Smackdown Thoughts & Review [5. 20. 11]


Corpus Christi, TX

Christian pins Sheamus

  • They did a split screen with Sheamus cutting a promo while he walked to the ring. They need to do that more often.
  • Sheamus pushes Christian off the top to the apron and then crashing to the outside. Tough bump.
  • Christian counters the High Cross and then hits Sheamus with a Flying Eurocut.
  • Sheamus with a Uranage backbreaker for a close two.
  • Christian wiggles out of another High Cross attempt and rolls Sheamus up with a Small Package for the win.
  • Mark Henry comes out and he joins Sheamus in a beatdown.
  • Orton slowly walks out and observes from the stage. He then runs down and cleans house.

~ Not sure why they’re still protecting Sheamus and not willing to give Christian a dominating win. This points to him not beating Orton on the PPV.


Bella Twins interview.

  • The ladies discuss Kharma’s beatdown on Nikki last week and getting back on the same page.

~ They really don’t have to open their mouths to get over.

Brie Bella pins Natalya

  • Nice kip up by Natalya from a headscissors.
  • Dope discus clothesline by Natalya.
  • Acid Drop by Brie and it’s over.

~ Natalya wrestled circles around Brie here. Hopefully, she and Kharma will have a feud down the road. That’s a Diva’s match I want to see. Decent match thanks to Natalya.

Ezekial is in the ring with a mic.

  • Ezekial says that the Corre needed him more than he needed them.
  • He says he can’t be broken and the Corre have unleashed a force within.
  • The Corre will suffer. He says Wade Barrett will the first to suffer and lose his title.

~ Old school promo by big Z. It wasn’t the greatest but it wasn’t bad either.

The Corre come out and surround the ring.

Teddy Long tells the Corre to chill.

He makes a six man tag match.

Big Show and Kane & Ezekial defeat The Corre (Barrett, Slater & Gabriel)

  • Show destroys Gabriel early.
  • Big Z and Wade eventually face off.
  • Z shoulder tackles Wade to the outside.
  • The faces control the match with quick tags.
  • Wade and Kane blast each other with dual big boots to each others’ domes.
  • Ezekial slams Gabriel about six times and then kills him with a Torture Rack!!

~ Wow. This was a nice way to reintroduce Ezekial. He made a normal body slam look devastating and he brought back the deadly Torture Rack! Nice match that went longer than expected. It was surprisingly competitive and the Corre didn’t look like the pansies they’ve been booked to be in the last few months.


Christian interview.

  • Christian talks about how Orton took his time to help him with Mark Henry and Shemus were beating him down.
  • He’s going to take back the World Title this Sunday.

Chavo comes to the ring with a mic.

  • Chavo says he taught everything Sin Cara knows.
  • He’s going to beat Daniel Bryan in under 5 minutes and he’s going to beat Sin Cara even faster at Over the Limit.

Daniel Bryan wrestles Chavo Guerrero to a 5 minute draw.

  • There’s a five minute countdown clock in the corner.
  • Nice brief moment of hammerlock chain wrestling by both men.
  • Sick pin sequence with close pinfalls.
  • Suicide Elbow by Bryan.
  • Three Amigos Suplexes by Chavo.
  • Chavo hits the splash with 9 seconds left but Bryan kicks out as time runs out.
  • Chavo is pissed and he stomps Bryan out of the ring. Poor sport!
  • Sin Cara comes out with his new beer logo t-shirt.
  • Sin Cara headscissors Chavo to the outside and they stare each other down.

~ I hope Daniel Bryan breaks out of the mid-card sooner or later. This was entertaining but I got the feeling that the WWE has put the breaks on Bryan’s upward mobility.

Cody Rhodes is in the ring with Ted Dibiase.

  • Cody tells him to put the bag over his head.
  • DiBiase and Cody diss Corpus Christi.

~ Probably Cody’s weakest promo in a long time. I blame it on Ted.

Ted DiBiase pins Trent Barretta

Barretta hits a very dope short arm enziguiri. Very nice.

DiBiase pulls off Dream Street and we’re done.

~ Crap. Cody’s career is now being used as a life boat for DiBiase’s career. I guess we won’t be seeing Cody win a major title this year if this keeps up. Trent wrestle brilliantly as always.

Great Khali pins Jey Uso

  • Khali is killing Uso when Jinder Mahal comes down.
  • He starts speaking in Punjabi and then slaps Khali again.
  • Uso runs into a HUGE chop.
  • Khali destroys Jey with the Punjabi Plunge the duke.
  • Khali then chops the hell out of Jimmy Uso.

~ Jinder Mahal has definitely added a lot of interest to Khali. He reminds me of an Indian Alex Riley; great look, awesome mic skills but only average wrestling skills.

Randy Orton defeats Mark Henry via interference DQ

  • Henry dominates early.
  • Orton preps for the RKO but Sheamus comes in and double teams Orton with Henry.
  • Christian walks out on stage and observes Orton getting beat down.
  • Christian cleans house.
  • Orton looks pissed.
  • Sheamus and Henry attack again.
  • Orton and Christian take them out again and then shake hands to end the show.

~ Decent match. I hope the WWE gives Mark Henry the push he deserves.

R.I.P. Macho Man!

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