I was “over the limit” of boredom.

They open with a RIP graphic for Macho Man Randy Savage. I’m glad they did it and didn’t try to avoid it.

This stage looks like a rainbow, what the fuck?!

R-Truth comes down with no music, in 2011 I am not digging not having music. He cuts a promo before the match. He’s pissed about not having a parking spot and doesn’t want to be treated like the fans. He talks shit about the fans and having to dance for little Jimmy. He calls Rey shit, “toy mask” and how he’s gonna take his spot.

Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth

-they start off slow sizing each other up until Truth hits the sucker punches.

-Truth is sent to the outside shortly after for the Hurricanranna from Rey off the apron.

-Rey goes to the top for the moonsault but Truth cuts him off and beats on him in the corner.

-Truth sends Rey who’s on the apron into the ring post.

-back in the ring Rey tries to fight Truth off but ends up taking a front face suplex for a 2 count.

-Rey is hung up on the top rope but he fights off and hits a 2nd rope bulldog for a 2 count.

-springboard splash off the ropes by Rey for another 2 followed by a stiff kick to Truth’s head for another 2.

-seated senton by Rey but he runs into a flying forearm.

-Truth ends up in the ropes for the 619 when he goes for the mic check but Truth goes out of the ring before Rey hits it.

-Truth pulls out Rey to the apron and crotches him in the apron banner.

-he rolls Rey into the ring, hits the mic check and pins Rey Mysterio while the crowd chants “you suck”.

Winner: R-Truth

Truth drinks water in the corner after the match and hits Rey in the head with the bottle before celebrating and then bouncing. Good opener that got Truth over huge.

Miz and Riley in the back with Todd. He ain’t spilling the beans on his plans for tonight but its something no one has ever thought of doing. Miz goes off about being underestimated.

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson

-Jackson over powers Wade to the mat with a series of forearms.

-Wade tries to irish whip Jackson but ends up on the outside.

-they are putting over Jackson overpowering Barrett.

-SLOW paced match.

-Wade finally fights back and sends Jackson into the ringpost multiple times before going to the apron and kicking Jackson’s head in for a 2 count.

-elbow drop by Wade from the 2nd rope for another 2 count.

-commentators are horrible tonight all they are doing is fighting with Michael Cole.

-Wade gets him up for waste land but Jackson fights out, instead Ezekiel takes a pump handle slam.

-series of scope slams by Jackson, not sure how I feel about the multiple slams as part of a move set.

-back breaker by Jackson until The Corre interfere for the DQ.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson by DQ

Even though Jackson tries to fight back The Corre get the advantage and beat on him. The Corre hit a triple person combo with Wade kicking Jackson in the face while Gabriel and Slater hit a forward mic check.

CM Punk and Mason Ryan walking in the back when they walk into Otunga and McGillicutty who got jumped. Punk keeps Ryan calm about this shit but Ryan accuses Punk of not caring about them but he keeps this fool calm. Punk tells Otunga and Hennig to “walk it off”. I laughed out loud at that shit.


Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero

-ground game starts off the match with a series of arm locks, head scissors and arm drags.

-corkscrew splash over the top rope from Cara on Chavo.

-standing moonsault from Cara off the top rope for a 2 count.

-running knees by Chavo in the corner.

-Chavo sent back to the outside and Cara hits a running top rope splash.

-Hurricanranna from the top to Chavo.

-springboard elbow from Cara.

-high cross body from the top rope from Cara for a 2 count.

-Cara fights out of the Gory  Special.

-Cara pins Chavo with a SLOPPY flying head scissors.

Winner: Sin Cara

Todd in the back with Christian and Randy Orton. Todd asks if this eats away at him after waiting 17 years to win the Title. Christian says he would have done the same thing and is going to win the title tonight. Orton says he’s beaten Christian again and he will do it again but Christian cuts him off saying he’s not going to lose. Orton says there will be no happily ever after tonight.

Alberto Del Rio is introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez before he comes out in a convertible Bentley. He talks about destiny and the immigrant problem in Seattle with those sneaky Canadian’s trying to cross the border. Funny shit. He said he’s not upset about not being in the main event because he knows he can make Cena and Miz say I quit with his arm breaker and it’s a matter of time before he is WWE Champion. This brings out the Tag Team Champions Kane and The Big Show. Kane said he’s already mad that the rapture didn’t come yesterday and if ADR doesn’t bounce he’ll end up like Hennig and Otunga. Del Rio reluctantly bounces.

WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane vs. Mason Ryan & CM Punk

-Ryan and Kane start this off with Ryan over powering Kane.

-Ryan just screams of being green.

-Punk is tagged but he is taking down quickly, then Show is tagged in who just manhandles Punk.

-Punk finally dropkicks Show’s leg and tags in Ryan to do more damage on Show.

-Ryan does the job then tags in Punk who gets manhandled again.

-sidewalk slam by Kane on Punk for a 2 count.

-top rope clothesline by Kane on Punk, he then goes for the chokeslam but Punk kicks Kane in the head after the Ryan distraction to the ref.

-Ryan tagged back in who sends Kane back first into the ring apron.

-dropkick by Punk on Kane’s knee.

-running powerslam by Ryan on Kane for a 2 count.

-Nexus takes the advantage.

-Punk goes to the top and does his tribute to the Macho Man but misses the elbow and Kane makes the hot tag.

-Show comes in fast and takes Ryan off his feet.

-double clothesline by Show to Ryan and Punk.

-double chokeslam by Kane and Show to Ryan for the pin and the win.

Winners: Kane & Big Show

Take CM Punk out of this match and it would have been a horrible match. Punk says what he can in this one. Good Macho Man tribute by Punk.

Horrible WWE Capital Punishment commercial with footage of President Obama cut into fake press. God damn!

Diva’s Champion Brie Bella w/Nicki vs. Kelly Kelly

-Kelly takes the lead hitting a high cross body off the top then putting his ass in Brie’s face in the corner.

-Kelly sent to the outside for the Nicki interference.

-Brie ends up working on the arm of Kelly with a series of moves/drops.

-Thesz Press by Kelly.
-twin magic behind the refs back.

-Nicki hits the Xpac facebuster for the win.

Winner: Nicki Brie Bella

Cole heads to the back to get ready for his match.

World Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian

-off the back we get battling chants “lets go Christian/lets go Orton”.

-match starts off fast with both a series of moves that ends with Christian with a dropkick off the 2nd rope.

-baseball slide from Christian to Orton on the outside.

-Christian keeps Orton on the mat with a series of headlocks.

-Orton cuts Christian off at the top rope and hits a super plex for a 2 1/2 .

-“Randy” chants.

-European upper cuts by Orton before he gets caught in a back slide for a 2 count.

-spinbuster by Christain for a 2 ½.

-“yay/boo” punches with Christian playing the face.

-Orton goes for the Angle Slam but Christian he’s the arm drag.

-Orton in the ropes and Christian goes for his over the top rope to the floor punch but Orton blocks it and tries to hit his horizontal rope DDT but Christian fights it off.

-Christian hits a head butt from the top for a close 2 ½!

-Garvin stomp by Orton then I knee drop for a 1 count.

-Christian goes for the Kill Switch but Orton tries to get the RKO, Christian tries for the Kill Switch again but Orton then pulls out the reverse boston crab!!! Christian finally makes it to the ropes.

-“lets go Christian” chant.

-Christian fakes out Orton who was going for the RKO, Christian hits the sunset flip for a close 2 ½ count!

-Christian goes for to hit his kick in the ropes but Orton reverses it and hits his horizontal DDT for another 2.

-Orton sets up for the RKO but Christian throws him off!

-Christian calls for the spear!!!… NO ROLLING POWER SLAM BY ORTON FOR A 2!

-Orton sets up for the punt but changes his mind he goes for it then but WALKS INTO A SPEAR!…1…2…. TWO AND A HALF!!!

-KILL SWITCH NO! RKO NO! backflip by Christain… RKO..1…2…THREE!

Winner: Randy Orton

The match that saved the pay per view, woke up this crowd and finally didn’t make me regret ordering this shit. Great back and forth match, these dudes had great chemistry and put on a really solid showing.

After Orton is done celebrating he helps Christian up but he isn’t having it and goes to leave but changes his mind gets in Orton face but then shakes his hand. Should end the ppv right here. So dope!

Kiss My Foot Match

Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler

-Cole comes out to the ring still dressed and limping. Cole then reads off that he cant compete tonight because he is medically prohibited because his Athletes Foot is infected and if Lawler takes his foot in the mouth he will get hoof and mouth.

-the ref rips up the letter and the match is on.

-Lawler rips off Cole’s clothes and dropkicks him to the outside.

-Cole fights back then takes his shoe off.

-Lawler fights off and sends Cole into the Cole Mine destroying it!

-Lawler hits the fist drop off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Jerry Lawler

Lawler smiles while he starts to take his boot off. Lawler then signals to the back and Eve comes out. She goes to the top and hits the moonsault! Lawler then takes his boot off while the crowd chants “Jerry”. Lawler then calls out another person…. Its Jim Ross! JR pulls out BBQ sauce and pours all over Cole’s face! Cole starts to leave and head up the ramp. Cole then says he didn’t lose tonight because he is no loser like the three in the ring and everyone in Seattle. Cole says he wont ever kiss Lawler’s foot. BRET HART IS OUT!!!! Cole is backing up while Bret walks to the ring. Bret then throws Cole back into the ring and right into Lawler. SHARPSHOOTER BY THE HITMAN ON COLE! Lawler then sticks his foot in Cole’s mouth! Haha

Lawler high fives the fans around ringside before heading back up the ramp and JR is now on commentary for the rest of the night.

Finally the payoff they should have done months ago! Lawler squashes Cole then humiliates him. Too bad this wont take Cole off TV for a while like it should.

I Quit Match

WWE Champion John Cena vs. The Miz w/Alex Riley

-Miz gets the big AWESOME letters he got at WrestleMania again.

-As the match starts Miz gets on the mic and cuts the same promo from RAW but then says Riley can do all those things to Cena as well… this is your fucking surprise.

-Cena says he wont quit but Cena comes out quick against both guys.

-Cena goes for the STF on Miz but Riley breaks it up and now Riley and Miz have the advantage.

-Miz hits the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo.

-Cena gets the AA but Riley comes in with the briefcase and pounds on Cena.

-double powerbomb to Cena… he doesn’t quit.

-They send Cena into the steel barricade… he doesn’t quit.

-superman fights off Miz and Riley until Cena is thrown into the steel steps.

-Miz DDT on the steel steps! He doesn’t quit.

-Riley holds the steel steps up and Miz tells Cena to quit or he’s going to throw them. Riley throws it on him but Cena wont quit.

-Miz pulls out Singapore cane and hits Cena in the ribs while Riley holds him. he still wont quit. Miz fucks him up even more… he wont quit.

-Cane shot to the head of Cena… he doesn’t quit.

-Cena thrown into the steel ramp back first.

-vertical suplex on the steel stage.

-Cena kicked off the stage but he wont quit.

-Riley holds Cena over the gaff camera and Miz takes someone’s belt to whip Cena with it. He asks Cena to quit but he wont so Miz whips his ass over and over.

-superman makes a comeback but is stopped by Miz and a steel chair.

-another superman come back in the ring that ends up with a ref bump but Miz hits him with a reverse DDT.

-Miz puts the chair between the ring ropes and Miz hits the SCF onto it!!.. he doesn’t quit.

-Miz asks some kid to tell Cena to quit but he says never.

-Miz gets back in the kids face after hitting Cena with the Miz but the kid is sticking up for Cena.

-Cena is now stuck in the barricade and Miz says he’s going to beat his ass with a chair if he doesn’t quit… he doesn’t and Miz takes the chair to Cena’s head.

-they pull a Mankind and play Cena saying “I Quit” and Miz wins… but hold up… the ref finds a cell phone close to Cena. The ref catches them and restarts the match.

-Riley goes to hit Cena with the belt but accidentally hits Miz.

-Cena AA’s Riley through the announce table.

-Cena then takes his belt and starts to whip Miz all the way up the ramp and up to the stage.

-STF on Miz and he quits…

Winner: John Cena


A snuff match for S&M is all this was. That’s all I have to say about that.

They only saving grace of this ppv was Christian/Orton match, that is all.

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2 Responses to “05-22-11 WWE OVER THE LIMIT”

  1. Zank Says:

    I’m not with you on this one.
    All in all… solid… but 55 USD for this? Thankfully we’re just paying ~35 bucks over here in the old country. 🙂 (and it was well worth the money)

    R-Truth vs R.M.: solid match putting Truth over. The lack of music helps his character better then him coming out “What’s upping” atm.
    Barrett vs. Zeke: again solid average. Nothing special or fancy but it kept me interested watching.
    Sin Cara vs. Chavo: I think everyone is over thinking or over smarking the little imperfections. If they wouldn’t have the big both at the end, I wouldn’t really have noticed. Solid match, great athleticism.
    Big Kane vs. CMexus: Punk again working his ass off and the match got more time then I’ve expected (which is a good thing!!)
    Brie vs Kelly²: I don’t know why they are giving Kelly the PPV spot and Natty just a quick job on SD. No Kharma. :/ First letdown of the PPV.
    RKOrton vs. Cpt. Charisma: Stonking great match. Lots of counters and nearfalls. Balanced till the end and although Orton retained, it made Christian look really strong.
    Lawler vs. Cole: Finally this is coming to an end. The match time was way shorter then on previous PPVs (again.. this is a good thing!!) and having J.R. and Bret was a nice end to this shitfeud.
    Supercena vs. The Awesome One Take 1: What a beating…. what a beating… this was such a joy to have the Miz in his element, shining in all his glory. A.Ry. was worth his paycheck too and the ending.. nice one. And then Alex made the next stupid mistake -.-
    Supercena vs. The Awesome One Take 2: What a shitfest. I pretend to not have seen this…. so is The Miz still WWE champ? :p

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