06-16-11 IMPACT Wrestling



Just came back from happy hour so I should be ready for this…



Recap videos from the ppv start the show. Jarrett says its not over (oh god) and Anderson is now more of a douche bag (not in a good way) now that he’s the IMPACT Champion.


Anderson comes down to the ring to gloat. The ring looks like a poor man’s Dave n Busters with games and chicken wings… he’s full ass heel now talking shit to the fans. This brings out…. Gunner?! He’s all pissy that Anderson doesn’t need anyone when he needed him last week and feels owed. Gunner needs someone with style to dress his ass. They bicker, we get beer poured and Gunner gets the best of Anderson in this whole shenanigans putting him threw a table.


They’re doing some tournament to crown the new #1 contender. Joe is shown in the video which is funny cause they book him to lose all the time…? Think about it if your favorite sports franchise was the worst would the league still put them in the playoffs… the answer is nope.


When did Skye looks the “e”?! have I been making that up the whole time!?


Oh no here come the Mexicans!


Sad faced Sting is doing the walk around backstage.


Hernandez and his crew take on Devon, The Pope comes down and distracts Devon. You figured that would have been then end but the Mexican’s come in for the DQ and The Pope makes the save. Devon isn’t having this shit.


Anderson yells at Bischoff over Gunner. Eric isn’t doing shit for Anderson.


Annnnnd here is Kurt Angle to gloat about beating Jarrett. He thinks the shit is over. He mentions wanting to go to the Olympics all old n shit and we get Jarrett out. They bicker, Jarrett says its not over even though Angle say it is. Angle sounds like he was edited… they are fighting AGAIN in a parking lot brawl tonight to END it, end it.


Oh, it’s a #1 contender series with point n shit. Yeah, they’ll still find a way to fuck it up! This bowlshit series starts with RVD and Joe tonight.


Eric Young runs into Morgan, he wants to defend the TV title against him but Morgan don’t want nothing to do with this shit cause he’s in this tournament. Morgan convinces him to go find a TV star to defend the title against. Sigh.


Destination X will be all X Division apparently, bringing back oldies of the division.


Kid Kash comes out all muscled out and tatt’d up. He’s taking on Jimmy Rave and Austin Starr Aries for a chance to compete at Destination X. Good match that Aries wins with the brain buster. This is the shit the made me want to watch TNA, not the crap they do now a days.


Great, Tessmacher and Sky are tag teaming. They end up grabbing each other’s asses in the back. That’s all that needs to be noted.


So Mexican’s get banned from ringside in this knockout tag match. This gets a forward job… ODB cause the distraction and Tessmacher loses this shit and she aint happy. Oh no… Jacqueline and ODB jump Sky and security masking them look like bitches.


Hogan gives Sting a rematch against Anderson. Hogan says he’s trying here but Sting is weary of his ass and confronts Hogan about his attitude and his legacy. This gets tense when Sting loses it and corners Hogan and he puts face paint on Hogan. I don’t think this is the best way to get your point across Stinger…


Jackie and ODB are on a pissy in the back about wrestling mattering. Sky comes in and gets her ass kicked again, what a dumb bitch.


Aries gets a promo in the back when Eric Young comes in and challenges Jason Harvey to a match cause he’s a TV star. He punks out Harvey and makes Aries make the count. He congratulates Harvey on a good match with him. is this shit over yet?!


Joe vs. RVD is next. Joe’s got some weird color combo on with bright blue and deep red. Joe continues his defeated streak by losing this one to RVD with the 5 star frog splash. Good match though for that it was.


Gunner is getting stitched up in the back, did I miss something??


Main event between Anderson and Gunner is next. Ok match that ends with Anderson declaring himself the winning before the end of the match and Gunner hitting the F5 for the pin. Bischoff comes out and celebrates with Gunner…


Scott Steiner yells a lot about Bully Ray who he’s taking on in this contender series next week. They then go to Bully Ray who cuts a solid ass promo on Steiner and makes him look like an old bitch!


They cut to the parking lot and Angle and Jarrett are brawling in a circle of TNA dudes egging them on. Mature. They beat the shit out of each other (for what feels like 45 minutes) before Angle chokes out Jarrett with his t-shirt. Sounds like Jarrett has to move to Mexico (oh yeah that was one of the stupid stips for tonight). Maybe he can join Mexican America.


Anyhow, night over and I see improvement here. Its still TNA but a couple of good matches and I’m a little intrigued by this contenders series.







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