Smackdown Thoughts & Review [6. 24. 11]


Mark Henry further explains why he needs to be taken seriously. Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes put on another clinic. A Yoshi Tatsu sighting! The Uso’s do some Samoan dancing! Sin Cara, Big Show, Christian and so much more!

Hershey, PA

Teddy Long calls Christian into the ring

  • Teddy acknowledges that Christian’s foot was under the rope when he was pinned at Capitol Punishment.
  • Teddy says that the ref’s decision is final.
  • Christian wines about being screwed and he wants another shot.
  • Teddy says Christian has to defeat Kane to earn another World Title shot.

Sin Cara pins Ted Dibiase

  • Sin Cara sends Dibiase to the outside with an epic tilt-a-whirl headscissors-armdrag.
  • Dibiase dropkicks Sin Cara’s midsection in mid-flight.
  • Dibiase kills Sin Cara with a running lariat for two.
  • Sin Cara hits Dibiase with an extended headscissors into an armlock takedown for the pin.

~ Probably the best match from Sin Cara to date. Not sure if that says much since Smackdown matches can always be edited.

Dibiase had a good showing here as well. All that’s missing is a character that fits. They don’t seem to mention the money anymore so we’ll see what his character will evolve into in the coming months.

Cody Rhodes pins Daniel Bryan

  • Cody comes out with a mic. He calls Dibiase his protégé and says his last match was embarrassing. He disses the crowd and breaks out the bags.
  • Daniel Bryan interrupts with a mic in hand.
  • Daniel says he’s so incredibly sick of Cody’s crap. He calls Cody’s mask an athletic cup.
  • They banter back and forth. Daniel shows Cody a pic of his dad, Dusty, in polka dots. He says his dad had a lot of beautiful qualities on the inside, which Cody does not.
  • Daniel calls Cody a bitter and arrogant jerk that will never live up to the standards of his father. Moded!
  • Sick arm drags by Daniel.
  • Cody counters an armdrag, goes into a roll up that Daniel stops with a Guerrero counter. Very nice! This is going into Rey-Punk territory.
  • Dibiase gets a cheap shot in when Daniel is thrown to the outside.
  • Daniel grazes Cody with a Pele Kick! I haven’t seen a Pele Kick on WWE TV in a long time.
  • Both men are dropped after a midair high cross body collision.
  • Daniel rushes out of the ring and blasts Dibiase with a suicide elbow!
  • Cody destroys Daniel with two Beautiful Disaster kicks with a little help from Dibiase.
  • Cross Rhodes and it’s over.

~ With an exception of the Dibiase interference, this match was very very good. It’s is the first match you should check out if you DVR’d Smackdown. The build up to the ending was nice with some lovely pin counters from both wrestlers. I could watch this feud for months. I hope the WWE delivers more matches from these two.

Idiom Boy, Johnny Curtis, cuts a promo.

He cuts the mustard.

~ At least it was quick.


Matt Striker interviews the Big Show about Mark Henry.

  • Show says Mark was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Striker shows a highlight clip of Big Show getting beat down by Mark Henry at Capitol Punishment.
  • Striker tells Show he may have brought this upon himself.
  • Mark Henry spears Big Show before he could respond.

Mark Henry stands over Show and says,

Big ain’t always better. Better is better.

Mark Henry scares off all the officials and doesn’t let anybody help Big Show up.

~ My god. Mark Henry has been killing it as of late. This was as good as it gets when it comes to escalating a feud. I hope Mark Henry gets a major title run this year. He’s taking full advantage of his opportunity like Alberto Del Rio was doing last year.

Ezekiel Jackson submits Wade Barrett

  • Wade attacks Zeke as he walked to the ring.
  • Wade dominates early, gets Zeke up for Wasteland but is countered.
  • Zeke puts Wade up in the Torture Rack for the sub.

~ Odd. Zeke hardly got any offense in and Wade still tapped after dominating most of the match. Batista/Bobby Lashley 2.0 here we come.

Randy Orton interview

  • Orton says he’s more than happy to face Christian again.


Wade runs into Gabriel and Slater. They give him a slow clap.

  • Wade says he forgot they were even around.
  • Gabriel says that at least they’ll do some thing he can’t, win a rematch. Derp!

~ Do we even care about OG Nexus members anymore after being jobbed over and over again?

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater defeat The Uso Brothers

  • The Uso Brothers come out with a very dope entrance. They did some ceremonial Samoan dance prior to walking out to the ring. Dope! Hopefully they’ll do this all the time instead of a one shot deal like Samoa Joe’s epic entrance from a while back.
  • Booker drops a Samoan Swat Team reference!
  • Nice sequence where Gabriel was caught off a springboard into a Samoan Drop.
  • Slater puts up the knees and kills Jimmy Uso on the splash attempt for the win.

~ Decent match. I really hope WWE re-animates its tag team division. This match was enjoyable.

Jinder Mahal destroys Yoshi Tatsu in a no contest

  • Bell wasn’t rung and Jinder kills Yoshi and throws him to the Great Khali.
  • Khali chops Yoshi and then Jinder pulls off his Full Nelson Slam.

~ This drew some serious Smackdown edited in post heat.

Jinder grabs a mic.

  • He says this is what he is capable of.
  • He says he was already born the best.
  • He says Great Khali’s only mission is to serve.

~ I guess Jinder is the Indian Alberto Del Rio. Okay.

Kane defeats Christian via DQ.

  • Match starts at the 90-minute mark of the show. Something’s up.
  • Kane dominates Christian early on with power moves.
  • Christian rallies and gets a couple of close pinfalls.
  • Kane counters a Spear with a big boot for a close two count.
  • Kane hits his flying clothesline off the top. He teases the chokeslam but Mark Henry interrupts for the DQ.

Teddy comes out and says Mark Henry’s interference wasn’t Christian’s fault.

  • He makes the following tag team match. If Christian wins this, he gets another World Title opportunity.

Christian & Mark Henry defeat Kane & Randy Orton

  • Orton does a damn Thesz Press on Christian. Unbelievable.
  • Henry pushes off Orton’s RKO attempt into Christian, who gets RKO’d.
  • Orton tries to RKO Henry again but is caught and gets blasted with a World’s Strongest Slam for the loss.
  • Christian holds the World Title and starts talking to a dazed Randy Orton as the show ends.

~ Good main event but Kane and Christian were really clicking when Mark Henry interfered. I enjoyed the tag team bout but I liked the singles match just a little bit more.

What I like about this match the most was that Henry came off looking extremely powerful. Christian came off like he barely skated by and I think that’s what the writing team was going for.

This win officially puts Mark Henry into the Main Event mix. I look forward to seeing how far they’re going to push Mark Henry’s character in the coming months.

This was probably one of the better Smackdown episodes since the Draft.

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