Lance Storm on Edge


Lance Storm has Edge in a Half Crab. via

From StormWrestling

Lance Storm writes a touching tribute to his recently retired friend, Edge. You can read the whole commentary here. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Before I wrap this up I will add a few personal notes, from my career with Edge, because Edge was a huge part of my time in WWE. We first met in 1995 working one of Tony Condello’s Winnipeg “Death Tours”, so when I arrived in WWE in 2001, we became friends pretty quick. We were travel partners on the road and so many of my WWE firsts involved my good friend.

My first WWE PPV match was at the Invasion PPV where Mike Awesome and I teamed up to face Edge and Christian. My first and only WWE singles match on PPV was at Summer Slam 2001 where I lost the Intercontinental Title to Edge. My debut match at New York’s Madison Square Garden was my infamous 1:08 match with Edge where I failed in my attempt to regain the IC Title. My first WWE World Tag Team title run came when Christian and I defeated Edge and Hulk Hogan at Vengeance 2002.

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