Team Chericho says goodbye on week 6 of DWTS


Team Chericho Week 6 (

On the elimination episode of Dancing With the Stars, Team Chericho was eliminated from the competition. Jericho’s partner, Cheryl Burke, told Jericho that he exceeded her expectations. Chris Jericho said it was good timing because he had to catch a flight out to England for the Royal Wedding, which got quite a few laughs. He then said that it was time for Chris Jericho, ‘the dancer,’ to step aside and become Chris Jericho, ‘the father.’

I must add that Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke did us wrestling fans proud. In many cases, contestants who come from other realms of entertainment usually don’t fare too well. Jericho exceeded my own expectations and showed the world that wrestlers are awesome performers and amazing people in their own right. I’m sure the DWTS fans, who weren’t wrestling fans,  did not know what to make of Chris Jericho when he was announced to be a contestant. There is no doubt in my mind that Chris Jericho made a ton of new fans from this experience and that these new fans will view pro wrestling, or at least the WWE, in a different, more positive light.  Thank you, Team Chericho!

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