the back, this time with fine ass Maryse. Booker yaps about the last hour like we haven’t been watching. ADR is pissed about having to take on Show, Maryse agrees. ADR wants Maryse to spin for his match… Del Rio gets a… steel cage match with Big Show. He ain’t happy and in Spanish even.

Show vs. Del Rio in the cage is next. Mark Henry shows up during the match to yell stuff and things at the Big Show. Henry takes the steel cage door off the hinges and ADR crawls out for the win. Henry then uses the door to put Show through the side of the cage! Henry is an angry man! I like the ECW-version of Henry. I hate when they take this dude and make him a pussy.

Kelly Kelly and her Kool-aid smile… I mean Diva’s title comes down for her first match as a champion against Nikki Bella with Brie. Booker spins… they get a… submission match… really, these two!? God. Kelly wins with a Boston Crab. Brie jumps her ass and both double team her ass until Eve makes the save.

The recap… Tough Enough with Andy winning…?! Well this is timely, its only been a month… I guess this is good since they are showing that he’s a work in progress with interviews with FCW’s Steve Kern and Ricky Steamboat.

Booker spins the wheel for Mysterio… it’s a tornado match for his match with Riley against Swagger and Miz. DDP shows up with the new Nitro DVD the relive shit until Drew McIntyre shows up to talk shit on these two old farts taking up his TV time. He gets sweet chin music from out of nowhere! All three shill Nitro. HBK says he’s never seen any of it… BAH! Way to put over the DVD.

Tornado match is next. These dudes are beating the shit out of each other. Riley jumps to the top of rope (ala Shelton Benjamin) and hits a hiptoss off the top rope to Miz! Damn! Crowd is hot for this one son! Match ends with a combo of moves, 619 to Swagger then Riley’s implant DDT then the top rope splash for the win! Such a solid ass match, very entertaining shit here!

We get a video package on HBK’s hunting show… oh man.

Truth in the back with the wheel when Booker interrupts his ass from talking to himself. Truth gets a tables match with Cena. Truth goes back to talking to himself. Ha

Tables match/main event time. Typical “let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chants. Mid match Cena tries to put Truth through a table with an AA but Punk runs down and pushes the table over. Punk and Cena brawl into the ring where Cena goes for the AA on Punk but Punk escapes and Cena ends up getting speared through a table for the Truth win.

Punk then picks up a mic and heads for the top of the stage where he sits Indian style and says he wants to get things off his chest. He doesn’t hate John Cena just the idea that he is the best because he is the best. Oh shit he said Cena’s better at one thing, kissing Vince’s ass like Hogan and the Rock! Oh fuck! He talks shit about how he is the best wrestler and how Paul Heyman saw it and how Brock Lesnar saw the writing on the wall like he did too! Oh my god he is killing it here!!! Not being promoted on anything and how the Rock is the main event at WrestleMania and how this makes him sick. He talks shit about people cheering him saying they buy the crap the WWE puts out without his face. How he’ll take the WWE Title to New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring of Honor then gives Colt Cabana a shout out! He shits on Vince’s cronies, like Johnny Ace and how the company isn’t going to be better when he dies because his stupid daughter and son in law will take over. The cut the mic and go to black!!!

Holy shit and a half!!!

OH and by the way…. Punk was wearing a Stone Cold shirt…. I’m just sayin’….

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