Smackdown Thoughts & Review [6. 10. 11]


Christian completes his heel turn, an AJ sighting, Cody and Ted reminisce and The Corre break up!


They show a clip of Christian clocking Orton with his title last week.

Christian comes out. Nice mixed reaction from the crowd.

  • He was curious to see what kind of reaction he would get.
  • He feels like he has been screwed over and over in the past few months.
  • He says that if you’re booing, you don’t get it.
  • He’s through with his so-called peeps and that he doesn’t want to talk them anymore.
  • Huge “YOU SUCK” chant from the crowd.
  • He says he will talk to TOOL in the ring.
  • He says he doesn’t get how people boo him for smacking Orton with the title.
  • He feels Randy Orton has disrespected him. Orton shouldn’t have been such an opportunist and challenged him so soon after he won the title.
  • He asks TOOL to pole the audience if they think he still deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion.
  • The crowd responds with jeers.
  • He says he’s going to win the World Title for himself and he won’t be sharing his victory with the peeps anymore.

~ Well there it is. If there’s anything to make a crowd turn against you, it’s side with TOOL. Hopefully, this will work out well for Christian’s character. I’m glad he got a chance to win the World Title as a face at least once before this heel turn. Where does this leave Mark Henry and Sheamus if Christian is now Smackdown’s top heel?

Six Man Tag

Ezekial Jackson & The Uso Brothers defeat The Corre (Barrett, Gabriel & Slater)

  • The Uso’s get their asses beat for a while and Jackson is tagged in.
  • Barrett abandons his boys and Ezekial subs Gabriel with the Torture Rack.

~ FCW Legends match here. I haven’t seen the WWE give the Uso’s this much shine since the first week of their debut. They improved some and they actually pulled off some sensible double teams that looked decent.


Sheamus demands a match with Christian. Teddy Long denies him.

Teddy Long puts him in a match with Orton instead. The crowd goes apeshit.

~ Are they trying to turn Sheamus face soon?


Slater and Gabriel give Barrett shit about leaving them. Slater and Gabriel say the Corre is done, son.

Jinder Mahal pins Trent Barreta

  • Barreta rallies but is distracted by the Great Khali when he goes for a moonsault.
  • Jinder pins Trent with a Full Nelson Slam.

~ In a perfect world, Trent Barreta would have won this in a squash. Not feeling Jinder’s finisher. What’s next – a deadly snap mare?


AJ is interviewed. Tamina interrupts with Rosa Mendes at her side. Tamina calls her mini mouse and gives her a block of cheese. AJ says LayCool wants their gimmick back. Burn.

AJ w/ Natalya pins Tamina w/ Rosa Mendes

  • AJ rolls Tamina up after countering a Samoan Drop.

~ Racist! Ha. They’re having Tamina use Samoan headbutts. Why do ethnic folks gotta have the hardest heads in pro wrestling sports entertainment the realm of action soap operas?

AJ looked sharp here. Glad she’s getting her opportunity. She’s already one of the top three Divas on the mic and arguably one of the top divas in the ring.

Randy Orton comes to the ring.

  • He asks Christian to say whatever he has to say to his face.
  • Christian appears on the Smackdown-Tron.
  • Christian asks Randy Orton for one more match and that he knows he could beat him.
  • Randy says he’s down and Christian makes the match at Capitol Punishment.

~ Christian does a funny Teddy Long impersonation abundant with “Holla, holla, hollas.” Heh.


Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes are in the locker room talking about iPhone Apps.

  • Cody says he should call the shots.
  • They start taking digs at each others’ careers.
  • Cody says that now he feels free to do anything since he lost everything. He’s also a self-proclaimed genius.

~ Eh. Cody loses all sorts of heat hanging out with Dibiase.

Sin Cara and Ted DiBiase wrestle “action soap opera” to a no-contest

  • Sin Cara comes out to a nice reaction and clears the top rope easily.
  • Cara botches a springboard back flip.
  • Cody pulls Sin Cara down on the apron for the DQ.
  • DiBiase and Cody tease a beatdown, and then Daniel Bryan plays Captain Save-a-Luchadore.
  • Teddy Long comes out and makes it a tag team match.

Sin Cara & Daniel Bryan defeat Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

  • Cody and Ted destroy Sin Cara with quick tags and methodical wear down holds.
  • Nice suicide by Sin Cara on Cody.
  • DiBiase catches Bryan off the top but Bryan counters and locks on the Lebell Lock for the dub.

~ It’s official, Sin Cara has the fanciest arm drags in the WWE.

Good tag match for what it was. Sick overhead belly to belly suplex by Bryan. Business always picks up when Daniel Bryan is in the ring. It seems like the WWE is going to beef up its tag team division.


Johnny Curtis says he has a chip on his shoulder. Great, a guy with an idiom gimmick. Maybe he’ll cut a promo in a hole in the ground next week – since he’s already buried.

They cut to an Orton interview.

  • He says his match with Sheamus will be therapy.

NO DQ Non Title Match

Sheamus pins Randy Orton

  • They play up to Orton’s shoulder being injured in the match.
  • Orton took a lot of hard shots from a kendo stick but kicked out at two.
  • Sheamus’ foot is caught in the ropes and Orton goes all Chris Brown with the kendo stick.
  • Orton follow with his 2nd Rope DDT.
  • Orton prepares for the RKO but Christian interferes and tries give him a Kill Switch. Orton counters and Christian flees the ring.
  • Orton dodges a Bro Kick but Christian hits Orton from behind.
  • Sheamus rolls Orton up for the W.

~ Good match that told a story. Unfortunately, Smackdown’s best wrestlers are now in the midcard. That being said, I hope they give Christian the World Championship. He’s paid his dues and there’s nothing more intriguing than seeing people trying to take the title away from a shit talking, cocky heel.

Okay show tonight but there was nothing to mark out over.


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