Smackdown Thoughts & Review [6. 17. 11]


Sheamus tries to make his case to be number one contender. A Daniel Bryan sighting! Jinder Mahal continues his winning streak. Mark Henry gets knocked the fuck out and so much more.

Providece, RI

They replay Christian’s heel turn in dramatic fashion with Inception-like music for the soundtrack.

Orton comes out to cut a promo in the ring.

  • He doesn’t give a damn that he was diagnosed with a concussion.
  • He wants to beat Christian down.

Teddy Long comes out.

  • He says he hasn’t received Orton’s official medical clearance yet so he’s not going to let him fight tonight.

Out comes Christian.

  • Christian says Randy can use the concussion as an excuse when Christian beats him this Sunday.
  • He says that the ‘real’ reason is that Christian is just better than him.

This brings out Sheamus.

  • Sheamus whines about how he deserves to be number one contender.
  • Christian calls Sheamus Strawberry Shortcake.

Teddy Long makes Sheamus vs. Christian the main event.

The stipulations are:

  • 1) If Sheamus wins, the PPV match will be a Triple Threat.
  • 2) If Christian wins, the match stays the same.

Six Man Tag

  • Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan & Ezekiel Jackson defeat Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase & Wade Barrett
  • Cody blasts Sin Cara’s head off with his Beautiful Disaster Kick.
  • Bryan is tagged in, does his corner flip to the clothesline sequence.
  • Bryan kills DiBiase with a running dropkick in the corner for an odd-looking three count.

~ Fun match with what looked like a botched ending. Dibiase looked like he kicked out in time but the ref called for the bell anyways. Props to Bryan for looking elated for the victory.


Sheamus cuts a promo. He says he’s on top of the world. He’s the biggest star on Smackdown and that he’s going to beat Christian again and become the World Heavyweight Champion this Sunday.

Jinder Mahal pins Vladimir Kozlov

  • Kozlov dominates early with power moves.
  • Jinder hits a textbook Side Russian Legsweep for two.
  • Jinder distracts the ref while the Great Khali chops the hell out of Kozlov’s head.
  • Jinder hits his Full Nelson Slam for the W.

~ This looks like they’re going to be nursing Jinder’s push over the long haul. Jinder isn’t necessarily green but he isn’t spectacular either. I’m not sure whether they should be having him win with Khali’s help so soon. Does every heel have to be chicken shit?

Big Show comes out to the ring in a black hoodie.

  • Show says that he came to Smackdown because he heard Alberto Del Rio was going to be there.
  • After they showed his accident on Raw, Show tells Josh Mathews that he feels fine.

Teddy Long walks out and notifies Big Show that charges may be pressed against Show.

Long also gives Show an opponent, Mark Henry.

~ Big Show acted his off here. Really poignant stuff here from Show.

Big Show knocks out Mark Henry

  • Big Show begs Henry not to come into the ring.
  • Show takes Henry down and destroys him with Ground and Pound.
  • Show then knees Henry in the body and finally destroys him with the Knockout Punch.
  • After the match, medics come out and carefully place Mark Henry on a stretcher.

~ First Undertaker, and now Big Show incorporates some MMA moves into his Repertoire. I hope they eventually turn Big Show heel and make him the dominant champion that he should be.


Christian says that Teddy Long’s decision was a bad call. He doesn’t have to prove himself to anybody.

Six Diva Tag

Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Tamina defeat Natalya, AJ & Kaitlyn

  • Rihanna Alicia Fox starts off quickly on Kaitlyn.
  • Tamina is tagged in and overpowers Kaitlyn.
  • AJ tries to go for a crucifix but Tamina counters with a Samoan Drop for the win.

~ Not sure why they’re jobbing AJ and Kaitlyn, but I guess it’s to make us appreciate their wins in the future.


Idiom Boy, Johnny Curtis, puts a golf ball into a hole that contains an Ace of Spades.

The Uso Brothers defeat Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater

  • Slater has an extra amount of tanning spray on. #OrangeGoblin
  • Jimmy Uso catches Slater off the top rope into a powerslam. Sick.
  • Jay Uso hits a running hip attack for two.
  • The Uso’s do a nice Samoan Drop Double team for a close two.
  • Jay hits a Splash from the top on Slater and it’s over.

~ It looks like they’re giving the Uso’s a lot more time to shine. I like them because they’re one of the few tag teams that actually has some double team moves. If there’s anything the WWE needs to improve, it’s their tag team division.

Alberto Del Rio comes out.

  • ADR says that he isn’t afraid of the Big Show and that it’s his destiny to become WWE Champion. He’s going to dedicate his match at Capitol Punishment to his best friend, Ricardo Rodriguez.

Big Show comes out and ADR escapes through the crowd.

ADR gives him a wink and Big Show destroys the announcing table.

ADR looks concerned.

~ Nice build up to ADR and Show’s match at the PPV. I’m looking forward to their match.

Christian pins Sheamus

  • Randy Orton joins the announcing team for the match.
  • Shemaus counters a Kill Switch.
  • Christian gets caught on the top rope but drops Sheamus’ head on the steel post for the win.
  • After the match, Orton goes after Christian but Christian escapes.
  • Orton then opts to punt Sheamus in the head while Christian looks on in horror.

~ So does this mean we’re not going to see Sheamus for a while? Most punt victims are gone for at least a few weeks after an Orton Punt.

Mark Henry and Sheamus, two of their top heels, were destroyed on this show.

Decent show to lead up to the pay per view. Hopefully, Smackdown’s main event scene will get a reboot after this Sunday.

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