Chris Jericho on getting a froot 8 from Len


Team Chericho during Americana Week from

The first ever WWE Undisputed World Champion, Chris Jericho, has been blogging about his DWTS tenure for TV Squad. In his latest post, Jericho discusses earning an 8 from hard nosed DWTS judge, Len Goodman. Here’s an excerpt:

I was so focused on Len that I almost passed out when Carrie Ann gave us our first nine! A nine! I couldn’t believe it, and screamed like Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘Halloween.’ Then it was the moment of truth. I looked at Len. He looked at me, and slowly raised his paddle to reveal … an eight!

I leapt a tall building in a single bound, and Cheryl and I bounced up and down like two Canadian/American/Filipino jumping beans. We did it! Then Bruno followed up with another nine to give us a whopping total of 26!

You can read the rest of this entry and his other entertaining and pop-reference filled blog posts here.

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