Team Chericho gets a froot score of 26 on DWTS


Tonight they’re celebrating America.

Congrats to Team Cherico for making it to the halfway point!

Team Chericho performs second.

In the pre-dance video package, Jericho says his goal is to get a score higher than 7 from Len. Cheryl says he’s going to want to have good technique to impress Len.

He wants to prove that he’s a top contender in the competition.

Team Chericho performed a Viennese Waltz to a soulful rendition of Oh Beautiful. It was nice but it’s hard to appreciate a dance when the song is this mellow. Here’s what the judges gave them.

Bruno: 9 Big yet graceful. Strong, yet elegant. It was absolutely wonderful.

Carrie Ann: 9 I feel like we’ve underestimated you. Tender.

Len: 8 It was a little bit flat footed. Work a little bit more on the footwork.

My Take ~ Score: 7

I’m always going to be favorable when it comes to Jericho. With that being said, I liked this performance but I didn’t love it. Jericho looked like he was thinking a little too much tonight but he did provide a strong and sturdy frame to showcase the beautiful and amazing Cheryl Burke. It was a solid performance and the judges seemed to LOVE it…except for Len.

Wow. I didn’t expect the judges to give Team Chericho a whopping score of 26! This assures them a spot in the competition for at least another week or two. I think Jericho is winning people over with his great interviews and personality. He busted out a Justin Bieber reference during his post-performance interview. It was almost like reading a page of his pop reference-laden book. He was close to the top today but Hines Ward remains as one of the front-runners of the season.

After the jump we’ll see how the rest of the cast did.

The judges’ cumulative score out of 30 and the gist of their comments are in bold.

My take and score follow in italics.

1. Ralph Macchio (Samba): 22 – He’s not consistent. It needs fire. It was an entertaining performance.

~ Score: 7 Ralph’s partner, Karina Smirnoff, was wearing cowboy boots. It’s very difficult to hate on a lady in cowboy gear. That is all. I was entertained.

2. Chris Jericho (Viennese Waltz)

3. Petra Nemcova (Quickstep): 22 – Took a step back. She coped well with the speed of the movement. She was like the golden goddess of speed.

~ Score: 6 Sort of stiff. I liked it but that’s because she’s fine. Hella fine. Nice version of Viva Las Vegas was played here.

4. Romeo (Fox Trot): 26 – You always come out to do a good job. He maintained the style of the dance. That was so cool.

~ Score: 8 Damn it. As much as I want to put Romeo in a Crippler Crossface I really can’t find any faults. Fun performance. His partner, Chelsie Hightower, is an absolute doll.

5. Hines Ward (Rhumba): 27 – Just the right amount of sensuality. He makes it look so easy. It had a naturalness about it. Hines’ best dance.

~ Score: 9 Hines was dressed in all white like Richard Gear in an Officer and a Gentleman. Pretty smooth performance. His partner, Kym Johnson, was blazing hot. I need a drink. Best score of the night.

6. Kirstie Alley (Fox Trot): 23 – Crazy. Magical. It had attitude. I didn’t know she was so dirty.

~ Score: 6 John Travolta came in for a visit as the Dance Doctor. Them Scientologists stick together. Very odd performance. So many odd things have happened in the past weeks that you can tell Kirstie’s confidence is shot. After the performance they showed the other contestants and Ralph Macchio’s expression was like “what the f*ck was that?”

7. Kendra Wilkinson (Fox Trot): 22 – Well done. Sweet as apple pie. This is the most confident she has looked.

~ Score: 6 Hokey but entertaining overall. Apparently Kendra would rather shake her ass and do fun dances like this than be graceful and elegant. Nice job of the producers make a feud between Carrie Ann and Kendra. Too bad they resolved it in the same video package. This happened to be the 1000th dance ever on the show.

8. Chelsea Kane (Samba): 26 – She’s so clean. This was fantastic. This was a party.

~ Score: 8 They danced to Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. Jeez. Talk about a song tailor made from one Disney star to another. This was super fun and entertaining and you could tell Jericho was acknowledging the fact that Chelsea is going to be some serious competition.

Tomorrow is the elimination show. Don’t forget to support Team Chericho at or by way of the following options!

Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke



AT&T text: 3409

You can follow Team Chericho on Twitter here: @IAmJericho & @CherylBurke

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