Smackdown Thoughts & Review [4. 22. 11]


London, England

They replay bits and pieces of Edge’s retirement and highlights of Christian winning the Battle Royal to be the number one contender.

There’s a nice sign that reads: The WWE has lost its EDGE. Very cool.

The World Heavyweight Championship is hanging above the ring to hype the upcoming Ladder Match between Christian and Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules.

Cody Rhodes, with a paper bag mask in hand, walks out to the ring followed by a few guys rolling a cart filled with paper bags. He has a mic:

  • Rey Mysterio is hiding his fears and loathing thoughts for the fans behind his mask.
  • Rey is ashamed of himself.
  • The audience members are wearing masks as well. They’re envious of him and that their lives are miserable.
  • He offers a bag mask for the audience to wear.
  • He has his assistants pass the bags out to the crowd to cover their faces. Hilarious.

~ This is awesome. I could imagine bizarro crowds wearing these bags in support of Cody Rhodes in some arenas.

Rey Mysterio pins Cody Rhodes

  • Rey comes out in a sick black and orange colorway.
  • Rey hits a Seated Senton Press from the apron to the floor.
  • Huge 619 chant.
  • Cody stomps a mudhole in Rey in the corner.
  • Rey counters a powerbomb for a two count.
  • Cody counters a headscissors and turns it into a modifiend tilt-a-whirl Argentine backbreaker drop. Lovely.
  • Cody pushes Rey’s back into the steel post on the apron.
  • Cody dropkicks Rey in mid-air off the top for two.
  • Cody kicks Rey in the midsection while Rey was hanging on the top rope. He then threatens to hit the CrossRhodes but is countered with an inverse Victory Roll for the loss.
  • Cody and Rey fight after the match into the crowd and around the ring area.
  • Cody pulls off his finisher on the outside and places the paper bag over Rey’s head.

~ Great match. Cody and Rey have just as much chemistry as Rey did with CM Punk. The counters were great and the finish was a nice surprise. I look forward to seeing them feud for a few more months.


  • The Corre argue over Wade Barrett getting eliminated by Justin Gabriel in last week’s Battle Royal.
  • Heath Slater talks about unity.
  • Ezekial says he’s their leader and the rest of the group look at him crazy.
  • They all pretend they’re messing with each other and hug it out.

~ Right. After being buried week after week does this faction still have legs? I’d say Ezekial can still make a run with some credibility but they’re going to have to push Barrett, Gabriel and Slater for a while to make them look formidable again.

They show LayCool at another therapy session. McCool continues to dog Layla. McCool then beats the hell out of Layla.

~ Really odd, violent and dysfunctional lesbian relationship undertones here. Not very PG, WWE!

TOOL is in the ring and I ain’t covering this.

Swagger taps out Trent Barreta

  • Swagger brutalizes Barreta.
  • Barreta gets some offense in.
  • Swagger counters a springboard into a powerbomb.
  • Ankle Lock. It’s over.

They show highlights of Big Show on the Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards.

Kane & Big Show defeat The Corre (Gabriel & Slater) and become the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

  • Kane and Show destroy Slater at the start.
  • Ezekial pushes Kane off the top rope. The Corre take advantage.
  • Show tosses Gabriel over the rope onto Ezekial.
  • Show hits a Chokeslam for a three count! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPS!

~ This should have happened weeks ago. Show and Kane dominated from the start. I hope they keep the belts for a long time just to make things interesting. It will be fun seeing teams fail month after month. I think a title change around SummerSlam or the Survivor Series would be a nice underdog storyline when it finally happens depending on who beats them for the titles.


  • Slater and Gabriel blame Ezekial for the loss. Ezekial tells Slater it’s his fault. Slater pushes Gabriel down.

Drew McIntyre pins Chris Masters

  • Masters wins the collar and elbow.
  • Drew gets the upper hand with strikes.
  • Short arm clothesline by Drew.
  • Masters with a Small Package for two.
  • Powerbomb by Masters for two.
  • Flying Shoulder Block by Masters off the second rope!
  • Drew counters a Masterlock by running up the turnbuckles.
  • Futureshock and it’s over.

~ Horrible. Masters did everything to impress and Drew gets the ‘W.’ I’ve been praising Drew lately for his ring work lately and he made Masters look gold here. That being said, I do not like his offense at all. Masters looked excellent here. I wonder if they’ll give him a mid-card push and second tier championship.

Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett pins Kofi Kingston

  • Kofi starts off with a flurry of strikes.
  • Ezekial accidentally clotheslines Barrett when Kofi moves out of the way.
  • Barrett tells Ezekial to go to the back.
  • Kofi gets out of the Wasteland but Barrett counters a Victory Roll and grabs on to the ropes for the win.

~ Decent match with a really odd finish. These two just didn’t click.

Alberto Del Rio’s party for Edge’s retirement

Gold balloons are around the black covered ring.

Alberto reveals different gifts:

  • A grandfather clock for Edge to watch his life tick away.
  • Depends diapers.
  • He brings out a fat chick pretending to be Lita.
  • ADR also reveals a walker and a scooter for the handicapped.

EDGE comes out! Huge crowd pop!

  • Edge says that he RSVP’d him on Facebook.
  • Edge clowns on ADR’s contingent in the ring.
  • ADR sends Broadus Clay to get Edge.
  • Christian attacks Clay from behind with a ladder.
  • Christian and ADR brawl around the ring with ladders.
  • Christian climbs the ladder in the middle of the ring and grabs the title.
  • Edge and the crowd applaud.

End of show.

~ The crowd popped huge for the Lita entrance but was deflated when they saw the obese chick. That was unfortunate but perhaps it sent the WWE a message that people still have interest in seeing Lita. People forget that Lita was just as accomplished in the ring as Trish.

Cool segment to set up the PPV main event. This is the perfect time to give the crowd what they want which is Christian gaining the World Heavyweight Championship. Hopefully, the WWE took note of the crowd’s reaction and book accordingly. I’ll cross my fingers.

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