Team Chericho earns the lowest score on DWTS


Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke performed second tonight and received the lowest score of the night.

In the pre-performance video, Jericho finds out that he’s going to perform to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. He says how much of an inspiration Steve Perry is. They show footage of Jericho’s band, Fozzie.

He seemed to show a lot of frustration in rehearsal. Jericho usually doesn’t lead on to what he’s thinking about but in this clip you could totally tell he was stressed out and flustered. Maybe going to the Big 4 concert in Indio this weekend wasn’t a good idea. Kidding. Heh.

Team Chericho performed the Tango and this how they fared with the judges.

Bruno: 7 You turned into a lump of granite.

Carrie Ann: 7 I feel like the pressure got to you this week. It wasn’t passionate.

Len: 8 You had good posture. It lacked a bit of intensity. Excellent job.

My Take ~ Score: 7

The judges were unforgiving here. This was Jericho’s stiffest performance but not by much. Nothing terrible happened here. It just wasn’t spectacular. He seemed like his mind was concentrating and he wasn’t enjoying the moment like he has in the previous week. Everybody else did very well so tomorrow’s show is going to be scary. Good luck, Team Chericho!

After the jump we’ll see how the rest of the cast did.

The judges’ cumulative score out of 30 and the gist of their comments are in bold.

My take and score follow in italics.

1. Kirstie Alley (Samba): 26 You fulfilled your potential. You delivered the smoothest Samba. You’re back.

~ Score: 7 Entertaining performance. Glad there were no slip ups or falls!

2. Chris Jericho (Tango): 23

3. Romeo (Waltz): 28 That was magical. You dance with quite maturity. ‘Romeo Dicaprio.’

~ Score: 8 Romeo received the first 10 of the season. The only reason I don’t want Romeo to be eliminated is Chelsie Hightower. Very nice performance with a lot of emotion.

4. Chelsea Kane (Quickstep): 28 You fused high energy with control. That was so bright and luminous. Sometimes magic happens twice.

~ Score: 8 Cute. This was a fun performance. Lots of energy.

5. Kendra Wilkinson (Samba): 25 That was a guilty pleasure! Tonight we had a fire. Revenge of the Stripper!

~ Score: 8 This shit right here. This shit right here? This was sexy. Period. Bruno lost his mind and wanted to bone on the spot. Wow.

6. Hines Ward (Viennese Waltz): 27 Every dance you do is just great. The chemistry is flawless. An excellent performance.

~ Score: 8 Elegant. Hines is always solid. Nothing more to say.

7. Ralph Macchio (Paso Doble): 24 I felt the fire. Mr. Miyagi would be very proud of you. You had fire and passion.

~ Score: 7 Small fall by Ralph’s partner, Karina, at the start up but they finished strong. They managed to sneak a wax on, wax off motion in here. Bravo for that. However, as entertaining as this was, I found it sort of corny. Plus I can’t forgive DWTS for the horrible rendition of an already horrible song in C&C’s Music Factory’s Everybody Dance Now. UGGGH!

Tomorrow is the elimination show. Don’t forget to support Team Chericho at or by way of the following options!

Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke



AT&T text: 3409

You can follow Team Chericho on Twitter here: @IAmJericho & @CherylBurke

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