06-06-11 WWE RAW + Tough Enough Finale



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RAW technically starts 15 minutes early with the season finale being live of Tough Enough. DeMott, Status and Booker come out to the ring and bring out the eliminated contestants who of course get booed by the crowd. Fucking wrestling fans. Andy and Luke are brought out to the ring, both carrying their WWE Tough Enough Titles. Booker then intro’s Stone Cold who brings the crowd to life.


Austin has the crowd give the contestants a round of applause. Austin then thanks the couches for the season. Austin then asks the trainers for their picks… DeMott talks about the final two and if had to pick one he’d go with Andy. Trish picks Andy. Booker doesn’t pick but says Andy has the “it” factor. Stone Cold then cuts a promo on both finalists while asking Luke about Andy. Luke cuts a decent promo on having what it takes to be a superstar. Andy says Luke has no business being in this business and he’s insulted he has to stand next to him.


In the back we get a limo and its Vince McMahon!!!! Stone Cold tells his ass to get to the ring. After the break Vince makes his way to the ring and does some strange pose on the ramp before he does the strut. Vince asks for an Austin hug but he said he’ll stunner him if he does. Haha In the ring its only Andy, Luke, Vince and Austin. Vince asks them what makes them think they should stand in the ring that HBK, Andre, Sgt. Slaughter and Austin were in.


Vince shoots Andy down fast. But Luke cuts a good heel promo. Vince says he’s going to choose but Austin is looking at him funny. They bicker about who’s picking the winner. Vince backs down and Austin looks over the finalists… Vince wants a drum roll which he gets… haha. Austin looks at them and stalls for a bit before saying…. Andy! The crowd digs it as Luke looks crushed. Austin says something to him and Luke bounces.


Austin asks for a few words for Andy from Vince and Vince slaps him down! Andy gets on his feet, Austin congratulates him, shakes his hand and Stunners his ass!! Haha


Austin asks for a beer to be thrown for Vince but he misses it and then we get The Truth dressed as a confederate from the civil war… He stands there with Vince and Austin and Truth explains that the RAW GM wants him to apologize for last week and what he did to those plants fans. Truth says he is sorry because he is “a good R-Truth”. He says sorry 5 times before Austin says he looks like a jackass. Truth says he knows where he is in Richmond VA where the confederacy was born. He says nothing good ever come out of the south even though they had one good idea, he says he’s seceding from the WWE. No ones making any more money off of him because he’s been a victim of a conspiracy, then asks Vince about it who makes fun of “R”. Vince tells him that Truth what his office hours are before The Miz comes out.


Miz makes fun of Truth having Vince out there and all he is talking about is conspiracies. He says if not for Riley he would still be WWE Champion. He says he deserves one more match for the title. Riley is now out, (this segment is a fucking mess, what is this TNA IMPACT). Miz and Riley argue and now to finish off this shit sandwich we get Cena… he goes into his typical joke bullshit while goes down the line ending with Truth and talking about his outfit…. We get an email… Cole goes to read but Vince tells Cole to shut up!!! Vince sets up Truth & Miz vs. Riley & Cena for tonight… special guest ref is Stone Cold.


Long segment just to end up in this predicable main event.


Santino w/Kozlov vs. Michael McGillicutty w/Otunga is on right after the break. Santino starts fast and sends Hennig over the top rope before doing an Ultimate Warrior impersonation. Haha Santino teases the cobra but Hennig runs into the corner. Hennig makes the cover after a devastating… dropkick. He got a 2 count for that. Anyhow, Santino hits the cobra for the win. Crowd loves him, he cant do no wrong.


Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix take on The Bella’s next… Cole puts over that they took offense to the comments by the Bella’s on Kharma… why the fuck do they care?! The recap last week with Kharma before the Bella’s come out. SO basically the Bella’s are what LayCool was but not in a good way… Kelly is the Rey Mysterio of the Diva’s…. no, I’m just joking. Lawler is appalled by the Bella’s comments last week, oh Jerry we know you’ve dodged a few bullets in your life! DOPE slingshot suplex by Beth, she wins the match with her version of the implant buster on one of the Bella’s.


We’re getting Rey vs. Punk again tonight… because they know they’ll get dope matches from them. This needs to be the main event program not ass clown Cena.


Booker and Trish in the back chatting. He’s gives Trish a new move… the Trisharoonie… he’s about to help her do it when Swagger shows up to save the segment. Swagger calls out Booker but Booker doesn’t believe he just said that… he accepts. Sweet! Booker back in the ring!


Match of the night is on next. CM Punk comes out with Mason Ryan. Punk says he’s beaten Rey 600 times already and how he graciously keeps giving him matches. He welcomes us to the dismantling of Rey Mysterio. The WWE ain’t SHIT without CM Punk! Match starts off with a chain wrestling exchange but quickly picks up the pace. Head scissors baseball slide from Rey to Punk on the outside! Punk gets Rey in the tree of woe which was a dope spot. Good shit thus far in this match with both exchanging back and forth. Missile head butt from Rey to a standing Punk! Tornado DDT and a splash from the top wins the match for Mysterio. Good shit as always!


We get another Obama press conference bit… oh shit Truth is in this one! Haha Truth asks the President about the conspiracy against him. haha. Fuck, I have to say this shit is funny. Truth has saved this bit.


Riley and Cena are sad faced in the back about tagging together.


RAW is three hours next week with “WWE All Star Night”…


Alberto Del Rio is out but no intro by Ricardo Rodriguez!? The fuck? He replays the shit with Big Show from 2 weeks ago… is this ADR injured cause shouldn’t he at least be wrestling jobbers on RAW!? Alberto calls out Show so he can apologize… yeah, you can smell it already… its Rodriguez dressed as Show coming out in crutches… its 2011, are we still doing this bit!? fuck! ADR then threatens Show to end this shit. Come on man, quit dropping the back with this dude. Rodriguez takes the skull cap off and says ADR’s name over and over…


Looks like Kofi’s push is back on. Cole puts him over before cutting to a video package on him. Guess who’s in panic mode…


OH SHIT Zack Ryder is on RAW with a match!!!! Looks like he’s taking on Kofi as Ziggler and Vicki are on commentary. Ziggler calls Ryder biggest sensation on youtube! Yup… Did Cole just call Ryder “Zack Ziggler”?? Ziggler is putting over Z True Long Island Stories. Dolph is twittering while Ryder is jobbing. He loses to the trouble in paradise… did Ziggler just take a pot shots saying some shit about his twitter account being hacked?! Haha


Booker does the walk, dude looks massively built up out of nowhere.


Miz vs. Riley at the ppv.


Booker T’s return to RAW is up next against Swagger… come on no pyro for Booker?! Booker and Swagger go to the same boot store. Cole is now all about twitter… its forced and unnecessary. We get a “lets go Booker” chant. Booker still looks sharp in the ring, he needs to come back FT. Swagger bitches out and gets counted out. Bourne comes out forces Swagger back in who gets a Booker T scissors kick and a shooting star press. We then get a double spinaroonie from Booker and Bourne.


Stone Cold is going the walk in the back.


Main event time and Stone Cold is out first. Nice white tennis shoes Steve… Miz needs to lose these baseball shirts. They just don’t work for his character. Truth still has no music. Someone fucked up on the stage graphic when Riley came out, it kept flashing John Cena’s name… Anyhow, the match starts off.. I zone out and we’re back from another commercial break… Miz has Riley in a rest hold head lock. Miz hits the DDT he’s been doing lately for a 2 count. Stone Cold gets involved pulling Miz off of Riley who then tries to make the hot tag but Truth cuts him off. We get a “lets go Riley” chant as he blocks Truth’s attempt from the top rope and makes the hot tag to jean shorts mcgee. He of course goes into his same ol’ shit move set before getting Miz in the STF but he gets to the ropes. Cena should stop trying to do dropkicks… Riley brings in the briefcase and hits Miz with it who then gets a Stunner then an FU for the pin… its like they didn’t know how to finish the match so they over book it.


Riley gets a beer which he drinks as he walks off leaving Cena and Austin in the ring… we get an email from the GM… Cole reads… because Austin interfered Riley and Cena have been DQ’d. Another email… the GM appoints Austin as the special guest GM next week… Austin takes down the podium and grabs Cole, pulls him into the ring pours beer all over him before giving him a Stunner and Cena with the FU.


Austin gets in the face of Cole and talks shit.


Fuck this show was super over booked tonight, damn.


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