Chris Jericho performs to the Beatles’ Let it Be on DWTS


The contestants have to base their performance on a personal story in tonight’s episode.

The DWTS Dance Troops come out and perform a dance primer on the Paso Doble, the Rhumba and the Samba.

Team Chericho performed third on this episode.

Before Jericho’s performance, they showed footage of “the dancing beast’s” performance from last week.

Then they showed his pre-performance video:

  • Chris Jericho discussed his mother’s accident when he was away training to be a pro wrestler. (You could read more about it in his first book, A Lions Tale.)
  • He says Chris Irvine is his real name. He looks choked up.

“This is part of my life. This is part of my heart.”

Awesome video package. This is as poignant as it gets.

Team Chericho performed a Rhumba to a tranquil version of the Beatle’s Let it Be. Nice.

Chris walked towards an old record player, he put the needle on the record, kissed his mothers picture and danced.

The judges gave Team Chericho a score of 21. Here’s a brief breakdown:

Carrie Ann – 7 – Emotionally amazing.

Len – 7 – His lines and poses were excellent. Excellent job.

Bruno – 7 – He showed an almost naked vulnerability. Good job.

My Take ~ Score: 8

Jericho smashed it last week and he topped himself this week in my opinion. He seemed more confident this time. The judges slammed him on technique, which I know nothing about, so I suppose their scores are justified. You can tell he worked hard to honor his departed mother.

Overall, I think Chris Jericho is going to be safe for the next few weeks. This performance was way too personal for anyone to hate on him when they vote. I still say that Jericho should last until the final four. This season is looking like Hines Ward’s to lose.

After the jump we’ll see how the rest of the cast did.

The judges’ cumulative score out of 30 and the gist of their comments are in bold.

My take and score follow in italics.

1. Wendy Williams (Fox Trot): 15 – There was a struggle. She took a step backwards.

~ Score: 4 The judges tried their best to be polite in their criticism. Super stiff and a not a whole lot went on.

2. Chelsea Kane (Cha Cha): 23 – Tasty tasty. You are so adorable! Well done!

~ Score: 7 Fun. I was entertained. It’s hard not to be when the dancer is this pretty. I’d watch the Disney Channel more if I didn’t feel like such a sex offender when I do.

3. Chris Jericho (Rhumba)

4. Kendra Wilkinson (Rhumba): 23 – Unnecessary gyrating. Gorgeous leg action (agreed!). Nothing wrong with a good stripper! Hot and arousing. Very good job. Hot hot hot!

~ Score: 5 Odd start. I could hardly see her behind the death cloud from the smoke machine. She looked a bit rigid here. I don’t agree with the judges’ score. Eh…

5. Romeo (Rhumba): 20 – Improvement in refining his movements. Huge step backward.

~ Score: 7 Nice. Solid performance. I enjoyed this more than Kendra’s 23 point performance but oh well.

6. Hines Ward (Samba): 25 – Booyah!!! Everybody’s proud of you. That was an uplifting expression of happiness!

~ Score: 8 A job well done. Between Hines and Ralph, Jericho has some great competition. This was the best performance of the night so far. They earned the highest score of the night. Big ups to Koreans!!!

7. Petra Nemcova (Waltz): 25 – It had grace and elegance. You’re like a vision from heaven and you dance like an angel.

~ Score: 8 Look, I can’t be objective here. Even if she laid a huge turd I’d give her a 6 based on her looks alone. That’s just the way it is. But, seriously folks, this was a nice performance. Very elegant with hella North Pole mist on the dance floor. Apparently, the judges felt that this belonged at the top with Hines.

8. Sugar Ray Leonard (Paso Doble): 20 – Still has to refine his lines. I saw a lot of improvement. This week he fought back and didn’t let the dance dominate him.

~ Score: 6 HOLY SHIT! Michael Buffer introduced Sugar Ray! My inner fight fan marked out just now. That being said, Sugar Ray does not float like a butterfly. He was stiff as usual. Sorry champ!

9. Kirstie Alley (Rhumba): 21 – Sometimes tragedy leads to beautiful moments. You can’t keep good talent down. It was better than ever.

~ Score: 7 They fell at the beginning. Kirstie’s partner, Maksim, showed some serious fighting spirit and kept on dancing. Nice performance. Kirstie showed a lot of poise after the fall. I’m sure she’ll rebound.

10. Ralph Macchio (Rhumba): 21 – Needs a tad of refinement. A very sweet rhumba.

~ Score: 8 Wow. There was some serious snip and snap to this performance. I ain’t sure what the hell that means but I know I liked what I saw. Macchio is a natural out there and if Hines Ward is bringing the heat, then Ralph Macchio is bringing the cool. Len and Bruno drank some haterade for this one. Cozy smug bastards. How dare they diss Daniel San?!?

Tomorrow is the elimination show. Don’t forget to support Team Chericho at or by way of the following options!

Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke



AT&T text: 3409

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  1. hana k. Says:

    Michael Buffer!! Awesome!!

    Go Koreans!

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