Smackdown Thoughts & Review [5. 27. 11]


The return of AJ, a meaner Khali, Daniel Bryan is awesome and more!

Mr. Stubble Randy Orton comes out to a loud pop.

TOOL is out of his Glass Tool Box and back at the announcing table.

Orton grabs a mic.

  • He introduces himself and says he’s still the World Heavyweight Champion.

Christian comes out.

  • Christian says congrats, the match could have gone either way and that he wants a rematch.

Sheamus comes out.

  • Sheamus says Christian is embarrassing himself and that Sheamus should be wrestling for Orton’s title.

Cue Mark Henry.

  • Mark says he isn’t waiting in line.

Teddy Long walks down.

  • He surveys the crowd and the crowd says that Christian deserves a rematch.
  • He announces a number one contender Triple Threat match between Christian, Sheamus and Mark Henry.

Sin Cara pins Chavo

  • Chavo hits a sick double knee in the corner.
  • Cara with an Asai Moonsault.
  • Cara with a headscissors tilt-a-whirl takedown roll up for the win.

~ It’s sad that Cara comes off a little sloppy at times. Watching Sin Cara just makes me miss Low-Ki/Kaval a lot more. If they got behind Low-Ki like they’re doing with Cara, Low-Ki would be over and definitely wouldn’t be as sloppy.

Daniel Bryan pins Cody Rhodes

  • Hell yeah. Daniel Bryan is one of the few last reasons I still watch pro wrestling.
  • Cody disses the locals again and breaks out the paper bags.
  • Bryan comes down and the match begins at full speed.
  • Bryan kills Cody’s knees with the standing Mexican Surfboard position.
  • Bryan hits the Missile Dropkick for two.
  • Cody hits a Beautiful Disaster Kick right after Bryan does his turnbuckle flip.
  • Bryan counters the Cross Rhodes into the Lebell Lock for the tapout!!!
  • Cody attacks Bryan afterwards and I’m psyched that these two are going to be feuding. Awesome matches galore.

~ This was wrestling. If this turns into a two-month feud, I’ll be happy. I hope the WWE didn’t put Bryan over just for this episode since they’re near his hometown.

Ezekial Jackson defeats Heath Slater via DQ

  • Slater has on long tights. He looks like a cheap Rocker.
  • Jackson dominates early with his strength power moves.
  • Jackson kills Slater with consecutive shoulder blocks.
  • Jackson blasts Slater with his body slam flurry.
  • Torture Rack and out comes the Corre for the DQ.

~ The crowd seems to be getting behind Jackson. Any resemblance of dominance and heat of the original Nexus is gone.


  • Christian says he was the Canadian Kickball Champion when he was the kid.
  • He says he’s going to get the last laugh and overcome the odds.

The Monster’s Brawl

  • Kane pins The Great Khali
  • Khali nurses a nerve hold for at least half the match.
  • Khali breaks a Chokeslam by pushing Kane over the rope.
  • Kane with his Flying Clothesline off the top for the win.

~ Kudos to Kane for playing the quicker and smaller man here. He made Khali look halfway decent.

Jinder Mahal comes out to some very fly Indian music. He berates Khali and slaps him a few times.

Jinder pushes Runjin aside and Khali pushes Jinder back but then squeezes Runjin’s head and knocks him.

Jinder and Khali leave the ring together.

Booker T is in the ring.

  • Booker asks TOOL to get into the ring.
  • TOOL gets in there begrudgingly.
  • Booker shows the Toe video and makes fun of him.
  • TOOL goes all sad clown.
  • Booker gets the crowd to chant “kiss my feet.”


  • Sheamus tells Matt Striker that he’s been able to achieve a lot more than Christian and Mark Henry with their entire careers combined.

Tamina & Alicia Fox defeat AJ & Kaitlyn w/ Natalya

  • AJ comes out blazing and hits Alicia with a low running dropkick.
  • Kaitlyn with a nice head spear to Alicia’s midsection.
  • Alicia hits the Axe Kick and it’s over.

~ I think the crowd would have popped if Tamina got in a Cobra. I thought they were going to debut AJ and Kaitlyn in a big way but we got this instead. Boo. You can’t write the great chemistry that Kaitlyn and AJ have. They could be a face version of LayCool.


Mark Henry punks Striker.

~ Probably one of the best segments Henry has ever done.

THIS is how you hype a main event. I love the short interviews with all three opponents.

They show the Macho Man Randy Savage tribute from Raw.

Number One Contender Triple Threat Match

Shemaus defeats Mark Henry and Christian

  • Henry crushes Christian with his weight.
  • Sheamus with an Irish Hammer for two.
  • Christian dodges a Bro Kick, hits the Kill Switch but Mark Henry pulls Christian out.
  • Randy Orton comes out to watch the match.
  • Christian drops Henry with a Missile Dropkick for a close two.
  • Henry blasts Christian with his WSS Slam but Sheamus broke the pin.
  • Christian with a nice tornado DDT on Sheamus for two.
  • Henry pushes Orton’s face.
  • Christian spears Sheamus but Orton RKO’s Henry, which distracts the ref from counting to three.
  • Bro Kick on Christian and Sheamus gets the win.

~ Good match but I’m already tired of seeing Orton and Sheamus wrestle each other. So glad their title match is going to be on next week’s episode and not on a PPV.

Overall this was an okay show. I’m mostly excited to see how far they’re going to push Mark Henry. He’s certainly paid his dues and his promos are at an all time high right now. Hopefully, he’ll be given a run with a major title before he retires.

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    Are guys you still watching Tough Enough?

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