Austin Aries – “Soap Opera Mania”


Austin Airies cuts a promo to promote his upcoming match against Jon Moxley at EVOLVE 7 on April 19. He takes a few digs at WWE corporate’s latest blunder, the “Language of the WWE” information sheet, that they sent out to people who do voice-overs for WWE’s international markets. The text of the actual document is after the jump.

From “TheLanguageofWWE” –

“World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a publicly traded entertainment company (NYSE:WWE) that creates and delivers a weekly action soap opera to its passionate fans.

WWE has been a recognized leader in entertainment for more than 25 years and has developed into one of the most popular and sophisticated forms of global entertainment today.

As a global entertainment brand,the language that we use when communicating on WWE is critical.

Please ensure that you are familiar and employing the below, effective immediately. “

Here are some of the terms that are banned and the alternatives that WWE wants used:

* “Wrestling” or “catch” is banned. Some European countries still use the term “catch” to describe pro wrestling and “catchers” to describe wrestlers.

*The following phrases are incorrect: “Wrestling is broadcast in 145 countries,” or “Catch is broadcast in 145 countries.” The correct terminology is: “WWE is broadcast in 145 countries.”

* Even the word “Sports” is no longer allowed. Instead, WWE is to be referred to as “Entertainment” or an “Action Soap Opera.” Seriously.

WWE gives these examples: “WWE is exciting entertainment” or “WWE is an exciting action soap opera”

* “Athletes” or “Sportsmen” are not allowed either. WWE gives the following example to use: “WWE Superstars are entertainers with tremendous athletic prowess.”

*The terms “fight” and “fighting” are not allowed. Matches must be referred to as “matches,” “bouts,” and “action.”

“The Language of WWE” concludes with the following “Key Soundbytes” to be used:

* “WWE is pure entertainment”

* “WWE is an action soap opera”

* “WWE Superstars are entertainers with tremendous athletic prowess”

*note – there are numerous sources for the text but we couldn’t find the actual email/or printed source. Most folks have credited the figurefouronline newsletter.


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6 Responses to “Austin Aries – “Soap Opera Mania””

  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    …sigh. god dammit WWE!

    such a solid promo by Aries.

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    I was just thinking…

    how many “promos” have you cut into the mirror in the bathroom…


  3. hana k. Says:

    Action Soap Opera?!? LOL. who’s going to watch that?? what market are they going for??

    • Great Puma Says:

      I think it’s “Action Soap Opera” for everybody within the WWE corporate offices. For everybody else in the world – it’s still ‘wrestling.’ WWE is like that funny grampa that always spouts stupid sh*t but you tolerate it because he always gave you awesome gifts when you were growing up. Well…it makes sense to me. 🙂

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