Extreme Rules Predictions


WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match
The Miz vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison

Mascara De Fuego: John Cena. I hate having to say this fucker is going to win the title again but since The Miz made it out of WrestleMania with the win… yeah. Should be a good match but mostly because of Miz and Morrison, mostly Morrison. Not happy about the outcome to this match as you can tell.

Great Puma: The Miz. There’s no reason to think the WWE would actually put the belt on John Morrison. Cena doesn’t need the belt and Mr. Fruity Pebbles won’t lose face if The Miz wins the match by pinning Morrison.

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

Great Puma: Alberto Del Rio. Why not? He’s worked hard for the past year becoming a marketable character and formidable opponent. Him bringing the World Heavyweight Championship to Raw would make things interesting with no major title on Smackdown. They could always have him lose the title to a Smackdown wrestler in a few weeks.

Mascara De Fuego: Christian. Finally! Finally Christian is going to get his or at least I hope he is and yeah they will probably just give it to him as a heartfelt thing to do after Edge retired but shit there is nothing wrong with that. Honestly with moving the draft BEFORE this ppv I think you made it obvious who’s walking out World Champion. I just don’t see ADR winning the title and taking it to RAW. Sucks for Del Rio but I think this is why it is key to put the title on the fruit loop so that Del Rio can win it at the next big ppv like SummerSlam.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk – Last Man Standing Match

Mascara De Fuego: Randy Orton. Since he is big man on campus on Smackdown now I don’t think he will leave his last match with a RAW guy weak. Sucks because I was hoping Punk walked out winning this match, putting him back in the title picture. I hope Punk gets a hot program out of this.

Great Puma: Randy Orton. He’s the new Smackdown centerpiece, and in the WWE Universe, the focal point of any brand always wins their pay per view matches. They need Orton to regain his ‘mojo’ that he possessed a year ago when he was a tweener. He lost it when they tried to give him Cena tendencies in his forced run as a babyface. He’ll gain all of his momentum back in this match if he wins. I expect this match, besides Rey vs. Cody, to steal the show.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes – Falls Count Anywhere Match

Great Puma: Rey Mysterio. They’ll probably have Rey go over with Cody destroying him after the bell rings. Cody will still retain his heat and Rey’s victory sends the crowd home happy and Rey Rey off to Raw with a short winning streak. Like Punk vs. Orton, this match should be a sleeper Match of the Night.

Mascara De Fuego: Cody Rhodes. Cody is making good with his opportunities with Rey and it is showing. I think Cody will send Rey off to RAW with a big defeat. Maybe Rey can get his heat back by going back to his feud with Punk? I hope they keep the momentum going with Cody after Rey goes to Mondays.

Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger – Country Whipping Match

Mascara De Fuego: Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross. Let’s hope they make this one a solid win and I really hope this leads to Ross and Lawler taking over the commentary on RAW. Its time Cole transitions into a manager roll for Swagger. He can still call Smackdown but its time for him to be taken off of RAW commentary.

Great Puma: Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross. I really wish they keep this deal short and sweet. There’s no reason for this to go longer than 5 minutes. There’s no Stone Cold here to save the day and they need Jim Ross and The King to go over in a big way to keep the fans happy. Anything else is unacceptable.

Rumored: Kofi Kingston vs. United States Champion Sheamus

Great Puma: Sheamus. I’m trying my best to invest in this match because I’m afraid they’re just going to put Sheamus over no matter who they pit him against. They love jobbing Kofi week in and week out and I’d rather see Kofi in the main event scene than being the King of the Secondary titles. Sheamus wins here because that’s how the WWE rolls.

Mascara De Fuego: Kofi Kingston. It’s a shame they will take the title off of Sheamus here but it doesn’t make sense to have both the I-C and US titles on one show. Looks like Sheamus is going back to the green tights.

Rumored: Michelle McCool vs. Layla

Great Puma: Layla. She’s talented enough to make a name for herself as a solo wrestler. If I see another couples’ counseling segment I riot. Also, it’s rumored that McCool wants to stay at home to make Rice Crispy Treats for her hubby. That’s cool.

Mascara De Fuego: Layla. I’m still against this break up but it looks like its heading this way. I hope Layla is the winner here. She is the more talented one and could flourish away from McCool. She’s a good character and a looker at that. 😉


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