Complete Draft listing and thoughts.



John Cena – I thought this was a strange pick since the odds on favorite to move was Orton. For shock value with the live crowd I think it did the job even if this was only to last till the end of the night. I think this might be a first with someone being moved to a brand then right back at the end of the night. Triple is the only other one who came close but I think he was moved back during the supplemental draft the next day. I’ll have to look that one up for a refresher.

Randy Orton – This pick made a lot of sense after losing Edge to permanent injury and was one of the picks I had made prior to RAW last night. Orton has been lost in the shuffle on RAW since turning face and a move to Friday nights where he can be the big boy on campus was the way to go. I’m sure they will put the title on him by year’s end.

Mark Henry – My biggest problem with Mark Henry on RAW is that everything he was on ECW or Smackdown was thrown out the window! He was a serious heel and with his size and look worked to put him over as a credible contender. After moving to RAW he’s been in good-guy limbo. I hope that with this move they go back to the monster character he was years ago.

Sin Cara – One of my other picks for being moved primarily for the fact that Smackdown is taped and they can edit out any fuck-ups that might happen during his matches. Plus I think he’ll have a better time shining with the smaller guys that are on Smacky.

Daniel Bryan – Great move. I am hoping this helps Bryan blow up and get some solid matches instead of being used as comedy bullshit on RAW.

The Great Khali – yeah, I don’t care about Khali either way or on whatever brand. This is a wash.

Jimmy Uso – At first it seemed like they were splitting up the Uso’s which was feeling like a future endeavor trip but after Jay got moved to it seems the team still alive for now. I still don’t think it will mean shit for them.

Alicia Fox – the former undefined champion hadn’t been seen on RAW in a while so it made sense but who cares.

William Regal – Another great move! I hope this means Regal will be back in the ring. It would be cool to see Regal and Bryan team up and maybe get a run with the tag titles.

Yoshi Tatsu – Good for Tatsu but I don’t think they will do shit with him unfortunately.

Natalya – They could have left her on RAW to take on Kharma but I guess she can go and feud with McCool again… yay…

Jay Uso – see Jimmy Uso.

Ted DiBiase – Moving Ted seems like a wise choice but until this kid finds his own niche he’s going to be a permanent fixture on WWE Superstars.

Tyson Kidd – With a lot more smaller guys ending up on Smackdown I think it will set up for a good set of matches especially on a show that tends to let matches run longer. Kidd is still missing something and I think the big bodyguard was the way to go… before they pulled the plug a few weeks later.

Tamina – See Jimmy and Jay Uso. I guess the Santino love affair is over.

Alex Riley – Makes NO sense! First off the angle with Riley was that he was being “paid” by Miz since he didn’t win NXT. Also Riley was a good lacky for Miz and splitting him from Miz was a bad move… again!

United States Champion Sheamus – Just as Sheamus was getting his heat back on RAW they pull him off the show!? This makes no sense especially when he still is the US Champion. Yes they can have him drop the title at the ppv on Sunday but the title was now part of his gimmick!? Bad move unless they have something up their sleeve.


Rey Mysterio – I think it was wise to move Rey with moving Cara to Smackdown. I think its smart to keep the two masked guys on different shows. Rey should be able to survive on RAW this time around.

Big Show – I don’t think moving show is going to make a difference. Being part of the tag champs means he can go to both shows so for now he is still on Smackdown.

Alberto Del Rio – It was speculated that they were going to move ADR but when you have CM Punk and he should be your big heel this just doesn’t make sense. I think ADR should be winning the World Title and if he wasn’t going to win it at this ppv they, I’m sure were going to put it on him at some point. Now they will have to build him back up to the title picture. Lame.

John Cena (back to RAW) – Fuck. I was looking forward to NOT having to post on this dudes matches…

Jack Swagger – With Michael Cole on RAW primarily it only made sense for Swagger to follow him there. Hopefully this leads Swagger for a bigger push.

Kelly Kelly – Don’t care either way.

JTG – Wont mean shit.

Drew McIntyre – He’ll probably get pushed the same way. He wont make a big difference.

Curt Hawkins – They only way this makes sense if they reunite him with Zack Ryder.

Chris Masters – His role wont change.

Kofi Kingston – It would be nice to think Kofi will now get a good run on RAW but it wont happen. He’ll still have the same roll too.

Tyler Reks – Don’t care.

Beth Phoenix – With Kharma coming in I think they wanted to pair her up with a good working down the road and Phoenix is it. This made sense.

Italic = drafted last night on RAW.

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