Smackdown Thoughts & Review [4. 15. 11]


They open with a video tribute to Edge’s career and retirement.

Albany, NY

Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring and introduces Alberto Del Rio.

ADR comes out in a classic white 1950 Rolls Royce.

  • He talks about Edge’s great career and everything he has accomplished.
  • He talks about how the ring was his passion, life and love.
  • He never wanted to gain the World Heavyweight Championship like this.
  • ADR thinks it’s fair for Edge to give the World Heavyweight Championship to him.

Teddy Long comes out.

  • Long says no one will be presenting him with anything.
  • Teddy says there will be a 20-man over the top battle royal to determine who will face ADR at Extreme Rules for the title.
  • ADR says he’s glad that he forced Edge to retire and that he hurt him.
  • Teddy tells ADR to shut up. Moded!

The Borre are at the announcers table.

Ezekial Jackson pins Kofi Kingston

  • Kingston comes out in neon frikken green. Wow. Is this 80’s night?
  • Ezekial dominates early with heavy strikes and power moves.
  • Kofi kicks Ezekial out of the ring and then follows up with a baseball slide!
  • Ezekial Gorilla Presses Kofi onto the Borre!
  • Ezekial hits the The Book of Ezekiel (Ura-nage)

Ezekial gets on the mic.

  • He says after the Royal Rumble everybody and the Borre will know why he’s the Personification of Domination.

~ Well, at least Zeke didn’t say, “Ain’t no stopping me nowwwwww!”

Very short match and the Gorilla Press was a nice surprise.

They show a video of LayCool at couples counseling.

  • Layla compares them to Thelma & Louise and Bert & Ernie.
  • McCool says she’s been carrying the team.
  • Layla says she carried the team when McCool’s foot was hurt.
  • McCool says they’re not equals and walks off.

~ Ugh. Drama, son!

Cody is in the ring with his hood. The ring lights are off and there’s only a hard spotlight beaming from the stage.

  • Cody says that he expected to feel vindicated after his ‘Mania win. But he feels nothing.
  • He’s in the battle royal.
  • Will winning the World Championship be enough for him?
  • He wants to make Rey a monster by disfiguring his face.
  • He says he’s horrified at the sight of his face.
  • Rey comes out in a silver and gold colorway.
  • Rey sets Cody up in the 619 position. Cody counters but is kicked in the face anyways. Cody stands at the ring apron and is 619’d in the midsection.

Rey Mysterio pins Drew McIntyre

  • Drew dominates early with power moves.
  • Odd-looking headscissors takedown where Drew paused for an awkward moment before he lifted Rey to headscissors him.
  • Drew brutally swings Rey’s head into the ring barrier.
  • Rey with a second rope guillotine legdrop on Drew’s neck in the ring.
  • Drew hits a huge tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a close two count.
  • Springboard Cross Body by Rey for two.
  • Sunset Flip by Drew into a big boot for two! Nice!
  • Rey springboards off the second turnbuckle and hits a cross body tornado DDT for a close 2 count! Awesome!
  • Drew clotheslines Rey while Drew was still on his knees. Sick.
  • Rey counters another clothesline attempt with a drop kick to Drew’s knee that set him up for the 619. 619 to the Mysterio Missile Splash and it’s over.

~ Excellent excellent match. Who does Rey think he is, Sin Cara? I kid. I kid. Rey made Drew look like gold here and Drew pulled out some new moves that I haven’t seen from him. Great showing by both action soap opera wrestlers. I would watch this match again.

They show a brief clip of Edge’s retirement speech on RAW and then cut to him walking in the back.

Edge comes out to the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship.

  • Edge says he’s already out of shape and his walk to the ring tired him out.
  • The support has been awesome since he’s retired.
  • He’s glad that the WWE doctors and his doctors caught things in time so that he can leave the business without being a cripple.
  • He bought his suit at JC Penney for a hundred bucks.
  • Albany is where he won his first WWE Championship.
  • He’s happy that his mom is there tonight. Crowd gives a HUGE “Thank you Mom!” chant.
  • His World Championship belongs to the fans.
  • He relinquishes the World Heavyweight Championship.
  • He says, “Thank you, thank you very much” and lays the belt down in the middle of the ring.
  • The crowd responds with a huge “Thank you, Edge” chant.

~ Very poignant moment. Period.

Big ups to the Albany crowd for reacting accordingly and giving Edge and his mother very awesome chants.

I wonder if Chris Jericho will give Edge a shout out on DWTS next week?

They show a movie trailer for Randy Orton’s flick “That’s What I Am.”


  • Rosa Mendez says something to Edge en espanol.
  • Edge says he doesn’t know what she says.
  • Rosa says she’s going to miss him so much.
  • Del Rio cock blocks from behind.
  • ADR offers his hand.
  • Edge stares at it and walks off. The crowd pops.

~ Great segment. Edge showed off his acting chops right there. Short segment that said a lot.

Kelly Kelly pins Layla

  • Kelly locks in the head triangle on Layla over the top rope.
  • Kelly rams Layla into the TOOL mine
  • McCool throws Layla into the ring and Kelly rolls her up.
  • McCool confronts Layla in the ring.
  • Layla grabs McCool’s hand but is pushed down.
  • McCool walks off and Layla looks hurt.

~ Interesting. Surprised they’re teasing a break up of such a successful pairing.

They show the Triple H vs. Undertaker highlight video with various WWE Superstars commenting on the match and on the Undertaker.

Christian wins the 20-Man Battle Royal

  • Big Show comes out first.
  • 19 Smackdown Superstars are in the ring.
  • Kane comes out to the ring last.
  • JTG is eliminated by the Big Show first. 19
  • Big Show throws Trent Baretta over the rope. 18
  • Show knocks Slater off the ring apron. 17
  • Big Show clotheslines himself and Ezekial over the rope. 15
  • Rey springboard dropkicks Cody off the ring apron and then headscissors Curt Hawkins over the top. 13
  • Brodus Clay knocks Drew McIntyre off the ring apron. 12
  • Brodus pulls Chavo over his head and over the rope. 11
  • Kane and Brodus have a stand off and Kane dominates him for a little bit but then Brodus gets the upper hand.
  • Kane throws Brodus over the top. 10
  • Wade Barrett kicks Kofi off to the floor. 9
  • Christian eliminates Tyler Reks. 8
  • Christian eliminates Yoshi Tatsu. 7
  • Barrett and Gabriel double clothesline Kane over the top. 6
  • Barrett boots Chris Masters off the ring apron. 5
  • Just Gabriel throws Barrett over the top. Barrett is livid. 4
  • Justin Gabriel, Christian, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio are left.
  • Rey eliminates Justin Gabriel. 3
  • Rey rana’s Swagger into the 619 position, Cole covers Swagger and gets 619’d in the back for his efforts.
  • Swagger eliminates Rey. 2

HUGE “CHRISTIAN” CHANT! Okay…not that huge.

  • Swagger locks on the ankle lock while he was standing on the apron.
  • Swagger drags Christian into the ring.
  • ADR tries to pull Christian off the apron.
  • Swagger charges Christian on the apron but Christian pulls down the ropes to eliminate Swagger! Christian is the last man in the ring.

Edge comes down to the ring and hugs Christian.

Both men stare down Alberto Del Rio.

End of show.

~ The logical thing to do is to have Christian defeat ADR at Extreme Rules and earn his first World Heavyweight Championship. I’d be satisfied if they just allow Christian to hold it for a week or so. I still feel ADR should be holding the World Heavyweight Championship sooner than later. They’ve invested way too much into his character to not have the title by the summer.

Pretty entertaining as far as Battle Royals go. The stand off between Brodus and Kane went well with the hot crowd. Hopefully, Brodus will be put in a meaningful program soon.

I look forward to seeing Extreme Rules to see either of these men win their first World Heavyweight Championship.

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