04-25-11 WWE DRAFT 2011 REVIEW


Ok so here is my guesses with the draft for tonight far…

Randy Orton to Smackdown

Alberto Del Rio to RAW

Rey Mysterio to RAW

Jim Ross to Smackdown

John Morrison to Smackdown

Sin Cara to Smackdown

Drew McIntyre to RAW

Brodus Clay to RAW

The important and probably the obvious move is Randy Orton. With Smackdown losing Edge they need a big name face on that roster and he will fit that position perfectly. I think it will be too early to move Del Rio but I think they will pull the trigger. Rey would be a nice move especially if Sin Cara gets officially put on Smackdown. Cara on Friday nights makes more sense because they can edit out any fuck-ups that might happen. The other choices are just guesses that could happen.

The show starts off with a Battle Royal between RAW and Smackdown Superstars. Once all the members of one brand are eliminated they will get a draft pick. Most of the guys are semi-main event to mid card. These things are hard to call since so much shit is going on. Highlights were Brodus Clay and Mark Henry eliminating each other, Daniel Bryan with a sleeper on Big Show, Show turning the cobra against Santino. Last four are Show, Kofi, Mason Ryan and Evan Bourne. Great spots between Kofi and Bourne. Show and Kofi end up winning the match.

#1 pick to Smackdown… JOHN CENA!!!! Well thank god now Great Puma has to review Cena matches! LOL! Good luck Puma!

Todd Grisham in the back with Cena who’s sporting his Smackdown shirt. He cuts a promo on moving to Syfy and makes a bunch of kitchy references like Back to the Future. He says he’ll bring the WWE title back to Smackdown. Miz then comes in says that after Sunday Cena is right, he can’t see him. ha!

Oh great we get Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole tonight…

They recap the heel turn of R-Truth, it was very dramatic and no they did not cut out the smoking part but they did cut out him blowing smoke on Morrison.

Truth then comes out all smiley to the stage and plays it up for the crowd but then tells them to shut up. He tells the crowd that they need to boo themselves. He talks about Morrison and how he challenged Truth for his spot at the ppv. He blames the fans for getting challenged and for accepting this match. He brings up dancing and rapping for the crowd but how they need to learn how to dance. Haha! He then clowns about little kids smiling and saying “what’s up”. He says that never got him a title shot. He says that he chose the fans for 10 years but now he’s giving us the boot. Haha! He says that letting go of that frustration felt good and how the truth has set him free. Best Truth promo of his WWE career. Morrison comes out and jumps Truth but the refs are out quick to break it up.

RAW is celebrating the Rock’s birthday next week live from Miami. Should be a good show.

Awesome Kong vignette is shown where they show her face and acknowledge her as Kharma.

Smackdown’s Layla vs. RAW’s Eve

-Michelle McCool comes out before the match.

-They recap Michelle beating on Layla at their couples therapy session.

-Before the match can catch steam Cole gets on the mic.

-Eve ends up rolling up Layla while Cole keeps yappying about preparing for his match.

Winner: Layla

McCool and Layla brawl at ringside with Layla getting the best of this exchange. Layla cries while she beats on Michelle and sends her over the announce table.

#2 pick to RAW is… Rey Mysterio! He comes out to the stage and puts on his RAW shirt.

Todd in the back with Cody Rhodes. He’s asked about Rey being drafted. He said he’s going to give Rey a going away present which is a new mask. Dope promo by Cody which he ends with Booyaka, booyaka, bye bye bye.

Smackdown’s Kofi Kingston vs. RAW’s Sheamus

-Sheamus starts off fast pounding on Kofi in the corner.

-Kofi finally side steps Sheamus in the corner and hits the splash off the top for a 2 count.

-fist in the corner by Kofi before Sheamus clotheslines him

-Kofi hits TWO trouble in paradise for the win!

Winner: Kofi Kingston

#3 pick to Smackdown is… Randy Orton! Man they are moving everyone over! He too comes out and poses before showing off his Smackdown shirt. He doesn’t put it on at first but eventually does.

Sir Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger vs. Jim Ross w/Jerry Lawler

-Booker T is now on commentary.

-Cole needs to stop wearing this singlet.

-They circle a lot then check in with their corners to waste time.

-before they touch Cole goes to the outside and grabs JR’s hat, he puts it on and makes fun of him. Cole brings the hat into the ring and steps on it.

-Cole is now getting toweled off by Swagger and does “one armed” pushups.

-JR finally catches him and punches him to the mat. Cole wants a time out.

-Swagger towels off Cole in the corner while he sits on a stool.

-Cole goes to body slam JR but he falls on him ala Andre the Giant on Hogan. JR starts to punch Cole and he tries to get away but Lawler throws Cole back in the ring. Swagger comes around and takes Lawler out before coming into the ring and putting the boots to JR.

Winner: Jim Ross by DQ

Swagger puts the ankle lock on JR while a bloody mouthed Cole yells orders. Cole then whips JR with his own belt while Swagger puts the ankle lock on JR. Lawler finally makes the save and picks up the belt and whoops on Cole before he runs off holding his ass. Haha and of course we get an email… Josh reads the email from the GM… he is changing the match at the ppv to a tag team country whipping match.

The Miz in the back with Alex Riley and that guy Scott. Riley takes the mic from him and turns the WWE symbol around. Haha. Miz isn’t crazy about Rock’s birthday next week. Miz says he will win on Sunday and Cena will go to Smackdown a loser and Morrison will still be a loser. Haha Miz says the USA network better pray he doesn’t get drafted or RAW will be canceled in a month. Haha

Smackdown’s Randy Orton vs. RAW’s Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki Guerrero

-winner gets two picks.

-Ziggler hits the neck breaker for a 2 count

-they fight to the outside and Ziggler hits a dropkick on Orton.

-Orton almost get counted out but runs back in and hits the Thesz Press, clothesline and a rolling powerslam for a 2 count.

-Orton with the backbreaker. He sets up for the RKO but gets rolled up with the Vicki distraction for a 2

-Orton then recovers with the RKO for the pin.

Winner: Randy Orton

Before we get the picks CM Punk comes out and cuts a promo on the ppv on Sunday and how he is going to beat on Orton at the ppv and how he will have no one to blame but himself. A bearded Orton says he wont miss Punk rumbling on and how Punk wont be talking, walking, eating, drinking or moving but he will be sleeping. We wont find out who the picks are until after the break.

#4 pick to Smackdown… Mark Henry

#5 pick to Smackdown… Sin Cara (wise choice)


Smackdown’s Wade Barrett vs. RAW’s Rey Mysterio

another match for two picks.

-Wade starts off quick, cornering Rey.

-Rey fights off but Wade hits the side slam for a 2 count.

-Rey fights back again with a springboard splash for a 2 count.

-Wade catches Rey and sets him on the top rope, Rey fights off and hits the hurricaneranna from the top into the 619 for the top rope splash for the win!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

#6 pick to RAW…Big Show. He comes out and puts on his RAW shirt.

#7 pick to RAW…Alberto Del Rio! He doesn’t come out and is in the back arguing with Ricardo. Brodus wants to know what happens to him when they cut to break.

Cole comes back out with cotton in his mouth bitching about Jim Ross.

Smackdown GM Teddy Long comes out to the stage to announce the main event tonight will be a 6 man match, for RAW it will be CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and The Miz vs. Smackdown’s Christian, Mark Henry and John Cena.

Draft continues on WWE.com at noon tomorrow, stay tuned to Fighthayabusa.com for more draft coverage tomorrow!


Sign of the night… “Ryder or Riot”.


RAW’s The Miz w/Alex Riley, Alberto Del Rio & CM Punk vs. Smackdown’s Christian, Mark Henry & John Cena

-Christian and Miz start this off with Christian getting the best of him and making the tag to Cena which leads to Miz rolling to the outside. We go to break.

-back from break and Cena hits his sloppy fisherman’s suplex on Punk before making the tag to Henry.

-stiff punches by Henry on Punk before he steps on his chest.

-tag to Christian who hits a flying elbow from the 2nd rope to Punk.

-stiff kick to the head of Christian which leads to the tag to ADR who gets a 2 count.

-flash kick by ADR to Christian before he tags in Miz.

-Christian tries to fight off Miz but he gets the best of him and tags in Punk.

-Punk makes the quick tag to Miz who stomps on Christian.

-stiff clothesline in the corner by Miz for a 2 count.

-tag to ADR who hits an arm breaker to Christian for a 2 count.

-ADR puts Christian on the rope for a superplex but Christian fights off and hits the tornado DDT.

-Christian makes the hot tag to Cena while Miz is tagged in. Cena comes out hot and is going to hit his YCSM fist drop when Mark Henry turns on Cena and clotheslines him. Henry then bounces, Christian tries to question him but Henry picks him up and sends him into the steel steps head first.

-Miz hits the SCF! 1…2…THREEE!

Winner: Miz, Del Rio and CM Punk

#8 pick to RAW is… John Cena….?! That doesn’t make sense… at all.

Cena then cleans house of his fellow RAW guys. Stupid. Cena then puts on a RAW shirt. Fucking hell, I guess I am stuck commenting on this douche bags matches, fuck.

So basically Henry turns on Cena and Cena will wont get revenge…!?

I guess we know who’s winning the World Title match on Sunday.

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2 Responses to “04-25-11 WWE DRAFT 2011 REVIEW”

  1. Great Puma Says:

    Cena goes back to RAW in a draft? It’s obvious that whoever on WWE Creative thought of that does not have any knowledge of how drafts work. Another dumb move by the WWE. But oh well…we’re all used to it.

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Yeah, I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to call this guys matches anymore on Monday nights! haha

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